May 30, 2022 How to Stop Skin Rejuvenating Set

How to Stop Skin Rejuvenating Set

Many of our customers are asking “How to stop Skin Rejuvenating Set?” like the one shown in the screenshot below.

The customer as shown in the video said that she used skin rejuvenating set for 4 days and asked if she stops using, will she be ugly? 🙂 Of course, what she means is that if she stops using, will that affect her skin?

Well, in this article, we will settle this question.

How to Stop Skin Rejuvenating Set

Most of the times, people who ask this questions are the ones who want to stop using their skin rejuvenating set after they have used it for a few days. The reason behind that is that they cannot tolerate the side effects which they may experience while using rejuvenating set. Skin rejuvenating set is usually comprised of 4 products; soap, toner, night cream and day cream. The soap in most rejuvenating set is kojic soap. The night cream is also called rejuvenating or brightening cream. The day cream is sunblock cream/gel. The rejuvenating toner and cream contain the actives that might cause skin irritation to some users, particularly in the first days of use.

In a nutshell, if you decide to stop using your skin rejuvenating set within the first days of use, then do it slowly.

Can I stop Using Skin Rejuvenating Set After 1 Week?

Well, yes you can. However, we always advise our customers to continue using the skin rejuvenating set for a month and be persistent. Even if your skin starts purging, you must tolerate to attain the results you dream of. Some skin types react against applying new products especially products that contain strong actives like skin rejuvenating sets. However, if you make up your mind to stop using skin rejuvenating set after 1 week or even less days, you have to do it slowly. Don’t shock your skin by stopping slowly. Otherwise, follow the tips below:

  1. If you want to stop using rejuvenating set, don’t stop abruptly. However, use the rejuvenating toner and cream twice a week.
  2. Keep using the soap and sunblock.


We always advise skin rejuvenating set users to continue using if they have started. Based on our experience, many users experienced skin purging while using rejuvenating set as their skin is adjusting to the new products. When they continue using, they noticed that their flare-ups were fading away and their skin got clear. In case you decide to stop, then follow the steps mentioned above.

If you have any comment, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with other in the comment section below.

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20 thoughts on “How to Stop Skin Rejuvenating Set

  1. Hi! I have been using Lumiere Rejuvenating Set since January 2023. I have used it as a maintaining skincare routine as well. Sometimes my skin gets very flaky and dry but most of the time, my skin looks plump and smooth. I plan on stopping in using rejuv sets as a maintaining skincare routine. Would that be alright? And what skincare products should I go for after rejuv sets?

  2. Hi i want to stop using rejuv, my face is now rough and having micro peeling but i cannot tolerate anymore the pain what should I do? Its my frst time. I think its my frst week already

  3. Hi , I’m using fairy skin rejuv for 2 weeks can I stop using it and continue using my normal skincare? Hw many days should I rest my skin before using my normal skincare?

  4. Hi I’m using brilliant rejuv pang 8 days ko na ngayon nawala medyo ang pag peel pero mahapdi at namumula bandang jaw ko, pwede ko kaya itigil muna ang pag apply ng toner and cream? ano po dapat gawin ko ? pleasee reply first time ko lang kaya medyo na stress ako

  5. hi po im using rosemar kagayaku rejuv set. and im planing to stop na po kasi first timer ako at yung hapdi at kati po sa muka hndi na tolerable para saakin. naiiwan as in yung hapdi sa mukha ko ano po bang dapat kong gawin itutuloy ko pa po ba or stop na? thankyou po

  6. Hello po, ask ko lang po na aaplied din po ba ang slowly stopping of using Brilliant Rejuvenating Set after a month of use? For example po, mag-aaply parin po ba ako ng rejuvenating toner and night cream twice or thrice a week kapag natapos ko na po ang 1 month use?

  7. Hi is it ok po kung ma-feel mo po sa first use po ng rejuvinating set is mangati at namula po at mejo namaga ang mukha? Beauty Obsession rejuv. Set po ginamit ko po. First time user po salamat and god bless

  8. Hi 2weeks napo akong gumagamit ng Beauty Vault. And gusto ko pong e stop na kasi bigla akong nagka pimples. Huhuh! Ano maganda gawin? At dapat gamitin na moisturizer at soap after e stop po ang rejuv?

      1. Hi po im using fairy skin premium brightening set sinunod ko naman po yung skin cycling tas di ko din po pinag sabay yung toner and serum pero my skin can’t tolerate the peeling 6 days ko pa lang siya nagagamit how can i stop it po i have a dry akin kaya ko po siya binili

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