June 22, 2019 What is Skin Rejuvenating Set And How It Will Help You?

What is Skin Rejuvenating Set And How It Will Help You?

A Skin Rejuvenating Set is a set of skincare products that work creatively together to treat skin concerns such as dark skin, acne, pimples, dark spots, discoloration and hyper-pigmentation. You can find in rejuvenatingsets.com several brands of rejuvenating sets, such as, Rejuvenating Sets By Dr Alvin, Skin Magical Rejuvenating Sets, Brilliant Rejuvenating Sets, Fairy Skin Derma Sets, Skin Perfection Rejuvenating Sets and more. In Rejuvenatingsets.com, you can find your favorite skin rejuvenating set or we can recommend for you the set that best fits your skin type and skin issue.

What Products Does Skin Rejuvenating Set Contain?

In most cases, rejuvenating sets contain four products (some sets may contain more variants) which are:

1-Whitening/Micro peeling Soap: for micro peeling and cleansing.

2-Rejuvenating Toner: for deep cleansing and exfoliating dead skin.

3-Rejuvenating Cream: for whitening and moisturizing

4- Sunblock Cream/Gel: to protect skin against harmful sun rays and heat especially throughout the treatment process.

Who Should Use The Rejuvenating Sets

People who:

  • Want to whiten their skin.
  • Want glowing skin.
  • Have clogged pores.
  • Want to tighten their pores.
  • Have pimples and want to dry them fast.
  • Have pimple marks.
  • Want to keep their skin blemish free.
  • Have wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Want to treat hyper pigmentation and discoloration.
  • Do not like visiting dermatologists.
  • Visited Dermatologists but did not work for them.
  • Are on the go and looking for a solution for their skin concerns.

Side Effects of The Rejuvenating Sets

  1. Peeling 

    Definitely expect some skin peeling, if not a lot. Skin peeling gets rid of dull, damaged skin so the smooth, new skin underneath can be revealed.
    Some people find the peeling a bit much, in this case, take a 1-2 day break from using the toner , even if you’re in the middle of using it. You will find that your skin will peel more after you’ve stopped. On these days, wash your face with only cool or lukewarm water (no soap or facial cleansers), gently rub your face to remove the peeling skin. After doing this for 1-2 days, your skin will peel less.
  2. Redness

    Many people complain about extreme redness. It is a lot like a chemical peel, hence, peeling and redness are very common to happen. If you feel that the redness is a bit too much, stop applying 1-2 days. You should also ALWAYS apply plenty of sunblock to prevent skin burning from the hot sun.

  3. Skin stinging while applying toner or creams

    A technique to decrease the stinging is to space the washing and the application at least 2 hours apart. Wash your face right away after going home from work around mid afternoon and then apply Rejuvenating Facial Toner plus Bleaching Cream before going to bed at night.
    This gap between washing and application will give your skin time to resupply some of the oils lost from washing and so the oils help in reducing the stinging by reducing your skin’s dryness . Main point – your skin stings from applying toner because it gets too dry! Allow your skin to produce oils long enough to soothe your skin.
  4. Break outs

    Rejuvenating Facial set will cause some acne to come out during the first few weeks. This is because it is going deep inside the pores to take underlying impurities out. Once the acne surfaces, Rejuvenating Facial Toner and bleaching cream will dry them up pretty quickly. Keep using the set on your pimples. DO NOT STOP. If you stop when pimples surface you will find that they will stay visible on your skin longer than if you continue to use. If you have problems of redness and peeling at the same time as breakouts and want to take a 1-2 day break, using a cotton tip applicator, apply rejuvenating toner and creams to the acne areas. This method will dry up the pimples and allow the unaffected areas to resupply oils lost from dryness.

Rejuvenating Sets Purpose and Benefit

Benefits of rejuvenating sets
Benefits of rejuvenating sets

Rejuvenating Facial Set is developed mainly for the treatment and prevention of acne (blackheads, whiteheads and pimples). It works well for other skin problems too, such as:

  1. Dark patches
  2. Skin tags 
    WARNING: Do not apply rejuvenating cream too close to your eyes or mouth. It may be harmful.
  3. Big pores
  4. Sagging skin – Just apply lots of a high SPF moisturizer to deal with the dryness. This is the main reason why I advise to rub rejuvenating cream in an upwards motion, to push the skin up and give yourself a small face-lift.
  5. Acne scars – No matter how big or disgusting your pimple looks, NEVER POP YOUR ZITS! If you do, you will be left with deep scars for a long time. The good thing is, Rejuvenating Facial Set peels away layers of dead, dull skin, thus making the scars shallower. 

In the end, if you need more help, leave a comment below or contact us directly through our Facebook page; Rejuvenating Sets.

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894 thoughts on “What is Skin Rejuvenating Set And How It Will Help You?

  1. Hi po. Just wanted to ask lang po if normal pa po ba yong hindi mo pa nakikitaan ng improvement yong skin mo kahit na you’re in 5 days na using Brilliant Rejuvenating Set, actually po nag pipeel naman siya at tsaka po hindi ko akong masyadong nakaka feel ng hapdi tska hndi po siya gaanung humahapdi. Sana po masagot niyo.

      1. Hi! Ask ko lang po if pwedeng mag rejuv uli? Gumamit po ako March 3rd week then tinapos ko po May 3rd week. Bale halos 2 months po pero yung 1st month po is hindi po siya everyday kaya tinuloy ko po hanggang 2nd month kasi patuloy pa rin po pagtubo ng pimples ko. Nag rest po ako nitong June. Pwede po ba ulit ako gumamit nitong July? For a month lang sana. Tumubo po kasi mga acnes ko, hindi na po siya pimples. Thank you!

      2. Hi po, normal lang po ba mag darken yung face while using rejuvenating set? 3rd day ko na po tas napapansin ko parang umiitim mukha ko :<

  2. hi po. i used dr. alvin rejuvinating set since feb 2022. then after 1month i used dr. alvin maintenance set. pero parang hindi umapekto sa face ko. so i start again using dr. alvin rejuvinating set kc hindi pa natanggal ang mga dark spots sa face ko. kuminis lng ang face ko pero hindi natanggal ang mga dark spots ko at hindi pa pumuti at mas naging oily pa. stop ko n po ba paggamit ng dr. alvin kasi hindi hiyang sa mukha ko?

  3. hi po. i used dr. alvin rejuvinating set since feb 2022. then after 1month i used dr. alvin maintenance set. pero parang hindi umapekto sa face ko. so i start again using dr. alvin rejuvinating set kc hindi pa natanggal ang mga dark spots sa face ko. kuminis lng ang face ko pero hindi natanggal ang mga dark spots ko at hindi pa pumuti. stop ko n po ba paggamit ng dr. alvin kasi hindi hiyang sa mukha ko?

      1. Hi po. Just wanted to ask lang if normal lang ba na di pa siya makikitaan ng improvement yung face ko kahit I’m on my five days na using Brilliant Rejuvenating set, nag pipeel naman po siya pero yung face ko po kasi parang ganun parin. Do I need to continue using pa din po ba?

        1. Is it okay na balatan yung mga namamalat? Kasi ginagawa ko po ehh. 7th day na po akong gumagamit ng rejuv set. And okay lang ba na tanghali ako mag lagay ng toner and cream instead of morning?

  4. Hi po, ask ko lang po bakit po hindi namamalat yung mukha ko pero mahapdi?, pang 7th day ko na sa paggamit ng rejuv, need ko po ba magpalit ng ibang brand ng rejuv?

      1. Hello po ask ko lng po ano pong gagawin pag nagka scar po sa face and also po sa neck habang gumagamit ng brilliant skin? Hindi kopo alam kung nakamot kopo sya kasi pag gising kopo galing sa tulog eh may sugat po ako sa leeg.

  5. hi i’ve been using brilliant rejuv set for almost 1month and i stop using for 4days na and nag use ulit ako now then may mga little pimples lumalabas and nag pepeel paren skin ko any advice po

  6. Hello Rejuvenating Sets, I’m currently using your product and I love it in the first three days, but after one week, sobrang kati, hapi at may tumutubong parang pimples, is there anything I can do to lessen my condition?

    1. parehas din sakin pero nag stop muna ako ng 2 days ang nilalagay ko lang is cream and sun cream yun lang sobrang hapdi kasi at namamalat na

      1. Hello po. Gumamit po ako ng perfect skin and pang 6days ko na po pero namamalat at nagdry tapos makati po siya ano po dapat gawin?

  7. Hello po one month napo akong gumagamit ng rejuv set pero yung mga maliliit kung pimples sa mukha na parang purging hindi parin po naaalis ano pong dapat kong gawin?

  8. Hello po one month napo akong gumagamit ng rejuv set pero yung purging po sa face ko is still andito padin ano pong dapat ko gawin? Ok lang poba na 2 months ko gamitin yung rejuv set?

  9. Pano po ba malalaman if purging po or breakout ang nangyayari sa face mo? Madami po kasing maliliit na pimples ang nag show up sa face ko while using rejuv set

  10. hello po nakagamit na po ako ng 2 sets of rejuvenating set, okay lang po ba na gumamit uli ako ng isa pang set? madami kasing naglabasan ulit na maliliit na pimples sa mukha ko gusto ko sana uli mawala

  11. Hello po almost one month napo akong gumagamit ng rejuv set pero hanggang ngayon hindi parin naaalis yung mga pimples ko at nagkaroon papo ako ng maliliit na pimples ano pong dapat kong gawin? Mag stop napo bakong mag use ng rejuv set mag month napo ako next week

  12. Pwede po ba gumamit ng rejuvenating ulit every after 6 months pagkatapos ko po gumamit ng maintenance set?

  13. Hello po nong 2 weeks pa po akong gumamit ng rejuv set nag karoon ako ng maliliit na pimples then almost 3 weeks napo ngayon at hindi pa po siya naaalis sa face ko visible papo siya ano pong dapat ko gawin?

      1. Hello i just want to ask my reju toner is sold out it’s just 15 days now what can i do? I mean can i use still the cream even i dont use toner anymore because my toner is gone… i cant buy m from pakistan

  14. Hi po malapit napo akong two weeks na gumagamit ng rejuv set pero parang dumadami yung pimples ko at namumula na nangingitim ang face ko at hindi pa po siya nag pepeel ano pong dapat ko gawin?

  15. Hi po bakit po ang tagal mag peel ng skin sa face ko almost one week napo akong gumagamit ng rejuv set atsaka po yung sa may bandang may pimples po ako may parang cellophane ano pong dapat ko gawin

      1. Can i use sheet mask while using rejuvenating set? If yes, can i use it right after applying toner or after applying the cream? Thank you

  16. Hello one week napo akong gumagamit ng rejuv set pero hindi pa po siya nag pepeel at nangingitim po ang mukha ko normal pobato? Ano po dapat kong gawin?

    1. Hi Laila,
      When it will peel, the darkening will subside. The darkening could be from redness which is a normal skin reaction especially if you’re a first time user. Please apply the toner with one to two drops gently in upward circular motions. Don’t rub the cotton too hard on your skin. Be sure the cotton ball is also not very wet. Also to put Sun Protection 30 mins before going out and avoid direct sun exposure. Re-apply after 2 hours.

    1. Charrie,
      Yes. The soap and toner contribute to this burning feeling. If it is over, limit the use of the toner only at night. In addition, when you use the soap, don’t leave it on the skin for long time.

  17. Hello po normal pobang magkaroon ng maliliit na pimples sa mukha while using rejuv set? Maaalis din pobato?

          1. If the peeling doesn’t visible So still this kit will do its work? without peeling can achieve clear glass skin? Bcz i have brown spots and freckle on my face

            1. The peeling in general is light. Don’t you think that it’ll slough away all your old skin!
              Keep using until One month. This is the only way that you can know if this Set works for you or not.

  18. Hi po normal lang po ba na mangitim ang mukha while using rejuvenating set atsaka po 4 days napo akong gumagamit n rejuv set pero hindi pa po siya nag pepeel normal din po ba yun?

    1. Hi Maylene,
      When it will peel, the darkening will subside. The darkening could be from redness which is a normal skin reaction especially if you’re a first time user. Please apply the toner with one to two drops gently in upward circular motions. Don’t rub the cotton too hard on your skin. Be sure the cotton ball is also not very wet. Also to put Sun Protection 30 mins before going out and avoid direct sun exposure. Re-apply after 2 hours.

      1. hello po nakagamit na po ako ng 2 sets of rejuvenating set, okay lang po ba na gumamit uli ako ng isa pang set? madami kasing naglabasan ulit na maliliit na pimples sa mukha ko gusto ko sana uli mawala

  19. hello po Beautywise rejuv set po ginamit ko pwede pobang iba brand yung gamiting kong pang maintainance?

  20. Hi po
    Dati napo akong gumamit ng rejuv set ng beautywise kaso po tumigil ako sa pag gamit niyo dahil nangitim yung mukha ko tsaka sa neck ko naman po ganon din na makati
    Pwede parin po ba akong gumamit ng rejuv set nayun ulit? At ano po ang dapat kong gawin para hindi na mangitim at mangati yung sa neck area

    Thank you po

  21. Hello po pwede pobang 2 sets ng maintance set ang gagamit ko sa loob ng 1 month? Kasi po mabilis siyang maubus

    1. i want clear skin.. brown spots on my face and freckles on the nose Please tell me a good product Due to which the face becomes completely clean and color white…which suits all skin types….my skin is thin

  22. Hi I would like to ask if when should I apply these rejuvenating steps, day and night po ba? Then during the process, bawal po mag make-up?

  23. Is it okay po to use another set of maintenance like poreless set of ryx skin even though i used skin perfection glowing set?

  24. Hi..kakabili ko lang po ng rejuvenating set kaya nag skin test muna ako and after 24 hours po biglang namula at nangati yung sa part na nilagyan ko ng rejuvenating cream and yung sa soap po. Yung toner and sunscreen is okay naman po. Ano po yung dapat kong gawin pag ganito?

      1. I’ve done 3 skin tests na po (sa forearm right and left then sa likod po ng ear ko), pero ganun parin. Namamaga po and medyo namamanhid yung skin ko po.

  25. hello, im using rejuv set for 1 week now. normally , im using alpha arbutin,Vitamin c serum, hyaluronic acid AH/BHA in my daily skincare routine. Pwede ko ba e incorporate those product mention above using rejuv set?

  26. hi pwede po mag ask normal lang po ba na di pantay color ng face may part na maputi tas may part na normal skin tone lang po. 1month na po ako gumagit ng tomato rejuv ng brilliant. sana po manotice :(( thankyou

  27. I’ve been using a rejuv set for 2 months and planning to use another brand of rejuv set. How long should i rest my face before using another brand of rejuv set?

    1. what if i stop using brilliant skin rejuvenating set and i want to use other products?
      how many days or week do i have to rest?

      1. Is it okay to use rejuvenating set after I stopped using exfoliating facial wash specifically celeteque hydration gentle exfoliating facial wash?

  28. Normal lang po ba mag breakout while using skynlab sakin po kasi nag breakout pimples ko hindi nag peel yung balat sa mukha ko

      1. Hi I’m using rejuv set now, and habang tulog ako di ko napansin na nakamot ko face ko ano po ba pwedeng gawin??

  29. Hi po, I’ve been using this rejuvenating set for three weeks already. I have an oily face. Nag peel lang ng saglit yung face ko tapos yung mga pimples na tuyo na, nadadagdagan ulit ng bago. Normal lang po ba ito?

  30. Hello po
    Tapos na po ako magrejuv & naka 1 week rest na den po ako ask ko lang po if kailan po pwede gumamit ng mga exfoliating scrub?
    And,, mag-eye brow threading po?

    1. hi! ive been usint a rejuvenating set for 1 month and i planning to use another brand of rejuvenating set, how many weeks should i rest my face before using another brand of rejuvenating set?

  31. Hi po, ask ko lang po if okay lang po ba maglagay ng vicks if may pantal sa face po while using rejuv? Nagkaroon po kasi ako pantal feeling ko po parang kagat ng langgam hehe.

    1. Hi po,
      Don’t use Vicks while using rejuvenating set. It might cause more irritation. You can stop using the rejuvenating toner and cream for couple day and use only soap and sunblock cream. Or you can use the sunblock only for couple days and wash your face with barely lukewarm water.

  32. Hi po. 19 yrs old po.
    Kakatapos ko lang po magrejuv, okay lang po ba na gumamit ng mga may vitamin c na soap/whitening soap after rejuv like yung sa Iwhite korea whitening facial wash?

  33. Hello po, patapos na po akong gumamit ng rejuvenating set.
    • Ask ko lang po if ilang months po ulit need gumamit?
    • Okay lang din po ba na irest for 3 days yung face then balik na po sa normal skincare routine?

      1. Ask ko lang po
        • Mga ilang months po ulit need magrejuv?
        • Okay lang din po ba balik magmake up po after irest yung face at makapabalik sa normal routine?

        1. 1- It depends on many factors such as the results you have got, your age, your skin type and your lifestyle. In general, you can use rejuvenating set only for one month then rest for a month or you can use rejuvenating set for two or three months in a row as I said, it depends on several factors.
          2- Yes you can.

          Read our article here for more info on your two questions: When Can I Use Rejuvenating Set Again?

  34. Nag mamaintenance na po sa mukha tapos po naligo po ako sa dagat at nainitan pwede po bang gagamit ulit ng rejuvenating set?

      1. Para po matanggal ulit yung dead skin cell dahil sa init? What if po nagmamaintenance po ako ngayon tapos bukas gagamit na ako ng rejuvenating ulit? Okay lng po ba yun?

  35. Hi po.
    Normal lang po ba na parang gumaspang yung mukha ko lalo na sa part na makati? Pangtatlong araw ko na pong gamit ngayon ng rejuvenating set. Part rin po ba to ng process? Mawawala lang ba to eventually after ilang weeks habang kinocontinue ang paggamit ng set? Sana makita niyo po ito. Salamat!

  36. Hi po? Tanong lng po. Balak kopo sana gamitin yung perfect skin rejuvinating kasi my mga pimples na nmn ako na tumubo.
    Kaso my binili po ako para sana sa maitenance ko na gagamitin, miracle toner,perfect skin sublock, luxe organic snail with aloe vera, garnier vitamin c serum, prestige kojic soap, kaso hndi kopo alam kung pano pag sunod sunorin ito gamitin ng tama. Sana nmn po ma advice nyo ako. Thank you

      1. Hi po tanong Lang po kung bakit po ganun yung nangyari sa skin ko po pang 4 days ko na po ngayon and yung muka ko after gumamit ng kojic soft medyo may mga part na namumula tas pag hinawakan ko po sobrang hapdi po??

  37. Hello po!
    I’ve been using a Rejuvenating set for 3 days and suddenly may nag-appear na mga bungang araw sa may cheeks down to jawline and neck , before it happens po pinagpawisan po ako masyado sa mukha. Should I stop for 3 days?

  38. Hello po
    Nag stop po kasi akong gumamit ng rejuvenating set kahit hindi pako umaabot ng 30 days kasi po parang hindi ako hiyang sa ginamit ko set magsugat sugat po kasi yung leeg ko tsaka face ko makati din po then nilagyan kupo ng aloe vera gel at suflur soap ang face at leeg ko para mag heal yung mga kati after po ilang days may mga maliliit na pimples po ang lumabas sa buong face ko ano po bng dapat kong gamit or gamitin para maalis to please help me po

    1. Hello po,
      Using rejuvenating set should be with cautious. Try to hydrate your skin more and more by applying soothing gel as you are doing now and drink plenty of water for a couple of weeks. Then use again rejuvenating set but with cautious. You can use the toner and rejuvenating cream gradually like two days for the first week then increase the times every week until you reach using the toner and cream every day.
      Read our article for more info: https://rejuvenatingsets.com/dos-and-donts-when-using-rejuvenating-set/

  39. Hi po
    Hindi po kasi ako hiyang sa ginamit kong rejuvenating set nangati po ako ng sobra dapat kuna po itong itigil kahit hindi pa natatapos ang 30 days

  40. Pagpoba sobra na ang kati at pamumula pati pangingitim ng leeg ko because of rejuvenating set ano po ba ang maganda gawin?

      1. Hi po. I’ve been using a rejuvenating set for almost 3 months. But then, hindi pa din nawawala yung mga pimples at pimple marks ko. Tapos mas dumami din po yung blackheads ko sa cheeks po :<

        1. Hi po,

          It’s recommended to use rejuvenating sets every month. You could use maintenance set after rejuvenating set and alternate between them like using rejuvenating set for a month then using maintenance set for the next month or even dont use any set and use only moisturizer and sunblock for the month after using rejuvenating set.

  41. Hello po. 3 week na po akong gumagamit ng brilliant rejuvenating set, ngayon po bumalik na naman sa pangangati tapos ngayon po ako magkaron ng parang maliliit na pimples. Nung mga nakaraang weeks naman, wala naman pong ganito. Is it normal po? Saka paubos na din po yung sunscreen and rejuvenating cream ko. Ano na po pwede and dapat kong gawin? Thank you po!

    1. Hello po,

      Most of the time to have these side effects at any time during the use of rejuvenating set is normal. You can also read our article on skin purging for more info.: https://rejuvenatingsets.com/purging-vs-breakouts-when-to-ditch-your-skincare/

      You have to get another sunblock cream. Using sunblock cream while rejuvenating your skin is essential and cannot be skipped a day. For rejuvenating cream, it’s ok to continue without it.

  42. Hi po, 1 week napo akong gumagamit ng SKIN PERFECTION REJUV SETS. Pwede pabang mag stop? At anong side effects nito? Kasi feeling ko yung sa may mata ko parang namamaga eh tsaka makati. Pero di pa naman tapos ang pag peeling. Pa advice po kung pwede at anong side effect.

  43. Hello po
    14 days na akong gumagamit ng rejuvenating set kaso paubus napo siya pwede papobang bumili ulit ng isa pang set kahit hindi pa umaabot ng 30 days?

      1. Ok lang po kahit ituloy ko ang pag gamit ng rwjuvenating set? 2 weeks napo kasi akong gumagamit ng beautywis rejuvenating set pero until now po medjo namumula parin po ang face ko then yung sa leeg ko namumula na maitim at makati

          1. 2 weeks palang po akong gumagamit ng rejuvenating set pero paubus napo yung set na binili ko pwede po ba akong bumili ulit ng isa pang set kahit hipa ako umaabot ng 30 days bali dalawang set ang magagamit ko sa loob ng 30 days?

    1. Hi,
      Some people carry on for more rejuvenating. Others will resume their previous skincare routine. The best way is to opt to maintenance set which is mild and will maintain the good results you achieved. After maintenance, you can go back to rejuvenating safely if you think your skin needs more rejuvenating.

  44. What if po nasunog ng mejo yung balat ko. Itutuloy ko paba or hndi na ? Baka kasi effect nya lang to. Thsnks sa sasagot

    1. Hello!
      Yes continue. No pain, no gain 😉
      Just try not to leave the soap on your skin for more than 20 secs and when you apply the toner, pat gently with the cotton and don’t rub hardly. You can also opt to use the toner and rejuvenating cream every other day until your skin gets used to it.

  45. I am using ryx starter kit, first time user po, good nman yung peeling effect nya though npapansin ko po yung swelling sa buong face ko

  46. Hello po. I used Brilliant skin for rejuv then nagstop ako last March, hindi po ako nagmaintenance set ng brilliant then ngayon po super nag breakout ang mga pimples ko. Mag rejuv po kaya ulit ako?? Thank you po for your response

  47. Hello po. ano po ba rejuv. set na maererecommend niyo for oily skin with pimple marks, dark spots and bumps po. Thank you.

    Additional question lng po. pwd po ba gumamit ng rejuv. set after maglagay ng ice sa muka pag gabi? Salamat po.

    1. Hello po!

      We cannot recommend a specific rejuvenating set for you. All available rejuvenating set are formulated to treat pimples, dark spots and bumps.
      For your second question, we don’t recommend using ice before or after using the rejuvenating set, however, use ice only when necessary.

  48. hi ask ko lang po if normal lang po yung pagkati ng mukha ko and after one week po dumami pimples ko hindi ko po alam kung dahil sa menstruation ko yon. What to do po?

  49. Hello po.. i hope you can see this po.. i used beauche 10 days na po.. Tpos na po ako magpeeling pero nangitim na medyo red red po mukha ko… And Napakahapdi po to the point na pag maghihilamos po ng soap, maglalalagay ng toner at exfolliating cream po eh nakakaiyak… My konti rin po ako padala-dalawa rin po nalabas na pimples sa leeg at face ko po.. should i stop po ba for days or totally discontinue ko na po??

  50. i am using skyn lab po, can i use the set twice consecutively? because my first set are nearly consumed and there are still peeling on my skin

  51. Hello poo. Ask ko lang po about sa brilliant k na underarm revitalizing. Okay lng po ba maglagay ng product sa kili kili kahit may buhok ito? O hindi po? Kailangan pa tanggalin bago lagyan ng product?? If ever nakalagay ng product sa kili kili kahit may buhok tapos i sha shave po? Okay lng po ba yun?

  52. Hi po, i’ve been using skin magical number 1 for almost 2 weeks and ive got about at least 5 pimples on each cheek area. I’m concerned kasi hindi pa po nagp-peel yung face ko. I also stopped using the rejuvenating cream and collagen cream all in all 3 days ago cause i think its a bit heavy for my face and its just overall blocking my pores. So im basically just using the soap, and the toner, and im using an aloe vera gel toner. What could be the reason as to why my face isnt peeling?? And do the creams have any significance in the peeling process or it is solely for moisturization??

  53. hi po! ask ko lang if pwede po bang gumamit ng clay mask or sheet mask in the middle of using a rejuv set? won’t it cause any side effects??

  54. Hi po, 5days na po akong gumagamit ng brilliant rejuv.set natural lang po ba na hanggang ngayon nagpipeel parin po siya, tska po parang may lumalabas po na peklat ng pimples dun sa bandang nagpipeel po sya. and everytime na nagtotoner ako sobrang hapdi po talaga and kahit gumamit ako ng rejuvinating facial cream mahapdi po pag nag aapply ako. natural lang po ba yon? or stop ko na po gumamit?

    1. Hello dear,

      Brilliant rejuvenating set is one of the strong sets. What you experience is normal and not normal. It depends on many factors.
      For your case, use the toner only at night, ie, once a day, until your skin gets used to it.
      Always remember, when using the toner, only dab with a cotton on the skin. Never wipe over.

  55. If nakagamit napo ng rejuvenating set sa face (skin perfection) po tapos okay nmn po yung resulta naging clear skin na tapos nag maintenance napo. After sa maintenance, pwede po ba gagamit ulit ng rejuvenating set sa face na ibang product na po yung gagamitin like brilliant skin?

  56. Hello. Magtatanong lng sana po akoo . After ko po gumamit ng skin perfection rejuvenating tapos nag maintenance na po ako yung skin glowing po 1 month pa po ako gumagamit. Pwede po ba mag change ng other pang maintenance po like sa brilliant skin po?

  57. Hi! Its my 4th day of using Dr. Skin rejuvenating Set. nagka peeling po ako since the other day up till now I accidentally rub parts of my face to clear some peeling. .namumula napo yung mukha ko ngayon. At medyo nakakaramdam ako nang hapdi ,everytime ginagamit ko ang product. patulong po, ano dapat gawin. Thank you

  58. Hi po. I’m using Brilliant Skin Rejuvenating set. I stopped using the toner for about 2 days na kasi sobrang hapdi na ng face ko. Ang ginagawa ko po, naglalagay ako ng moisturizer na jeju ice after toner kasi I thought malelessen pagiging matapang niya sa face, sensitive skin po kasi ako. Is that okay? Im witnessing red spots appearing on some parts of my face, natatakot po ako baka tigyawatin ako tapos hindi na matanggal, nagdadark po kasi acne marks ko due to sun exposure. First time ko po magtry ng ganito, takot po kasi talaga ako gumamit ng kung ano ano sa mukha ko.

    1. Hi
      As you have a sensitive skin, you shouldn’t use Brilliant rejuvenating set directly. You should’ve used a milder set. It’s not recommended to use moisturizer while using rejuvenating set as it will hamper the peeling process. You can use moisturizer after finishing up the set.
      As of now, use the toner only at night or every other day to let your skin gets used to it.

  59. Hi po! Ask Lang po if ok na magpalit nang rejuv set? I’m using prestige set malapit napong mag 1month matatapos na pero hindi parin nawawala yung pimple marks ko tsaka nagkakaroon parin po AKO Nang pimples. Itatry KO sana yung brilliant skin if ok po .btw I’m 22yrs old

  60. Hi po! Ask Lang po if ok na magpalit nang rejuv set? I’m using prestige set malapit napong mag 1month matatapos na pero hindi parin nawawala yung pimple marks ko tsaka nagkakaroon parin po AKO Nang pimples. Itatry KO sana yung brilliant skin if ok po .btw I’m 22yrs old

  61. Hello po. I am on my 3rd week using prestige rejuvenating set and everything was going fine until yesterday lang po, my cheeks started to get full of red bumps na parang naka rashes sya. It is so textured and feels disgusting. I don’t know if this is normal or if I should stop. Hindi ko alam kung ibig sabihin nito na hindi sya hiyang para sakin. The bumps aren’t painful at all. It’s just red, a bit itchy and textured. I’m also not sure if purging phase lang po ito. My skin is pretty sensitive but why am I getting these bump like rashes on my 3rd week and not from the 1st week which is what I found weird. I hope this is just normal and it is just a phase during rejuvenating. Kasi pag di hiyang talaga sakin, sayang time and effort. I’m so sad. I don’t know what to do. Please help me. Thank you!

  62. Hello po. gusto ko po sanang mag try gumamit ng rejuvenating sets kasi po in po siya nowadays. Actually, wala pa po akong ginagamit na mga skin csre products since then. dove soap po ginagamit ko for body and face separately. I have a brown complexion of skin. dark brown pero hindi po ganon ka dark. pwede po ba maka hingi ng advice sa inyo kung ano po ang magandang gamiting rejuv. sets for better skin complexion of my skin and para din po sa glass skin. hehe. And also, sa face ko naman po combination po siya. minsan oily minsan dry and there are some parts na oily tas yung ibang part hindi. hehehe

    I’m looking forward po to your response, thank you po <3 .

  63. Hi po ask ko lang kung ilang days irerest yung face bago gumamit ulet ng ibang products kase gamet ko brilliant pero wala padeng nagbabago sa face ko andun paden yung pimple marks and nagkakaron paden ako ng pimple 1months ko nang ginagamet ryx cleae bomb sana yung susubukan ko

  64. I am using skin magical set 1, medyo di ko pren kita effect in 14 days though ,ay mga peeling effect pero mauubos na sya bili prne ba ako ng set 1 or i level up ko na to set2?

  65. Hi sobrang hapdi na siya sa skin and sobrang red na yung face ko parang nasun burn. I should stop na pero is there anything to cool the burn down?

  66. Hello admin. Ask ko Lang po first time kopo kasing mag rejuv set(prestige) pang 4th day kona po ngayon grabe po yung pamamalat sa face ko makati po tsaka mahapdi at namumula parin po at parang mangingitim yung face ko

  67. Hi, is it ok to use prestige rejuvenating set if you have some wounds? Nascratch kasi ng pusa ko ung face ko.

  68. Hanggang ilang buwan po ba puedeng gamitin ang rejuvinating set? At tsaka ano po kayang pwedeng pang palit sa rejuv . Pag ok na sa resulta? Puede po ba ung Aloe gel?

  69. I just want to ask if pwede po bang palitan ng ibang toner ang isang rejuvenating set. Like po perfect skin yung gamit kung cream pero sa brilliant po yung gamit kong toner. Pwede lang po ba yun?

  70. hi po im using ten years younger 4th day ko na po para pong nasusunog ung balat ko kasi po sobrang itim nya na sunod po nagpepeel na po ung nose, cheeks ko and ung gilid po ng lips ko pinakamaitim po ay ung noo ko hindi naman po sya nagpepeel ano po gagawin ko? normal po ba to?

  71. hi! I’m currently using ten years younger po 4th day ko na po may peeling po ung face ko pang 2nd day na pong nagpepeel nung face ko gaano po tatagal ung peeling sa mukha ko po ? tsaka po normal lang po bang mangitim nung face ko para pong nasunog? mamumuti pa rin po ba ung face ko?

    1. Hi po,
      If you wanna reduce the peeling effect, you can use collagen cream in the morning or if you cannot find a suitable collagen cream, just use the toner at night. Sometimes when the dead skin cells dry out and about to peel off, the skin turns to blackish but it will peel off and reveal the whiter skin underneath.

  72. Hi. I’m using mild oil control cleanser, clindamycin topical, neostrata ultra smoothing cream and healvita sunscreen in the morning.
    At night, I’m using the same cleanser, clindamycin and epiduo forte gel. These were all recommended by my derma.
    Is this a rejuv set? I mean could I still use this more than a month? Knowing that all rejuv sets must be used only for a month. I noticed some small bumps with lots of whiteheads all over my face. Is this normal? I still also have acne marks. I don’t usually breakout. Is my face purging? Help me. Pls.

    1. Well, actually it’s wrong conception that rejuvenating set is to be used for only one month. You would see written on most rejuvenating set though. It’s kinda of consumer protection as it’s at-home peeling set. So it might be abused by some.
      It really depends on your skin condition, age, history and other factors which play roles on determining how many sets to use and how often to use.
      As you said, your items were prescribed by a dermatologist, why don’y you share your concern with her/him? They would better instruct you.

      1. Hi! I used pamela rejuv set po for 1 month and a half. Nag lighten lng po yung dark sports or acne marks. But may pimples pa din po ako. Nag stop ako for almost 5 days. Planning to try skin magical po. Okay lng po ba yun? Or may Maximum days talaga bagi mag change ng rejuv set? Please reply. Thanks.

  73. I’m 15years old po Ang gamit ko po is perfect skin rejuvenating set Kung tapos na po Yung 1 month pwede po ba another 1month ulit kasi may mga darkspots pa po ako at pimples

  74. hi po, inquire ko lang po im using brigthest skin rejuv set po, last week ko na po ng paggamit para mabuo po for 1 month, pero may mga pimples pa din po na natutuyo naman po, ano po ang maiaadvice nyo po sa akin, thanks po in advance

  75. Hi. It’s my 8th day of using prestige. Pansin ko ang pangingitim ng face at neck ko, feel ko rin na parang nabanat yung balat ng mukha ko. What can you advice?

    1. hi, ilang taon kana? at hindi po ba manipis ang skin mo? pero normal lang naman na nag banat yun balat kase anti aging yung set. try to use toner only sa gabi lang muna. and make sure na mag sunblock b4 lumabas.

  76. HI po. ok lang po ba na magreapply ulit ng soap toner at cream pag kumati yung mga pimples? di ko po kasi mapigilan pangangati.

  77. Hi! I am on 2nd week of using Skin Magical Set 0. There’s still some micropeeling but tolerable, and I noticed my pimples on my chin area are surfacing but drying up quickly which I think is good?my problem is a lot of blackheads and whiteheads are showing up, is it okay? And is it fine to use a serum on top of rejuvenating cream? Lastly, if i see that my face has still some issues (e.g blackheads/whiteheads,pimples) can i continue using the set 0? Thank you.

  78. I’m using prestige rejuvenating set and pang 8 days ko na ngayon. is it normal na may lumalabas na maliliit na white na parang pimples sa face ko?

  79. I’ve been using prestige rejuvenating set for 8 days is it normal na may lumalabas na maliliit na white na parang pimples sa face ko?

  80. Hi, I’m using Fairy Luxe rejuv set, and pang 6th day ko na gamitin. I noticed today na above my mouth medyo dark na yung skin ko. Yun yung part na pinakamahapdi and pinaka nagppeel a few days ago. Normal lang ba yung pangingitim nya? Matatanggal ba sya? What do i do?

  81. Mag pepeeling po ba yung glowing set ng skin perfection kasi po glowing set yung gamit ko ngayon after ko po sa rejuvenating set? Ipagpapatuloy ko ba tong glowing set? At sa toner po?

  82. hello po, is it okay to jump quickly into another brand ng rejuv set. i’ve been using timless beauty rejuv po kase for almost a month and gusto ko po lumipat sa ever bilena na brand? magkaron po kaya ng reaction face ko?

  83. Pang 4 days ko na po nag gamit ng skin perfection at nag pepeeling po akoo pero mahapdi po. Ano po ang gagawin?

      1. What if po makati na yung balat mo kahit 4th day pa lang ng paggamit mo, continue pa rin po ba or stop muna?

  84. It’s my 2 weeks of uaing rejuvenating set po, and okay lang po ba mag swimming sa beach while using it? Please answer. Thanks

  85. Hello po, anong pwedeng gamitin na ibang face soap kasi masyado daw matapang sabon ng brilliant. May briliant rejuvenating set ako, pero gusto ko ibang soap na gamitin. Any recommendation po?

    1. Kojic soap is the best soap for micropeeling which is essential in the treatment and peeling dead skin process. However, to mitigate the side effects, you can use the soap only once before bedtime and don’t keep it for long time on your face, rinse fast and always damp your face with lukewarm water before applying the soap on the face.
      Use any other soap in the morning. Like glutathione soap.

          1. Hmm kahit naubos ko na po yung rejuvenating set pero nandyan pa rin po yung pimples ko, pwede naba ako mag proceed sa glowing set?

  86. Hi po. Malapit na po maubos yung rejuv set ko po pero yung pimples ko sa left side nandyan pa po. Ano po yung gagawin mag another set pa po ba ako kasi 2 months and 2 sets na po ako gumagamit? At tsaka pwede ba po kung ma ubos ko po yung sunscreen pwede po iba yung gagamitin kong sunscreen na hindi po galing sa set ng rejuvenating?

  87. Normal Lang po ba Yung mga butlig sa neck at face.. pero di Naman po mahapdi or Makati pag nagaapply ng set…3 days user na po and Parang dry Yung face.. perfect skin rejuvenating set. Should I continue po

    1. If your skin is much irritated, you need to stop for couple days.
      It’s really a fine line between the decision of continuing and stopping.
      If you are really in trouble, contact a specialist.

  88. Im 17 years old po, and first time to use rejuvenating set (Dr. Skin), can you recommend me what to do? And also is it okay to rest at least 2 times a week in using rejuvenating set? Or should I continue to apply it everyday? Pls reply

  89. Hi maam, I will just ask lang po kung okay lang gumamit ako ng Dr. Skin rejuvenating set, I’m 17years old po, at try ko po kasi ngayun 1st night ko..sana po mareplyan, thank u

      1. I have pimples po in my forehead and very less pimples on my cheeks and also pimple marks po, Is Aryana Dr. Skin rejuvenating set is fine for me or not then should I stop?

  90. Okay lng po ba kung whitening facial set ng brilliant skin yung gagamitin ko kahit yung rejuvenating set kong gamit ay skin perfection? Hindi po ba yan ma irritate yung skin ko?

  91. Hello po… It’s my second week po using brilliant rejuv. Ang my skin became so itchy po lalo na po sa may neck area.. Di ko po napigilan and nakamot ko kaya nagka red and black marks normal po ba or do I need to stop na po??

    And sa face ko po mejo makati pero ndi masyado pag hinahawakan po is mahapdi..

  92. At tska po normal lng po ba yung pag gamit ng rejuvenating set pagkatapos ay oily yung mukha at tsaka po shiny tignan yung mukha. Ito ba yung result basta nag rejuvenate

      1. Hi po, gumagamit po ako ng brilliant rejuv set pero after 3 weeks nag open pores po ako, no pimples po ako,oily combination skin lang po, na sstress ako sa maliliit na pores ko..pa help po.

        1. Hello!

          Yes the set job is to open clogged pores and cleanse the skin. That’s why you see open pores. Use the toner once at night and when you finish the set, use maintenance set to tighten the pores.

  93. Mam ask ko lang po 2 weeks napo ako gumamit ng Rejuvenating Set pero mas lalo po dumami yung pimples ko at hindi rin po siya pumuputi ano po pwede gawin stop po ba muna

      1. Hi po bakit mas lalong dumami ung pimples ko nung gumamit ako ng beauty love Mag 2weeks na ngayon.. Ano po ang gagawin ko.. Ititigil ko na po ba.?

      2. Tanong ko lng kung pwede ako gumamit ng ponds facial scrub at tsaka ibang toner na ang gagamitin after ko matapos yung rejuvenating set?

  94. Hi po. After ko po maubos yung rejuvenating set. Pwede po ba akong gumamit ng ponds at tsama moisturizer or hindi pa po ? Mag rest pa po ako?

  95. Hello po I’m 17 year’s old and I’m using prestige rejuv set, 2nd day palang po may micro peeling na at mahapdi, normal lang po ba na yung part ng face na nagbalat na is nagmomoist?

    1. Hi po. Is it ok to use rejuvinating set when you have pimpe marks? Btw, its my first time to use rejuvinating set

      1. Hi po
        Rejuvenating set peels dead skin layers giving way to underneath layer To show off which will give u younger and fresh look. In this process, pimples, dark spots will be treated. Especially, if the age of the skin issues are not very old.

  96. Pwede po ba mag change ng rejuvenating set? Brilliant skin po okay lng po ba yun? After sa skin perfection?

  97. Hello I’m 17 y.o po and I’m using prestige set po. Almost 1month ko na po siyang ginagamit. Should I continue pa po for another one month? Kase may mga dark spots parin ako and some tiny bumps.

  98. Hi po. Skin perfection po yung gamit ko mag 2 months plang po ako pero andyan parin yung pimple ko pero yung mukha ko po oily na shiny po? Normal po ba ito? Or itigil ko nlng?

  99. Hi.. Im from malaysia. Im using the brilliant skincare for 2 days & my face started to burn, red spot and stinging feeling. I already stop using it for 4 days. But my forehead looks like something unfinish bussines, shows dry, scally & obvious lines. My cheeks still red & u can see the burnt skin that still not peel off.. I’ll be having my civil wedding within a week so im afraid to use it within this time frame. If i use it again after 2 weeks will my face experience the same side effect like before? How to lessen the side effect because the only skin problem i have is whiteheads & dry skin. Please advice me. Email me at bellyanna4511@gmail.com. thank you so much. Your advices means a lot.

    1. Hello,

      You might experience the same side effects if you use again. When you start using again, use the toner gradually. Like the following:
      First week: 3 nights (Only night)
      Second week: 6 times (twice a day)
      Third weeks: everyday twice.

      Or use your own way to gradually apply the toner.

  100. hello po, i’ve been using ayesha rejuvenating mild, ok naman po skin ko, nagkakapimples lang po ako kapag may period, blackheads and big pores lang po concern ko, 1 day after using nagkaron po ako ng pustules sa may jawline ko w/c never happened before then it became itchy and bumpy na parang may whiteheads while others became pimples na masakit . . .in my 1st week up to 2nd week eh hndi nawala ung itchiness feeling . .so I stopped po, it’s been a week po na itinigil ko should I stop it completely po or can I use a different variant of rejuv? or should I let my acne subside po? kasi up to now ganun pdin po condition ng face ko, btw my skin type is oily po and every period lang po talaga ako nagkakabreakout

  101. Hi, I’m using Prestige Rejuvenating Set. Nangangati po yung part na nag peel. Is it okay to use moisturizer like Luxe Organixe Soothing Gel? Can i also use different sunscreen? Please pasagot po. Thank you

  102. Pag natapos na po yung 3days rest.Ano po magandang routine gawen?Yung hindi na po sana mamumula yung mukha ko.At wala na po kayang tutubong pimples sa mukha ko pag nagcontinue ako?Meron pa rin po akong pimps sa ngayon

      1. Pagtapos po ng rest time at magcontinue na ulet sa paggamit ng rejuv.Same routine lang po ba ulet or there’s another na pedeng palitan or ibawas munaa sa routine para hindi na ulet mamula just like the last time?For ex sa umaga sunblock lang tas sa gabi toner..yung parang ganyan..Example lang po yan ah hehe

  103. Hi! perfect skin rejuv set po gamit ko pang 13 days ko na po ngayon ask ko lang po it normal ba yung reaction nga face ko, mapimples po talaga ako before i use perfect skin po may 3 pimples ako sa right cheek ko and pimple marks sa left side, nung 2 days ko na po syang na gamit okay naman po sya nag peel na po sya ng slighy nagandahan po ako sa result nya. not until mga ika 6 – 13 days huhuhu nangangati sya tas minsan may mga part po ako sa face nanasusunog dahil ata sa sabon, di ko po ata talaga hiyang yung kojic soap. kaya nag decide po ako na itigil kahapon. until now buhay pa din po yung 3 pimples ko sa right cheek tas nadagdagan pa po, sa left cheek ko naman is meron pong nabubuhay na malililit na pimples. yung pimples ko po sa right cheek parang may nana ba tawag dun, sa tip ng pimples ko sa left side naman po maliliit parang butlig2 po sya tas may blackheads po sa loob until now po nangagati yung sa jawline ko haysss! gusto ko po itanong kung ipagpapatuloy ko pa po ba to? or baka dipo talaga hiyang saakin si Ps?

    1. Hi! Im using brilliant rejuv and it’s my 2nd day of using it. Nag babalat na po siya and namumula at makati na mahapdi po at at feel kopo is nangigitim na po face ko. Should i stop na po ba or continue parin po? Btw I’m 17 yrs old po. Sana po masagot huhu salamat po

  104. I’ve been using prestige rejuvenating set for about a week now, i still can’t see any visible peeling and still can’t feel any stinging except the nose area. What should i do?

  105. Ano pong gagamitin na product sa rest day po ng rejuv. Set? Tubig lang po ba or free na po bang gumamit ng ibang product then rejuv. Uli after ng one month rest nito?

  106. I have a question again hehe, there’s still left of my rejuvenating set and it’s been a month. Is it okay to continue using it until maubos po siya? Or I should stop na as it has already been a month?

  107. Hi! Im using MK secrets. Im 19 years old and im a first timer in using this rejuvenating sets. I was wondering if i can add my other skin care products while using the set. I use aloe vera gel or witch hazel toner when im not using the set. Is that okay?? Will it affect my skin if i do? Or i should just stick to the set and dont use any other product even in resting days? Hopefully you can reply to this. Thank you po.

    1. Hi..

      First of all, do your best not to take rest days during using the rejuvenating sets. It’s not recommended to use any other products during using the rejuvenating set.

      1. Normal Lang po ba Yung mga butlig sa neck at face.. pero di Naman po mahapdi or Makati pag nagaapply ng set…3 days user na po and Parang dry Yung face.. perfect skin rejuvenating set. Should I continue po

      2. Normal Lang po ba Yung mga butlig sa neck at face.. 3 days user na po and Parang dry Yung face.. perfect skin rejuvenating set.

  108. Hi ask kolang if pwede bapa gamitan na naka i stock yung brilliant cream? naging yellow kase sya eh matagal nadin sya na istock pero diman nagamit

  109. Hello I’m 18 years old and I have acne and pimples, so I used brilliant rejuvenating , tanong ko lang normal Lang ba Yung pagiging redness ng face natatakot po kasi ako baka Hindi matanggal at baka mangitim, advice naman po salamat

    1. Hi
      Don’t worry. Use the toner only at night before bedtime. Then when your skin get used to it, use the toner twice a day.
      Use it for one month. Then let us know the results.

  110. Hi. Im using rejuv set and its been 17days, pero hindi parin nagsstop yung peeling ng face and yung itsura nya parang nagbabakbak na huhu ano pong pwedeng gawin dito para malessen ang pagpeel nya kasi ang pangit na po tignan, hindi na sya yung micro peeling lang. thank you po

      1. Pwede ko po ba istop muna yung pag gamit? Or should i continue using? Is this normal po ba? Thanks im using shantahl btw

      1. Pwede hindi nalng skin perfection yung gagamitin ko to use rejuvenating set again sa pimples ko kasi na out of stock poo. Pwede sa brilliant skin po?

  111. I have a question po, after using a rejuvenating set for one month, can I go back to my original skincare or no, I should rest my face without using any products at all just water?

    1. Okay po thank you. Ano po? Hmm diba sabi niyo rest for a month after sa rejuvenating set. So pwede na po ako babalik sa dati kong skin care? Gaya po ng cleanser, moisturizer tapos sunscreen? Or water lng po muna wala pang gagamitin na products?

        1. Pwede mag change ng rejuvenating set after ng skin perfection kahit gumagamit pa ako ngayon? Dahil lumalabas na yung mga pimple.koo or ipagpatuloy nlng ito rejuvenating na ginagamit ko mag exceed ako ng 2months?

          1. Yes maam. Use again skin perfection. If you want, you can change the place from where you bought.
            Then, if you still get the same results, take rest for couple weeks and then start a new rejuvenating set.

  112. Last week ko na po gagamit ng skin perfection rejuvenating pero bat unting unti lumalabas yung mga pimple koo at tsaka oily po lgi ang mukha ko? Ano po ang gagawin ko? Pwede po ba mag change ng other rejuvenating set gaya po ng brilliant skin?

    1. Hello po. I’m using Bella Skin Rejuvinating set and 4 days ko palang po syang nagagamit. Then 2 days na po nagpi-peel yung face ko tapos nagrered din po. May mga naga-appear din pong dry marks po. Ano pong dapat gawin?

      1. Di pwede mag change ng other rejuvenating set after po ng skin perfection? Kasi malapit narin po mag 1 month na po ako gagamit nitong skin perfection pero unti unti na po lumalabas yong pimple kong maliit. Ano po ang mas magandang gawin? Suggestion po thank you

  113. is it okay to use rejuvenating again?? kasi po di po nag effect yung rejuv na ginamit ko pumuti lang po ako pero yung pimple marks po di natanggal

  114. Hello I’m using prestige rejuvenating set and 3rd day ko na bukas, pero hindi pa rin nag pi-peel, nag red lang yung face ko and it feels tight. Is it normal?

  115. Pag naka 1 month nko sa paggamit ng rejuvenating at okay nmn yung resulta sa mukha ko. Pwede na po ba siyang itigil? At pwede safeguard na yung gagamitin ko sa face or hindi pa?

  116. Hi. Im using Brilliant rejuvenating set. Its my 3rd day. May peeling napo sa face ko. Im using it as well sa neck ko. Ive notice na na may rashes po sa neck part ko. What should i do?

  117. Pag nakatapos na ng 1 month pag gamit ng skin perfection rejuvenating. Pwede po ba mag transfer sa ibang rejuvenating set gaya po ng brilliant skin? Or whitening brilliant skin?

  118. for the same ang gagamitin q bang sabon na panghugas ng mukha q unh normal na sabon lang po ba ang what should i put onmy face to heal the wounds??

  119. hello im using prestige rejuvenating set for 8 days i feel itchiness sa face q…hnd q maiwasan hawakan sa sobrang kati hanggang nagkaroon n sya ng konting parang gasgas…at nagkaroon din aq ng parang rushes sa neck ..should i stop using nb the product…???

  120. hello im using prestige rejuvenating set for 8 days i feel itchiness sa face q…hnd q maiwasan hawakan sa sobrang kati hanggang nagkaroon n sya ng konting parang gasgas…at nagkaroon din aq ng parang rushes sa neck ..should i stop using nb the product…???

    1. Hello,

      Rest for 3 days. Then resume. Damp your face before using the soap and don’t keep it for long time. Rinse fast. .using the toner once at night with dabbing by cotton on the face.

  121. Hi, I stopped using the rejuvenating set after 2 days since namumula po yung mukha ko and medjo namaga. Pang 3rd ko po ngsstart na siya mag peel. What should I do po? Should i stop? Namumula po kasi sa cheeks then nangangati.

    1. Hi,

      Don’t stop. Just continue using but with different steps. Use the Toner only at night and with gently dabbing without wiping out. And don’t keep the soap on the face for long time, try to rinse fast. Damp your face before applying.

      1. how about the cream po? Continue pa dn po or toner lang for now? Worried po ako baka mamaga ulit

  122. pano po malalaman pag di hiyang sa gamit narejuvenating set?Brilliant po gamit ko e,1month na po ako gumagamit wala pa din po kasing pag babago yung face ko,mas naging visible at parang mas dumami pa yung pimples ko 🙁

      1. Hello! Gumamit po ako ng maxipeel zero and it’s already 10 days na di ako gumagamit. Is it okay for me to use a rejuvenating set? Fairy skin gagamitin ko. Thank you!

          1. Maliit lng po yung nag pepeel sa akin sa face nung first week ko pag gamit sa skin perfection tapos sa ilang weeks na hindi nako nag pepeel. Okay lng po ba yun?

  123. Hi po im using beauty vault rejuv sets po for 19 days my fault is gumamit po ako ng pilaten yung pantanggal ng whiteheads and blackheads and that night po nagkaron ng marks na pula mukhako can i rest po? Or stop using rejuv sets

  124. hello i am using prestige rejuvenating set for only 3 nights and 2 days nagbabalat na po sya agad kaso mahapdi po sya normal lang po ba iyon?..salamat..and what should i do to lessen ung pagbabalat nya?…is it ok po ba to put make up while using rejuvenating set?