November 18, 2020 What Will Happen If I Stop Using Rejuvenating Set?

What Will Happen If I Stop Using Rejuvenating Set?

What will happen if I stop using rejuvenating set? Will the good effects of rejuvenating set fade away? We receive these questions from our clients very often. The simple answer is no and yes! If you protect your skin and moisturize it as always, you will keep the good effects of using rejuvenating set.

We break down the key culprits that may speed up the loss of the good effects of using rejuvenating set:

Sun exposure, pollution, make-up and dehydration can speed up the loss of the good effects of using rejuvenating set and worsen the appearance of acne breakouts, oily skin and acne scars. Here’s why:


UV Rays

UV Rays

UV radiation dehydrates skin, causing it to over-produce oil – so skin ends up even oilier. The sun’s UVB rays also cause sunburn and peeling, which generate excess dead skin cells. Excess oil and dead skin cells are two of the main factors that contribute to acne. Together, they clog follicles (pores), increasing the chances of breaking out.

UV rays can make your skin darker because skin tissue is highly sensitive to sunlight after using rejuvenating set. Darkening is the skin’s way of protecting itself from further damage.



Airborne pollution also leads to skin dehydration and excess oil production, as well as inflammation, which may ends up in losing the good effects of using rejuvenating set. Studies show that oily skin and acne increase with pollution, and that the effects of pollution may be even worse with UV exposure.

Pore-Clogging Makeup

Pore-Clogging Makeup

Going to bed with make-up on, or applying make-up over make-up from the day before, contributes to losing the good effects of using rejuvenating set. This can lead to many tiny bumps (whiteheads) on the cheeks, chin, lips, or forehead.



Not only is skin dehydration caused by UV rays and pollution, it’s also caused by lifestyle habits like over-exfoliating and taking hot showers. These habits can compromise the skin’s naturally protective outer layer, which is responsible for keeping moisture in.

To help protect your skin against all of the above, apply sunblock cream and moisturizer every day. Sunblock cream and moisturizer provide a long-lasting matte finish while countering the dehydrating effects of environmental stress and stopping oil-based make-up from clogging pores.

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99 thoughts on “What Will Happen If I Stop Using Rejuvenating Set?

  1. I’ve been using the Rejuvenating Set for a few months now and I have to say, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my skin’s texture and tone. I’m definitely considering stopping the use of it to see if my skin continues to improve. Anybody else have any experiences with this? 😮

  2. can i use cetaphil after using the rejuvinating set? i used it for just a week and the results seems fine, but it is still peeling, my skin is so dry, can i stop and use just cetaphil?

  3. I’ve been using rejuvenating set for a month now and I need to stop using it soon. Can I still use the soap from the rejuvenating set for the next month as my everyday face cleanser?

  4. This rejuvenating set sounds like it could help me achieve a more youthful appearance, but I’m curious to know what would happen if I stopped using it. Would my skin revert back to its previous state or would the effects be long-lasting?

  5. Hi I want to stop rejuvenate set which I used only for 5 days because it’s irritated my skin and with bumpy redness pls advise

    1. Hello Vangie,

      I understand your concern. It’s true that some people may experience initial side effects when using rejuvenating sets, but their skin may improve with continued use. However, if you’re experiencing severe irritation and redness, it’s essential to prioritize your skin’s health and stop using the product. Gradually discontinuing its use is a good approach.

      For additional tips on how to handle such situations and care for your skin, you can refer to the following article: How to Stop Skin Rejuvenating Set

      Remember, everyone’s skin is different, and what works for some may not work for others. Always listen to your skin’s signals and adjust your skincare routine accordingly.

      Rejuvenating Sets
      While you’re here, check out: Rejuvenating Sets For Sensitive Skin, Teenagers, Pregnant And Breastfeeding Women

  6. Nag gamit na po ako yr ago ng rejuv. Pero nag stop po ako. Nagkapimples po uli ako, and ilang beses na po akong nagtry ng ilang rejuv. Pero parang wala napong effect sa balat ko. Ano pong gagawin ko?

  7. Hi! Good Day! I’ve only been using rejuv sets for 2 days then the result is heavy peeling and some dark where can I feel like compressing my skin. I stop using it for today then only apply warm or luke water. Was it normal? How can i resolve this issue?

  8. Hi,
    I have been using the rejuv set for many years, but I stopped using it last year due to irritation and worsening melasma. Then I switch to the milder product. I am now planning on re-using the rejuv set, since its results are incomparable or unbeatable. Can I re-use it and will my melasma be okay? Im 42 years old.

  9. Hi ask lang po if normal ba na di magpeel ng sobra, sobrang konti lang yung pagpeel nya and 3 weeks na ako nagrerejuv and normal lang din ba po yung may lumalabas na marameng maliliit na parang pimple? I’m using fairy skin derma set

    1. Hello ma’am!
      It is okey I stop the rejuv toner?I use only the soap,rejuv.cream and suncream.
      I stop toner already,10 days to use and 4 days only I use the toner

  10. Hello! Ive been using a rejuv set for 2 weeks is it okay if i stop for a while (maybe a week or so) and then resume nalang after? because i have to go out and run some errands and i don’t like to look flakey and dry out in public

  11. Hi po . I just stopped using dr alvins rejuv set (used it for only 6 days) . Nasa peeling stage pa po yung face and neck ko. Ano po pwede ko gawin o gamitin para mawala yung pag ppeel? preggy po kaya di pwede mag continue ng alvins rejuv.

  12. hi!almost two weeks ko na po ako nagrerejuv set and gusto ko na siya istop kasi may pinapagamit saking yung fam ko,ok lang po kaya yon istop ko siya kahit naeexpose ako sa sun?

    1. Good afternoon.Nagstop napo ako gumamit ng rejuvinating toner and cream on the 5th and 6th day,namaga po kasi mata at face ko.Nagkaroon po ako ng blister na parang butlig butlig na red,just like bungang araw, especially sa leeg po.Soap and sunscream lang po.
      ang ginagamit ko.Pwde po na stop kuna ang paggagamit ng toner and cream,hindi po yata hiyang sa akin, sobrang tapang po kasi .
      Pwede po ba na magshift ako ng Brilliant Advanced Mosturizing and Hydrating kit,for sensitive skin po yata ito, and mild lang po ang effect niya.
      Pareply po pls.

  13. Hi i have a question. I’ve been using rejuv set maintenance for the past months then ngstop ako at gumamit na ako ng ibang skin care so far maganda nmn kaso ngkapimples ako . So im trying to use it again pero pede ba un na mga 2x a week lng ako mggamit like sat-sun tapos mon-fri is ung skincare ko tlga? Thank you sa response

      1. Please help me i cant continue it anymore i have low pain tolerance i cant endure the pain anymore its been 6 days from now i want to stop is there any chance that my face can fix and normal again what can i use thank you

  14. Hello! I used a rejuvenating set for the first time in December, when I started to use it. I stopped using it when it was January, but I used it again in the middle of January. 3 days after using it, I was literally exposed to the sun, so I’ve suffered skin irritation. My cheeks literally turn red, so I immediately stop using it and cool my face down with the help of ice and mild Kojic San soap. After two weeks, I guess? I used Garnier and Eskinol. It actually saved my face from redness. I’m not sure if that was 5 months ago or 4. And now I’m planning to use rejuvenating again. Is it OK? I just want to remove the little dark spot and the dark skin on the left of my cheeks. Is it OK? I’m just 17 years old, by the way. 

  15. Hi I’m using the rejuvenating set two times. My skin reacts on the first apply immediately. My skin gets red and tighten. So in the third time i mix the rejuvenating toner to maxipeel cleanser. Is it okay to stop the using the night cream ? For now I’m going to continue using the soap, sunblock and toner mixing with maxipeel cleanser.

      1. Oh my God.. why? Is it bad mixing them? I already used the mixing 2 time. Or should i stop it?

  16. hi po!
    can i stop using a rejuvenating set after 3 days? but my skin is in a peeling stage and am uncomfortable about it. what will i do?

      1. I think the uncomfortable part is the soap not the cream me its been 6 days peeling stage like its glowing. And its so kind hurt the part of the soap not the cream

  17. Hi i am using rejuvenating set for a week now and last night after washing my face with soap, the side of my face in the upper cheeks feels like burning and because of the I stop putting toner and night cream since i am afraid if the burning side of my face will get worst. But for this morning I wash my face with water only and i only use the sunblock itself. Am I doing it right? Since i am planning to stop using it. What should I use now?

      1. Can you explain po why stop the toner and cream. The hurting part was the soap po. I badly need an advise

  18. Hi. I exposed my face on sunlight while using rejuvenating set. After that my skin become darker and so dry even after 1 week. Any advice? Thank You!

  19. Hi po, I’m planning to stop using my rejuv set after using it for 2 weeks. Will it be okay po? What can I use after po? I don’t want to use a maintenance set. Is it okay to use moisturizer and sunblock only? Or should I need to use a soap and a toner pa po? And I’m planning to use tinted sunscreen after a week of stopping kasi po may event, okay lang din po ba?

      1. Hi. I exposed my face on sunlight while using rejuvenating set. After that my skin become darker and so dry even after 1 week. Any advice? Thank You!

  20. Hi , i stopped using rejuv set first time ko magrejuv and sobrang dry and flaky na ng skin ko , nagapply ako ng celeteque moisturizer but biglang kumati mukha ko , maibabalik pa po ba sa dati balat ko ?

  21. Hi , i stop using belo essential rejuv set , after 9days of using , ang super dry and flaky na ng face ko , ano po dapat gamitin ?

  22. Hanggang kailan po kaya magiging rough and flaky and dry ng face ko? I only use rejuvenating set for one week then stop. I am not using anything, just safeguard soap and water since we don’t have money to buy moisturizer and sunblock.

  23. hi i am 16 years old. Nagtatighten po ang mukha ko at super rough na po. Gumagamit po ako ng hello glow advance rejuvenating set and pang one week q lang then nagstop na ako gumamit. Kaso ang rough po ng mukha ko. Maibabalik pa po ba kaya to sa dati? Ano pong pwedeng gawin para mabalik sa dati ang skin ko po? Bata pa po kasi ako kaya Pinapatigil na akong gumamit nito.

      1. Mababalik po ba sa normal ang skin ko kahit na sabon lang ang gamit ko? I mean yung sabon na pangligo like safeguard?

  24. Hi I stopped using rejuv set. Can i ask if i can use sunscreen and moisturizer immediately? Or should i wait 2 weeks?

  25. Its ok not to use the toner and the night cream i feel reness everytime i use it and the pain it worts every time i use cream and toner

  26. I already use rejuvenating set for a month. And I use it again after few days as large pimples came out. I only put the bleaching cream directly to my pimples. Is it okay?

  27. hi
    i am 44yrs. and i have oily skin with acne on my chin and cheek only. is it good to use rejuvenating facial set fro my skin.

          1. Hi good day. I just wanna ask some advice po, Currently on my 5th day of using Rejuvenating facial set. 1st time user po but then may sudden plan kmi na mag dagat to celebrate a bday this coming Nov15, any advice po on how I’m going to take care my skin to prevent from any sunburn? Worried lng kase I don’t have any idea ano ang best gawin pra di masunog face ko. May need ba akong i-stop sa rejuv set? Hopefully masagot. Thank u & Godbless~~

            1. Hi Angel,
              Try to avoid exposing the sun as much as possible. You should also apply the sunblock 30 minutes before exposing to sun. Besides, you need to renew applying the sunblock every two hours.

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  29. I am 49 and in need of anti-aging products (mostly sagginess in the neck and around the mouth area) BUT I have very oily and acne-prone skin. Should I use the Soft Cream in the a.m. and p.m.? I wonder if the Supreme Cream might be too heavy and pore-clogging for my skin. I ve been using BC s Clear Pore Cleanser for several months now. Thanks!

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