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Is It Normal To Have Pimples When Using Rejuvenating Set?

The short answer is yes. But you have to keep in mind that sometimes pimples breakout while using rejuvenating set is not normal when it’s excessive and prolonged. To know more about this case, you must know your skin and how rejuvenating set works .

How to understand your skin?

Your skin has two layers which are the epidermis and the dermis. The epidermis is the visible outer layer, and the dermis sits just beneath. This deeper layer contains nerve endings, sweat glands, and hair follicles. Rejuvenating sets removes a controlled amount of skin cells from the epidermis. A stronger rejuvenating set may also remove a small part of the dermis. Your face skin has thick and thin areas. Thick areas are the chin, nose, and cheeks. And thinner areas are around the eyes and mouth. Always apply the rejuvenating set to the thicker skin areas first and then to the thinner ones.

How does rejuvenating set work?

Rejuvenating set works by exfoliating dead skin cells. It removes a uniform amount of damaged skin cells across the face.  When applied to the skin, interaction with proteins in your skin causes exfoliation and peeling of the skin. Rejuvenating set can be used to improve acne, pigmentation, freckling, wrinkles, skin tone and texture. They are an excellent way to freshen the skin and to maintain skin health and beauty.

Now, after you have got an idea about your skin characteristics and how rejuvenating set works, you will understand why your skin would purge during using rejuvenating set.

So to reiterate, the process of having pimples while using rejuvenating set is called PURGING.

let’s talk about purging a bit more.


To understand purging, we must understand first how a pimple forms.


Firstly, we need to look at how a pimple forms. A pore becomes clogged – usually by dead skin cells that don’t detach and get to the surface properly – and forms what’s called a microcomedone.

Microcomedones aren’t visible at the surface of the skin. Sometimes they’ll develop into a whitehead, blackhead, pimple or full-blown cyst. Sometimes they’ll go away on their own without you noticing. It can take up to 8 weeks for a microcomedone to surface.


Here’s how purging can actually work. If a product speeds up skin turnover (the rate at which skin cells are shed and replaced), then the entire cycle will be accelerated and microcomedones will turn into whiteheads, blackheads, pimples and cysts more quickly. So you’ll suddenly see a rush of pimples rearing their ugly heads.

If the rejuvenating set is irritating (which most skin turnover-accelerating products are), some microcomedones that weren’t going to show up might join the party too, since inflammation is one of the factors causing acne. However, these microcomedones were in the skin before you started the rejuvenating set, not new blockages caused by the rejuvenating set.

Now, remember how the microcomedone started as dead skin cells that didn’t detach and get to the surface properly? Rejuvenating set increases skin turnover to treat acne!

So as the rejuvenating set starts to work, less microcomedones should form, and after the initial angry-volcano stage your skin should become clearer than when you started the rejuvenating set.

I hope we have cleared up the confusion on why sometimes pimples may purge while using rejuvenating set by addressing the reasons behind this process. Don’t worry, in most cases continuing using the rejuvenating set will eventually clears up your skin.


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53 thoughts on “Is It Normal To Have Pimples When Using Rejuvenating Set?

  1. Hello pang 15 days Kuna Po gumamit ng fairyskin derma set Po ask kulang Po tapos nakasi Ang pamamalat pero may tumutubo Po sakin na maliliit na pimples around cheek normal lng poba yun part poba Yung break out part poba siya ng process

  2. Hello pang 15 days Kuna Po gumamit ng fairyskin derma set Po ask kulang Po tapos nakasi Ang pamamalat pero may tumutubo Po sakin na maliliit na pimples around cheek normal lng poba yun part poba Yung break out

  3. I’ve been picking my face due to OCD while using a rejuvenating set. Will these scars eventually fade? I have been constantly picking whiteheads and they lead to red scars. I am overly stressed by this and how I am not able to control myself.

  4. Hello! Puwede po ba isabay yung rejuvenating set at yung Advanced Moisturizing and Hydrating Kit? Kc humahapdi sa mukha kong may acne ang rejuv set at naisipan kong gamitin ang Advanced Moisturizing and Hydrating Kit.

  5. Hello Po I’m currently using greenika maintenance set Po, but naglabasan tiny pimples ko natatakot Ako, 3 days ko pang Po paggamit. Okay lang ba to o kailangan ko munang e stop? Natatakot na Po Ako may acne marks Kasi Ako na gusto ko Ng mawala kaya lang bumalik Yung tiny pimples ko Nung gumamit Ako Ng new skincare nato…I need help and advice Po

  6. Hello nag use ako ng fairy skin pero nagka tiny bumps ako. Nag switch ako sa Clarity essentials currently using their rejuv set (color green) however, napansin ko na dumami yun active pimps ko, should i continue po?

  7. Hello ung akin Po gumagamit Po Ako Ng skin magical set 3 kso parang dumadami Po ung pimples ko itutuloy kopa parin ba ung pag gmit neto , salamat po

  8. hi i used na po nang rejuv for almost 3 weeks but still may pimples po ako pakkatpos ko po nang 1 or 2 pimples meron na namn and minsan po alternate naq nag ttoner and nag aaply nang tretinoin ng brilliant its ok po ba . mattagal po ba itong pimples ko na dati ay paisa isa lang now pag kkatapos nang 1 to 2 pimples meron na namn

  9. Hello first time ko pong gumamit ng brilliant rejuv set okay namn sakin kaya Lang Pag nag heel Yong unang pimples may tumutubo na namn can u help me kung ituloy kopa ba Ito?

  10. Hello po, 3 weeks na po akong gumagamit ng brilliant rejuvenating set and mas lalo lng pong dumadami yung pimples ko, is it normal po o mag stostop na po ako sa paggamit? Or do you have any suggestions?

  11. Hi po im using beauty vault whitening and maintenance set for almost 2 weeks that nagkaroon po ako ng maliliit na pimples mag o one napo ako today sa pag gamit at mas dumami papo sila ano po dapat ko gawin?

  12. Hi I’m cathy. Im using my rejuv set for 2 weeks now. Napansin kong nagiging red na yung whole face ko at dumami lalo ang pimples ko. Mahapdi na din po ang balat kahit dab dab lang ginagawa ko sa toner. Should I stop using it?

  13. Hi I’m using the new toner and night cream of brilliant rejuvenating since i still have the sunscreen, i have a sensitive skin in less than a week yata nag purging na ako then it got worse since kinukukot ko nagstop ako now ksi nagkasugat ako sa gilid ng labi at sobrang hapdi nya for me, right now sobrang dami parin ng dead skin and micropeeling still kahit nagstop na ako ng maybe 4 days now should i still continue :'(

  14. Hello. I’m using the Beauty love rejuvenating set and it’s already my 14th day and still wala pa din tigil yung pagtubo ng mga pimples ko sa noo and chin areas. Do I need to continue using it? Thank you.

  15. Hello. I’m using the Beuaty love rejuvenating set and it’s already my 14th day and still wala pa din tigil yung pagtubo ng mga pimples ko sa noo and chin areas. Do I need to continue using it? Thank you.

  16. Normal lang po ba na hindi nagpepeel yung mukha ko po while using brilliant skin rejuv? I am using it for almost 2 weeks and nagkaroon rin po ako mga pimples. Itutuloy ko pa po ba?

  17. Hi this is charminne hmmm. Maybe im using rejuvenating set for about a month. Pero ganun pdin po nasa may chin areas ko. May tumutubo pdin na malalaking pimps. Then sa bandang cheeks po mejo ngbabaw na ang pimple marks ko pero may manakanakang pimples pdin. Then sa forehead down po sa middle ng brows may mga maliliit na blackheads.

  18. Hello po, ask ko lang po if normal pa po ba yung state ng mukha ko. Pang 19th day ko na po of using Derma Facial Set ng Fairy Skin pero may tumutubo pa pong mga pimples and going back po sa Day 1 mas dumami pa po yung tumutubong pimples sa may left cheek ko po which is not my prone area at nagl-leave po siya ng marks. Normal pa po a toh or kailngan ko na pong itigil?

      1. May napanuod po ako na mga videos about skin purging and sabi po dun hindi po nagleleave ng marks yung pimples kapag purging po yung nangyayari. Pero in my case napansin ko po na nagleleave po siya ng marks.

        1. Pein,
          Well, not always. Purging occurs when you use rejuvenating set as the set speeds up cell turnover. In other words, the pimples that were invisible under your skin would surface. These pimples should disappear as well, but sometimes, it would leave marks.

  19. Hi, ask ko lang po, after 4 days po natapos na po ung peeling. Ngayon po is parang dumadami ung pimples ko around cheek going down the chin from right to left chin. Should I stop po or continue?

    Salamat po

      1. Hi po ! I’m using beauty vault rejuv set then mag 1 month na po ako sa dec. 12 but may pimples pa din po ako sa left cheek ko lang po tsaka iilan po sa chin , normal pa rin po ba yon ?

          1. Hi, I’m using classic beauty rejuv po for a week. Tapos na po yung peeling pero makati pa rin po then parang may small bumps pa rin po sa T-zone and cheeks ko po. Should I continue using it po or stop?

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