December 15, 2020 Dos and don’ts when using rejuvenating set

Do’s And Don’ts When Using Rejuvenating Set

In this article, we have put a list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to using rejuvenating set. But first let’s talk a little about what rejuvenating set is for those who are not familiar with the same. A rejuvenating set comprises of soap, toner, day cream with SPF and night cream with peeling properties. For more information on this subject, you can read more here: What is Skin Rejuvenating Set And What Should You Expect? You can also check the most popular rejuvenating sets in the market here: rejuvenating sets.

Now let’s delve directly into the subject and talk about the most important dos and don’ts when using rejuvenating set.

Do’s of using rejuvenating set

  • Follow the advice of your skin care professional to find a rejuvenating set that is right for your skin. Most importantly, in case you have sensitive skin.
  • Inform your skin care professional of all products you currently are using or have used within the last couple months.
  • Inform your skin care professional of any allergies you may have.
  • Conduct a patch test before applying on face.
  • If redness is noted, apply toner and cream every other day. continue applying sunblock.
  • Gradually resume with the whole set after a week. Use toner and cream every other day. Then use them everyday on the following week.
  • Rest your skin for a month after finishing rejuvenating set. Resume your normal routine or switch to milder rejuvenating set or maintenance set.
  • Always wear sunblock cream 15 SPF at least while and after using rejuvenating set.
  • Be gentle with your face!
  • Using the toner is the most crucial part, always try to pat your skin with a cotton especially around the delicate eye and mouth areas.

Don’ts of using rejuvenating set

  • Do not leave soap on face for too long 20 Seconds is enough!
  • Do not rub face when washing.
  • Don’t overexpose yourself to the sun, harsh environments, or pollutants.
  • Do not wax or use any form of hair removal 1 month before and up to 1 month after using rejuvenating set.
  • Don’t pick at any of your skin that may be peeling.
  • Do not over do it – think of your skin like an apple. An apple with skin looks plump and hydrated. When you peel an apple, it becomes brown and shriveled, that is why it is important when exfoliating not to over do it. Your skin is a protective barrier!
  • Avoid combining multiple skincare products as it may only result in skin irritation!
  • No matter how tempting it is. Never scratch your skin when it feels itchy.
  • Do not use if pregnant or lactating unless the rejuvenating set is tagged as safe to use.

Those were the most prominent dos and don’ts of using rejuvenating set. If you have more thoughts or questions that you would like to share with us, please don’t hesitate to comment below.

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565 thoughts on “Do’s And Don’ts When Using Rejuvenating Set

  1. What if on the very first day of use, I experienced redness, itchiness along with rashes? Is it normal? Or is it an allergic reaction?

    1. Hi admin ask ko lang po gumamit po ako rejuv.set except sa soap po tpos pag gabi po after gumamit ng toner allowed po ba gumamit ng sunflower serum soothing gel ?Thanks Admin

  2. Hi. I’m just wondering… I’m about to use rejuvenating set but I’m worried if it’s okay to use brylee vitamin C serum as well can you help me? Thank you!

    1. Hi,

      Actually you can use vitamin c while using rejuvenating set. You can apply it at night before applying the rejuvenating cream. You might experience extra peeling so make sure that you need to incorporate it. Our advice is to use the rejuvenating set only for a month. It’s enough.

  3. Hi. I’m just wondering… I’m about to use rejuvenating set but I’m worried if it’s okay to use brylee vitamin C serum as well can you help me? Thank you!

    1. Hi,

      Actually you can use vitamin c while using rejuvenating set. You can apply it at night before applying the rejuvenating cream. You might experience extra peeling so make sure that you need to incorporate it. Our advice is to use the rejuvenating set only for a month. It’s enough.

  4. hi, is it ok if i will use whiteness hami melon toner then rosehip+ witch hazel brightening face serum and sunblock cream of brightest skin rejuv set? i stopped using the toner and night cream of that rejuv set but i do applying its sunblock cream and soap

  5. hi, is it ok if i will use whiteness hami melon toner then rosehip+ witch hazel brightening face serum and sunblock cream of brightest skin rejuv set? i stopped using the toner and night cream of that rejuv set but i do applying its sunblock cream and soap

      1. Its my 3rd day of using rejuvinating set, and i saw some small shiny stuff on my face and it has a painful feeling when im washing my face

  6. Hello, is it okay to use moisturizer along with the rejuvinating set?
    If so when should I use it? after cream or before
    Its aloe vera soothing gel.

  7. I want to use a Garnier vitamin C serum, can I apply it first before using the night cream? or should I stop using the toner and night cream? Please help. Thanks

      1. Hello po done napo ako gumamit ng pristige rejuv for 1month may mga pimps parin po at Marks tas namamalat parin po can I still use the soap and toner at night and then soap and sunblock in the morning

      1. Like for example, can I use now? Or i need to rest my face first? for instance, How many day or weeks?

        Thank you so much, for the response. 🙂

          1. Ok, Are there’s no reaction on my face rather? If I apply directly in my face Mam? I’m a little bit scared, that’s why I ask first before I will apply the rejuvenating set.

            Thank you so much for your assistance. 🙂

            1. No problem. Your face skin now should be thinner. It means more sensitive and more vulnerable. Always wear sunblock cream. It really depends on the results you got from using the previous rejuvenating and maintenance sets. Anyway, if you got good results and you wanna only to treat some dark spots here and there. Then try to limit the rejuvenating toner and cream on the concerned skin areas. Use the soap and sunblock all over face.

          2. Hello, Good morning.

            Ok copy on this. This is a big help for me. Thank you so much Ma’am. God bless! 🙂

    1. Hello,

      No. Your skin becomes sensitive while using rejuvenating set. Using exfoliating will irritate your skin and may cause redness and itchiness. Let your skin peel itself and turnover your cells normally.

      1. Hello .its my first time to used rejuv set but im afraid because im using a olay day and night cream with serum… can i use it directly ?

        1. Yes sure.
          You can also make a test on your forearm. Apply the rejuvenating toner then rejuvenating cream on your forearm. Then, wait for 24 hours. If there’s no any adverse reaction. Then go ahead.

  8. Hi. This is going to be my first time using a rejuv set. I just wanna try. I’m 25 y/o and currently using luxe organix. If im to switch to mild rejuv set, how long should i rest my face before switching?

  9. Hi
    I’m using the rejuvenating set for 3 days. Is it still normal for the rashes, redness and itchiness occur?

  10. Good day! Can I use rejuvenating set only on night?— a milder cleanser in the morning?
    Also, can I use moisturizing cream after putting the evening cream? Thank you.

  11. After a month of rejuvenating when can I go back to my normal skincare routine? Or do I need to rest my face first before going back?

  12. Hi ive been using light rejuvinating set (hello glow advance rejuv set) for 21 days and im planning to switch into ryx clearbomb rejuv set. Is it safe to switch rejuv set? Btw I rested for 1week

  13. Hi, i think i made a mistake of using luxe organix aloe vera soothing gel while using the rejuv set. Will it setback the process or will i have worst result for it? I need some answers. Im really confused what to do next.

      1. Oh thank you sooo much, one more question is it normal to feel so itchy especially in my neck and for the skin to darken soo much. My neck and face has a different color to my collarbone area already. And ive been using the rejuv for 17days now.

        1. Hello,
          You are welcome. Regarding the neck skin, it is very critical when it comes to using rejuvenating set on the neck. Because the neck is always on the move, which causes more friction. Sometimes, it’s not normal if your skin darkens too much. Try to use the toner only once at night until your skin color gets back to normal. Also, always apply sunblock on the neck too.

          1. Will i still use the night cream every night though with the toner? And only kojic soap and sunblock every daylight?

          1. I know im being very persistent and annoying with all these questions, but i have a lot of questions. And this is last for today. Its important to me. There are uneven spots of colors in my neck in and i notice its not peeling anymore. Or if it were i dont see it. Please what to do about it?

            1. You can ask as many questions as you can.
              First, don’t worry! You are not alone. There are many who have been in your situation. Just keep using until 30 days. It will even out eventually. Let us know.

              1. Oh sorry, i just saw your reply. I didnt see it at first, Thank you so much for all the answered questions. Been a great help to me.

                  1. Hello again, i have 2days left and then im done using rejuv set, should i continue to the maintenance set or should i rest first?

                      1. Hi, its been almost 10days since i started using the maintenance set after the rejuv set. But only after 2 or 3days i notice that the lower part of my cheeks/face started to feel rough. Like the texture is anything but smooth, I dont have pimples or whatsoever or any redness, just that the skin is rough. I rested for like 3days and only use the soap and sunblock for 3days. Now im back to the routine for 2days and still feel the same, There’s no changes. Why is it?

                                      1. Hello po!
                                        Qst timer akong gumamit ng her skin rejuv set , kaya lang nangangati at nagpapantal ako. Anong pwedeng gawin ? Takot talaga akong gumamit ng ganito dahil kada susubok ako di ko natatapos dahil sa ganong effect maliban sa dr. alvins.

                                        1. Hi Jai,
                                          You can use 3 times a week first… to reduce itchiness. Then if you still having these problems then you need to stop it. It means your skin doesn’t fit the product you’re using.

                                1. its okay if i use kojie san soap or other brand if im done using rejuvenating in 30 days

      2. Hello, I need answer asap please. I’ve been using prestige rejuv set for almost a week now, super hapdi na po, should I skip soap, toner and cream for 3 days? I’ll still apply sunscreen daily and kahit yung ice po ay hindi parin nababawasan yung hapdi, is it okay to apply luxe organix aloe vera gel? Baka magkapimples po kasi ako bigla, sensitive and not acne prone po ako but I want to achieve glass skin po eh

  14. Hi. I’m just wondering… I’m using rejuvenating set but I’m worried if it’s okay to use brilliant instant lift facial serum as well can you help me? Thank you!

      1. Hi! Is it okay to use lift facial serum together with the maintenance set after using rejuv set?

  15. my work is under the sun. is it fine to use rejuv set? is hat and sunscreen enough to protect me from the sun?

    1. Hello,
      It’s not recommended to overexpose to sun while using rejuvenating set. However, if you decide to try it, you need to apply sunblock cream 30 minutes before exposure to sun and renew every two hours as long as you are under the sun.

      1. Hi there, I was wondering It’s my 5th days using rejuv. And I am planning to stop for just 1 week because I’m planning on going to a beach… And resume it after and Is it okey to use sunblock SPF 80 and not the sunscreen in the rejuv???

        1. Hi Kyla,
          Yes you can pause the rejuvenating toner and rejuvenating cream. Keep using the soap and apply plenty sunblock and renew every two hours.
          By the way, sunblock SPF 80 is not more protective than SPF 30. Anyway, you can use another sunblock while going to beatch and revert to the rejuvenating set sunblock when you resume using the set.
          For more info. about sunblock, read this article: Is Higher SPF In Sunblock Better

          1. Hi, So it’s the same effect when using sunblock SPF 80 AND SPF 30 there’s no quite differences… It’s okey to use the 80??it’s the sunblock I’m available

  16. Why my face is so dry after peeling? I’m using clear bomb rejuv set, I’m in my 7th day already. I feel so uncomfortable right now

  17. Hi can I ask a question, It’s my 1st week using the rejuv. Is it okey to stop it for 1 week before going for a beach then resume it after??

      1. Normal lang ba mag peel ulit yung face kahit kakatapos mo lang gumamit ng rejuvenating set? Nag worry ako jan kaya ginamit ko ulit yung natirang rejuv. set. Okay lang ba gamitin yung sunblock at soap kahit tapos na?

  18. I was wondering how can I properly use my rejuvenating set. Mostly I sleep during day time and I was going out for work during at night till next morning . Can you please give some advised on how to use the rejuvenating when my life style is upside down with every one. This will be my first time to take rejuvenating that’s why I do not have any idea. Thank you

  19. Hello, I have finished set 3 rejuvenating now I’m planning to use maintenance sets. I want to ask that can I do a hydra facial and weekly sheet mask while using these sets? I have a blackhead on my cheek and nose so what to use.

      1. How about using another sunblock cream because I use skin magical sunblock and after 2hr I use another brand of sunblock cream? If I want to do a facial then I can do it after 1mnth of the stop of skin magical

  20. Hi! I just want to know if what will I do if I started using Brilliant Rejuvenating Set last June 1, 2021 and I stopped using it June 13, 2021 because I feel uncomfortable with it and my face is dry already. What should I do? Thank you.

    1. Hi Angelique,
      Continue using ,however, use the toner and cream as following:

        1st and 2nd week
        Apply two (2) times a week, morning and night. (Monday and Friday).

        3rd and 4th week
        Apply three (3) times a week, morning and night. (Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

        5th to 8th week
        Apply everyday, morning and night. (Monday to Sunday).

  21. Hi been using prestige rejuvenating set for about one week now. My jaw lines are very itch and i woke up it has wound na
    What to do? Thanks in advance for the reply

  22. Hi! I’ve been using rejuv for 2 weeks and my jawlineand nose peeled but the other parts of my face did not peel. I searched about my rejuv set that I bought and I learned that it is original but my face has not peeled that much. What should I do?

  23. hi! I would like to ask if what will be the best maintenance set I can use after using Brightest Skin Rejuvenating set. I don’t have any idea in mind. Thank you!

      1. Hi I’m half way done with my rejuv set which is skin perfection is it ok after I’m done with my rejuv to use other soap and sunblock?

  24. Hi im on my 5th day on using brilliant rejuv set is it okay to swim in a pool when my face is peeling right now?

  25. hi, can i use the soap and toner of the rejuv set when i do outdoor activities at a vacation?

  26. Hello,
    I am using prestige rejuv. Can I use mask too? Of yes, what’s the order in using or applying?
    Waiting for your reply, thank you.


  27. Hi i am using other rejuvenating set for 3 days now because its hard to find the one i am using in my area. But today i found the one i am using. Can i change it to the one i usually use?

    1. Hi Charise,
      Just continue your rejuvenating set, then take a rest for a month at least. Afterwards, if you don’t like the results, you can use your favorite rejuvenating set.

    2. Hello, Can you exercise while using rejuvenating set????…. pwede po ba pag pawisan ng sobra pav nag rerejuv ???

  28. Hi, just started using Ryx Clear Bomb this July 6 and we have beach swimming on Saturday (July 10). This will be my 4th day using it. Do you have any tips for me? Actually, it’s starting to peel off around my nose and forehead.

  29. Hello, I have been using Ryx Starter Kit for 10 days now but I’m planning to stop . Is it okay to stop it ( though I’m not against to the product) and switch to some mild skin care for now? Thanks.

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  31. Hi, can i use brilliant rejuvenating together with their maintenance which is whitening facial set? Thankyou

  32. Hi, i have been using ryx for 2 months and i think it didn’t work, so can i use another rejuvenating but different brand? thankkyou.

      1. Good Morning i really need asap answer po we will go swimming po on sunday night swimming pool lang po hindi dagat Im using brilliant rejuvenating set should i keep using sunblock how about the soap and toner when i will stop then resume po

  33. Hi po can I ask if pwede napo Yung 14 years old kong sister sa rejuv *skintouch set A dahil she is suffering acne and blackheads around her face if required can she use it a month or only a week?

  34. Hello good day!

    I would like to ask if it is okay to use the rejuvenating set right away? Because right now, I am experiencing breakouts and I am currently using other products. Is it okay to use it right away? or I should rest my skin before using it?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Nica,
      It depends on the products you are using now. Anyway, keep at least one week downtime before using rejuvenating set. However, if you are using peeling products, keep at least one month gap.

      1. Hi, can I use moisturizer after applying the rejuvenating cream. My skin is having big pores and its oily.

  35. Hello. Please help. I’ve been using Rejuv set for almost years now. Then, one time I had to stopped since I started my C02 Fraxel Laser Treatment. I stopped using rejuvenating set.
    After a week of my last session I immediately use my Rejuv set and it give me comedones. It started last May. However, right now just one or two comedones. What should I do? Can I use the toner 2-3x a week instead? Please help.

  36. Hello. It’s my first time using Brilliant rejuvenating set. I’m on my 12th day of using it now. I haven’t experienced any pain or burning sensation until 11th day but my neck suffers from itching since day 1. I noticed that my face starts to get tan and there were breakouts on my forehead. I also noticed that only my jaw line and neck starts to peel but there’s no peeling on other areas of my face. Also, I rub my face and neck with ice cubes every night before applying toner and cream. Is it okay? And why is it that there’s no peeling on other areas of my face? Why is it that my face got so dark? Will it brighten again? Should I still continue the product or proceed to other products instead? Thank you

    1. Hi Desiree,
      Stop the ice cube. If your face is getting darkened, it is due to redness. It’s like when you get hit, you will end up having black spot on your skin.The skin on your neck is thin, that’s why, it’s easy to get peeled there.

      1. hello, I’m done with my rejuvenating set. I still have acne so I extended 1week,yet they’re still some.What will I do next? Should I use maintenance set immediately from the same brand? or rest my face for one week before using maintenance set?

          1. while resting my face for a week,can I use the facial cleanser and sunscreen from the rejuvenating set?the article abt maintenance don’t have enough info for me but it’s quite helpful. May I know what are the do’s and dont’s of maintenance set?

              1. when I’m using the cleanser and sunscreen from rejuv, am I also resting my face? and Can I switch already to the new product which is the maintenance set of the same brand of rejuv. after a week of using the cleanser and sunscreen from rejuvenating set?

  37. Hi, i want to ask why is the rejuvenating set that i use doesn’t make my face peel or whatever. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks. Should i still continue it or it means that it doesn’t work for me?

  38. Hi! I need an answer asap! So it’s my 5th day of the 3rd week of using Prestige Rejuv set and it sometimes still cause me round pimples! I thought Purging State would be around only at 2 weeks though, so I thought that I’m breaking out today. So my question is, am I still at purging state or am I just having normal breakouts at this week? Anyways I have Oily and Acne prone skin

  39. Hi. This is my 2nd week using a rejuv. I’m worried, my face and neck got slightly burned. It’s sticky and painful. What should I do?

      1. Hi, may I know if it’s okay to use the soap from the rejuv set to my neck? I kinda worried because of the redness and dryness of my neck upon using the soap.

  40. Hi, I’m a guy and I have been using a rejuvenating set for the 3rd week now, but I have to attend an event so I’m planning to stop using this 7 days before the said event. Is it okay for me to shave my beard and mustache after the 7 day resting time? Hope to be answered asap because I’m really nervous that shaving might damage my skin :((

        1. Hi 25 days nakong gumagamit ng pristige rejuv set effective naman kaso may mga pimple marks parin ako ano pong pede ko gawin

            1. Hello I’ve been using belo rejuv for about 10 days na po. Perp I’m planning to stop it for a week since mag be-beach kami next week is it okay if I continue using the day cream as my sunblock and the toner? Thank youu

      1. Hi i really need the answer ASAP! I’m done using prestigue rejuvenating for 1 month yesterday but when i try to use the toner of maintenance set my face turned red and i feel a burning sensation what should i do? Should i continue using it?

  41. after using the rejuv set, should i rest my face first for a few days before going back to my old skin care or I can proceed right away?

  42. Hello po done napo ako gumamit ng pristige rejuv for 1month may mga pimps parin po at Marks tas namamalat parin po can I still use the soap and toner at night and then soap and sunblock in the morning

  43. hi, it is said that leaving the soap for 20 seconds is far too long. But the instructions in the set is to leave the soap for 2-3 minutes, where should i believe between the two? and also im starting to feel stinging pain every time i leave thr soap in my face after 12 days. Correct me if im wrong, after using the rejuvenating set for a month, i need to rest my face for a month as well before using the usual/maintenance set, right?

    Thank you.

      1. Hi Hercu,
        We always recommend to use the same sunblock that comes with a Rejuvenating set because of its features and ingredients. But if you run out of it, use another suitable one. Never use rejuvenating set without sunblock.

    1. Hi Hercu,
      Nice question! How to use the soap is different from one person to another depending on their skin condition. If you have sensitive skin which gets irritated easily from from rejuvenating set, then don’t leave the soap for longer period in your skin. However, if your skin adjusts well with the rejuvenating set, then leave it for 2-3 minutes for best results.
      Regarding your second question, to maintain the positive results you have got from rejuvenating set, it is recommended to use maintenance set. You can use it after a month or a week; however, never stop using the soap and sunblock while you are in downtime.

  44. Hi, I’m almost done using prestige rejuvenating set. I would like to ask, what soap should i use to my face if 30 days is done, is dove soap possible? Or what brand can I use for maintenance? Thank youuuu.

  45. Can I wash my face using the rejuvenating soap 3 times in a day because my face is so oily and I was by smoke.

      1. Hi po.. I used ryx starter kit for 6 days na po. Pwede po bang mag apply dn ng tinted sunscreen like belo after applying the sunscreen ng ryx sa morning.?

        1. 15 days na po nagpepeel balat ko tas 3 times po ako mag wash ng face sa morning pagliligo po hapon and sa gabi ano pong pede ko gawin para mawala na yung peeling or ma lessen

      2. Hi po can I use micellar water while using rejuv set? And also can I apply makeup po? I’m going to have a photoshoot po kasi.

      3. Hi gumamit po ako ng melerase cream for melasma, with sunblock and serum ini stop ko na po kasi naglabasan yung pimples ko taz mahapdi sya, pede po ba ako magpa pico laser after 2 days ini stop ko na paggamit ng cream

        1. Good day. If you have stopped using Melerase cream for melasma because it caused pimples and stinging sensation, it is not advisable to undergo Pico laser treatment within two days. Your skin needs time to recover and heal from the irritation and potential damage caused by the cream. It is recommended to wait for at least two weeks before considering any laser treatment or any other invasive procedures to give your skin enough time to recover. In the meantime, you may want to consult with a dermatologist or skincare professional for alternative treatments or products that can help address your melasma and skin concerns without causing irritation or sensitivity.

          While you’re here, check out: How to Use Rosmar KAGAYAKU Scrub, Lotion and Cream

    1. Can I use safeguard soap in the morning while I’m rejuvenating at night. ? The rejuvenating set that I used don’t have a soap.

      1. Hi Gen,
        If there is no soap, is it facial wash? Use it morning and night. And don’t use other soap. You cannot know later on if something happen to your skin, is it from rejuvenating set or because you use another soap.

        1. Hello po pwede po ba mag use ng cetaphil para sa muka ko. Nag dradry po kasi and sobrang red po. Please kindly respond po. Salamat

  46. Hello, I need answer asap please. I’ve been using prestige rejuv set for almost a week now, super hapdi na po, should I skip soap, toner and cream for 3 days? I’ll still apply sunscreen daily and kahit yung ice po ay hindi parin nababawasan yung hapdi, is it okay to apply luxe organix aloe vera gel? Baka magkapimples po kasi ako bigla, sensitive and not acne prone po ako but I want to achieve glass skin po eh

  47. I went to the beach and it lasts up to 4 days. Also, these are my last days as well on using my rejuvenating set – beauty vault. After which, I tried to rest my face and use my previous soap because my face got dark due to sun exposure on the beach and to the sun exposure when going outside as well. Then after 1 day, I’m not sure why my face got reaction (allergies / rashes) as it looks like a bungang araw with small pimples spreading all over my face. I’m trying to use a cetaphil gentle cleanser and lotion on my face.

    Can you help me on what to do or what to use instead?

      1. Hello I have one question I’m using prestige rejuvenating almost a week but we have beach summer outing.. what I’m going to do?

  48. hi..
    I finished using the rejuv set for 28 days. can i go back to my routine and can i apply serum on my face as well? thank you.

  49. Hi there,
    I started applying rejuvenating cream set and it’s been 4 days, now I skin is peeling off and I feel irritating when using toner, it is normal or I should stop using it?

    1. Hi there,
      I started applying brilliant rejuvenating cream set and it’s been 4 days, now I skin is peeling off and I feel irritating when using toner, it is normal or I should stop using it?

      1. Hi nag rejuvenating napo ako before then nag stop po ako for a month, balak ko po sanang gawing skincare routine/maintenance ko is toner, sunblock, and soap na galing sa rejuvenating set kasi dun lang po talaga nahiyang mukha ko, okay lang po ba yun? Wala po kasi ako skincare before and nagtry po ako ng maintenance set di po hiyang face ko so balak ko po sana na ganun nalang skincare ko pero diko napo gagamitin yung rejuvenating cream, ilalagay ko nalang po sya sa part na may tigyawat.

  50. Hello! When can i use dr alvin serum? Im still on my rejuv set. Im still on my first week of rejuv. When is it best advised? Thank you.

  51. Hi, I’ve been using beauty wise for almost 3 weeks now and super itchy ng face ko tas may sugat sya and dumami pimples ko, normal parin po ba to or kailangan ko ng i stop?

      1. hi i just finished using rejuv set, is it okay to switch into advance hydrating kit agad ? what do you mean i have to rest for a month? hindi ako gagawa ng kahit anong routine for a month? please i need an answer

        1. Yellowish po ba talaga color ng brilliant rejuv cream or white? Unang bili ko po kasi color white and secong buy ko po yellowish

          1. its okay if use kojie san soap or other brand if im done using rejuvenating set in 30 day, and go back to my skin care routine

      1. Can i use bse foaming facial cleanser while using rejuv? Or can i use the kojic in rejuv set 3x a day? Panghilamos sa tanghali.

                        1. Hello 4 days pa lang po ako gumamit ng fairy skin premium brightening set. Pero grabe na ang peeling ng face ko at nagka maliit na sugat n po sa part ng mouth ko so i stop using the toner and the serum for 2 days now. My concern is when should i continue the whole set? And mag continue pa din po ba ang pag peel kung inistop ko po ang toner at serum for the meantime

      2. When re applying the Sunblock every 2-3 hours, do i need to wash mu face again and apply toner again?

          1. gagamit mo ako ng rejuvenating set dati ng Beauty vault, after 2 months I switched to prestige ang now I have so many pimple in inside of my face, is this normal?

  52. Is it okay for me na lalaki to use southgirls rejuvinating set? and nakalagay po kasi don na 2-3 mins dapat ibabad ang mukha sa soap. okay lang po ba yun?

      1. hi po pwede po ba mag work out after i wake up in the moring then pagtapos mag workout hilamos na ng using rejuv set?

    1. Can i use pink dove in my face right after using my kojic, for moisturize purpose ( im in my maintenance set)

        1. Hello po after using rejuvinating set ano po ba pwede gamitin while nag rest yung skin mo before using maintainance.?

    2. It is okay po to use kojie san soap on my face while using rejuvenating set. I use kojie san soap on my face after I take a bath then before I go to sleep, I’ll use the soap that is included in the rejuvenating set that I am using. It is okay po? Thank you in advance!!

  53. After po sa paggamit ng SP rejuvenating set, pwede po ba gumamit ng aloe vera gel for moisturizer?
    Morning : Kojic soap + Sp BB cream
    Evening : Kojic soap + Aloe vera Gel
    Is it okay po ba mga ito for my maintenance? sana masagot niyo po Thank you

              1. Pwede po ba ako gumamit ng sunflower oil pagkatapos gumamit ng brilliant rejuvenating set. Pero habang naggagamit ako ng sunflower oil ginagamit ko parin po yung sunscream nea salamat po.

                1. Yes, you can use sunflower oil after using the Brilliant Rejuvenating set, but while using sunflower oil, it is still recommended to use sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. Thank you.

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  54. Hii, ask ko lang po if pwedeng gumamit ng ibang sunscreen while using rejuvenating set? Like kunwari po after mag apply ng sunscreen ng rejuv then reapply ng ibang sunscreen after 2 hrs (ex. Sugardolls Sunscreen) I’m using belo essential rejuv set po.

      1. Hello po, i have finished using Beauty Vault premium rejuvenating set for a month. Can I use my Centella serum along with the Maintenance Set?

      2. Hi ask ko lang po if puedy ko na e stop pag gamit ng premium rejuv kahit di pa 1 month. Then mag maintenance set na ako. Puedy po?

  55. Hi po is it ok if i use cetaphil gentle cleanser in the morning and still use the toner and sunblock from my rejuvenating set and use my rejuvenating soap only at night?

      1. Hi, I mistakenly took sun block cream for the night instead of pang night cream after ng toner, can i still put the night cream kahit na nalagay ko na yung sun cream tonight?

  56. Pag po ba gumagamit ng Beauty Vault rejuv, pwede po ba gumamit ng Fairysunscreen instead po sa po sa sunblock nung rejuv.?

              1. how about yung routine po ng nag pag rerejuv although yung product is mild lang daw. which is the fairy skin derma set. Is it okay po to use toner then serum day and night na nakalagay sa instruction ? or hindi sya pweding pagsamahin? and dapat ba night lang sila e use? thanks

          1. Hello po…pwd po ba gumamit ng ibang brand ng sunscreen naubosan kase ako..kase dto po ako abroad thanks..

            1. Yes, it is generally preferable to use the same brand of sunscreen that you are accustomed to in order to ensure consistency and effectiveness of sun protection, moisturizing, brightening and glowing. However, if you are abroad and you cannot find the same brand of sunscreen of the rejuvenating set, using another brand with a similar level of sun protection is still better than not using sunscreen at all. It’s important to prioritize sun protection, especially when you are in a different environment with varying levels of UV exposure. So, in summary, while it is preferable to use the same brand of sunscreen, if it is not available, using another brand with similar SPF will suffice.

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  57. Hello. I am currently using ryx hydra glow set for about 3 weeks now. Can I mix the set with prestige rejuv toner at night? pag my pimple lang po. my routine po is

    A.M hydra glow facial wash➡️hydra glow toner ➡️hydra glow serum
    P.M. hydra glow facial wash ➡️hydra glow toner/prestige rejuv (if may pimple)➡️ hydra glow serum

    thank you ❤️

        1. Hello po after using rejuvinating set ano po ba pwede gamitin while nag rest yung skin mo before using maintainance.?

            1. Hello just finish yesterday my brilliant advance rejuv set for 1mon usage. Can i use other skin care products now, like cleanser and moisturizer Kindly advice. Thank you!

              1. Hello Rizza,

                Congratulations on finishing your Brilliant Rejuv Set! After completing a month-long usage of a rejuvenating set, it’s generally safe to incorporate other skincare products into your routine.

                To ensure that you’re using the right products for your skin type, I recommend doing a patch test on a small area of your skin before applying any new products all over your face. This can help you avoid any adverse reactions or irritations.

                When selecting a cleanser and moisturizer, it’s important to choose products that are formulated for your skin type and that address your specific skin concerns. For example, if you have dry skin, you may want to choose a moisturizer that’s rich in hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, you may want to look for a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer.

                Additionally, it’s important to choose products that complement your rejuvenating set and won’t counteract its effects. I recommend keeping 1 week downtime before incorporating new products. In the downtime, keep using the soap and sunscreen.

                Rejuvenating Sets
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  58. Hello po I use Tretinoin Night Cream Only for atleast a month, I never use their soap & toner, I used other brands for this, now I notice that theres no improvement on my face aside from peeling. Now I want to ask if I need to buy and use their soap and toner? Or should I stop or buy maintenance na? (whitening/Hydra set)? thank you so much.

  59. hello tanong ko lang po . nastop po ako ng 1month mag rejuv tas ngayon po gusto ko po ulit magrejuv pwede pa po kaya gamitin yung natira ko ? salamat po

  60. Hi gamit ko po ang fairy skin derma pwede po ba ako gumamit ng okay 7 in 1 moisturizer at night and day po sa morning ..

      1. Hi, can i use the maintenance set 20 days after using the rejuv set? I want to use it because im already starting to get acne

      2. Hello po, I’m a call center agent. Pwede po ba pag baliktarin ko paggamit ng set. Sunblock sa gabi, night cream sa umaga? Total tulog naman ako whole day. Bale normal apply po pag day off ko. Hehe

  61. Hi. Is it okay na magpuyat habang gumagamit ng rejuv? Natatakot po kasi ako na baka mas lumala ang pimple breakout during the process.

      1. Hi. Is it normal to feel itchy, smarting pain and redness to my skin? Its my 6th day using brilliant rejuvenating set.

        1. Hello! It is not uncommon to experience some skin irritation, itching, and redness when starting a new skincare product or regimen. This is particularly true when using products that contain active ingredients like retinoids or alpha-hydroxy acids, which can cause temporary skin sensitivity and irritation.

          However, it is important to note that if your symptoms persist for more than a week or become more severe, it may be a sign of an allergic reaction or other skin issue. In this case, it is best to discontinue use of the product and consult with a dermatologist or other healthcare professional for further evaluation and treatment.

          In the meantime, you may want to try reducing the frequency of use – particularly, the toner and night cream – or applying a gentle, non-irritating moisturizer to help soothe and hydrate your skin. And as always, be sure to follow the instructions on the product label and patch test any new products before applying them to your entire face.

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      2. Hello i recently bought this product and i was wondering if its safe to use it while working as labourer in a construction and im also wearing a hardhat with a cover that help my face to cover from the sun

        1. Hello! When engaging in labor-intensive work, sweating and exposure to sunlight can cause the pores to open up, making the skin more sensitive and susceptible to irritation. Using certain skincare products during this time may further exacerbate these issues and lead to unwanted side effects such as breakouts, rashes, or other forms of irritation.

          Therefore, it is generally not recommended to use a rejuvenating set or other skincare products during periods of heavy sweating and sun exposure, especially if engaging in physically demanding activities like construction work. It may be best to wait until after work or on days when you have less physical activity planned to use these types of products, in order to minimize any potential risks or complications.

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  62. Hi, what if you use the soap from the rejuvenating set after 6 months or so without using it. And then use the sunscreen of that rejuvenating set, is that okay?

        1. Hello Jeniviv,

          Yes, after using the rejuvenating set, you can use a cleanser as part of your daily maintenance skincare routine. It’s important to keep your skin clean and free of any dirt, oil, or makeup that could potentially clog your pores and cause breakouts or other skin problems.

          When choosing a cleanser to use with the rejuvenating set, it’s best to look for one that is gentle and non-irritating. The rejuvenating set can be quite harsh on the skin, so it’s important to avoid any additional products that could further irritate or dry out your skin. Look for a gentle, non-comedogenic cleanser that is formulated for your specific skin type, and be sure to follow the instructions carefully.

          Keep in mind that it’s also important to use a moisturizer after cleansing to help hydrate and protect your skin. The rejuvenating set can be quite drying, so a good moisturizer can help to counteract this and keep your skin looking and feeling healthy.

          Rejuvenating Sets
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  63. Hi po. I used sulfur soap daily for my face po. But I decided to switch rejuvenating set. How many days should I start using rejuv after stopping to use sulfur soap po?

  64. gud morning, ok lng po b pawisan during rejuv? hindi nmn po ako ngbibilad pro sdyang mainit po tlga. . kpg nglalakad po ako sobrang pawis po lumlbas smukha ko, 28 days ko npo ng rejuv.

    1. Hello caren,

      Good morning! It’s okay to sweat during a rejuvenating treatment. As long as you’re not intentionally exposing yourself to direct sunlight or heat, sweating is a natural process and won’t negatively affect the treatment. If you’re sweating excessively while walking or doing other activities, it’s important to wipe your face with a clean towel to avoid any buildup of sweat and bacteria. Also, make sure to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized during and after the treatment to help replenish any lost moisture due to sweating.

      Rejuvenating Sets
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        1. Hi admin ask ko lang po gumamit po ako rejuv.set except sa soap po tpos pag gabi po after gumamit ng toner allowed po ba gumamit ng sunflower serum soothing gel ?Thanks Admin

          1. Hello shellamay,

            It is not recommended to use the Sunflower Serum Soothing Gel regularly while using the rejuvenating set as it may impact the peeling process. The rejuvenating set is designed to have a specific effect on the skin, and adding additional products may interfere with its intended results. It’s best to follow the instructions provided with the rejuvenating set

            Rejuvenating Sets
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  65. Hi, im using brilliant rejuv po. pwede ko po ba pagsabayin ang serum 2% alpha arbutin + niacinamide dermorepubliq?

    morning routine would be
    brilliant rejuv toner
    serum dermorepubliq
    brilliant sunscreen

    night naman po
    briliant rejuv toner
    serum dermo
    brilliant night rejuv cream

    is it okay po ba?

  66. Hello po, I’m using Fairy Skin Rejuvenating Set po, can I use Nivea MicellAIR cleanser po before washing my face, para po maremove po sana lahat ng dirt and sunscreen na hindi po naalis ng soap lang? : )

  67. Hello, I plan to use SouthGirls Rejuv set po sana every night, then sa morning ay plan ko mag Niacinamide. Pwede po kaya ganon? Thank you po

    1. Hello Charmie,

      Yes, you can use the SouthGirls Rejuv set at night and Niacinamide in the morning. The SouthGirls Rejuv set is usually used in the evening because it might contain ingredients that make your skin more sensitive to the sun. Applying Niacinamide in the morning is a good choice, as it’s well-known for its benefits in reducing inflammation and improving the skin’s texture.

      However, before you start using these products together, it’s recommended to do a patch test and gradually introduce each new product to ensure that your skin doesn’t react adversely. If you experience any irritation or discomfort, it’s advisable to discontinue one of the products.

      Rejuvenating Sets
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      1. Is it okay not to use the sunblock of the rejuvenating set? Instead I use the tinted sunblock? Or I should use them both. Like i’ll apply first the rejuv sunblock then the tinted sunblock.

  68. Hi po.

    May I ask kong pwede ba ako ng gumamit ulit nang brilliant rejuvenating set, pagkatapos mag rest nang 1 month?
    Di pa ako satisfy sa last result eh. I hope ma sagutan.


  69. Hi po, first time user po ng rejuvenating set. Okay lang po ba if ibang brand ng sunscreen ang gamitin pag naubos na po yung kasama sa Isang set?

  70. Medyo drying sa skin yong rejuvenating cream. Okay lang ba that I apply moisturizer likes Ponds or Nivea after para hindi masyado dry yong skin ko? Thanks

  71. Hi! For example, I’m okay na with the peeling on my cheeks, is it fine to stop putting the toner and the cream on my cheeks tapos continue na lang yung application sa forehead and chin ko? Thank you!

  72. Hello! Which set between Hello Glow Advanced Rejuvenating Set and Hello Glow All Natural Whitening Set do you advice for beginners? Also, should I totally skip the toner and cream while resting after the set? Thank you!

  73. hello can i use serum after i finish the rejuv set? im using serum ( 10% niacinamide +% tranexamic acid + 2% alpha arbutin) thankyou

  74. Hi, kakatapos ko lang mag rejuv set after a month and i noticed na may dark patches sa face ko. Is there any way to remove these or do they go away on its own? Thank you!

    1. Why rejuvenating set 3 is not effective for my skin. My pigmentation became more dark and peeling of didn’t happened.

  75. Hello po ask ko lang po if pag tapos na sa pag rejuv, yong 1 month na rest po ba is wala talagang gagamiting products sa face such as cleanser, moisturizer, serum and sunscreen?

      1. Yong about po sa pag rest ng face, wala po bang gagamiting products habang hindi pa gumagamit ng maintenance?

  76. Can i use rejuvenating set again? since im in skincare right now. And when will i stop/rest my face from skincare to use rejuv set again? I really need answerr plss

      1. so i wont rest for like a week from my skincare muna and just use immediately the rejuv? my toner is glycolic acid 7%. is that strong?

  77. Hello ask kolang kung pwede nakong tumigil sa pag’gamit ng rejuvenating set? Kasi puro acne marks nalang ang naiwan, also almost 1 to 2 half year kona shang nagagamit, minsan nag iiskip ako, pahinga ng 1 to 3 days lang, ask kolang kung sign nato ng pag’papahinga ng skin routine? Ko?

    1. Hello John Cyrus,

      It’s not recommended to continuously use the rejuvenating set, especially the toner and cream, for more than a month. To address acne marks, consider incorporating products targeted for hyperpigmentation. Additionally, after using the toner and cream, it’s advisable to take a month-long break before using again. This allows your skin to recover.

      Rejuvenating Sets
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