October 9, 2020 6 Trendy Acrylic Nail Designs You Must Try Before the Year Ends

6 Trendy Acrylic Nail Designs You Must Try Before the Year Ends

The most requested acrylic nail designs of 2020 give women different shapes and nail-art trends to choose from. Acrylic designs make nails more innovative, trendy, stunning when matched with a stylish dress and accessories.

Here are the most requested acrylic nail designs of 2020 in many salons since they have re-opened. There are various ways to change your fingernails when you have acrylics.

(Photo: Tiko Giorgadze on Unsplash)
6 Most Requested Acrylic Nail Designs of 2020 You Need to Know

1. Baby Boomer

Take a look at a gorgeous shot of baby boomer acrylic by London-based nail artist Imarni Nails.

Baby boomer design has a twist on the classic French tips with white, pink-frosted nails. Jade Tang, a nail artist, explained to Refinery that ombre design actually dates back to the 1940s (the baby boomer years). Baby boomer acrylic nails have a timeless and elegant look that is kind of romantic whenever a woman wears it. Baby boomer nails with glitter is also an added design for a sparkling twist.

2. Cloud Nails

Boston-based nail salon Paragon Nails shared a photo for cloud nail acrylic.

Cloud nail art is another subtle design that can be seen on Instagram. Cloud nail design is dreamy, whimsical swirls of white and with coffin-shaped acrylics. Creating the cloud nail acrylic is like getting inspiration from the sky on a summer day. This type of acrylic nail design has been a hot trend and works for all nail shapes.

3. Animal Print

The U.K.-based salon gets Nailed Bristol shared their cowhide French tip.

Animal print acrylic nails work out mostly on shorter nails but can elevate by adding gel extensions. This type of acrylic nail is also called brown cowhide spots, more with emphasis on cow animal prints. Some people make leopard acrylic nail designs for a fierce look.

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