October 21, 2020 Money Soap with Real Cash Inside Goes Viral on TikTok

Money Soap with Real Cash Inside Goes Viral on TikTok

Money soap with real cash makes a viral thread on TikTok this week. Seldom you may get the chance to find real money inside a bar of soap. This is possible as you can buy a novelty money soap online as a gift to surprise family or friends.

Anyone Who Buys The Bar Gets a Chance

Anyone who buys the bar gets the chance for real cash like $1, $5, $10, and even $50 as the money soap jackpot price.

Recently, a young man named Michael bought a money soap and created a video out of it. He published the video on TikTok and went viral with over 20 million views.

The video showed Michael and his friend took two money bars and ran them under a sink faucet in the bathroom. As the soap becomes soft and comes in half, a small plastic emerges with real bills inside.

   @_mmallach123 This is so worth it ##moneysoap  ♬ Billionaire (Made Famous by Travie McCoy feat. Bruno Mars) – Ringtone Masters

The two friends opened the small bags; one bag had a 10 dollar bill while the other had a 50 dollar bill.
People got surprised by the fast money soap. Others shared their experience of getting the money soap during Christmas and as gifts.

“Where did you get this?”, Rudi on TikTok.

“I get them every year for Christmas and every single year I only get a dollar,” Hannah on TikTok.

“Finally a soap that motivates humans to wash their hands properly,” Ben on TikTok.

Novelty money soap is available to purchase online. On Amazon, the money soap coast $15 each. However, others might get doubtful to spend money on buying the money soap. The risk of getting the $1 is possible, as nobody knows the exact amount you get on each piece.

Novelty Money Soap with Real Cash Inside Goes Viral on TikTok

The money bar on the video is from an American-made product New Hampshire Novelty. The company is a family-owned business, and they promote fun, real money as a gift, and all products made from the US.

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