May 18, 2022 How to Use SkinLite Cream Without Side Effects

How to Use SkinLite Cream Without Side Effects

Using a new skincare product may incur side effects to the skin. Such side effects may show up within the first weeks of using the product. Fortunately, these side effects subside gradually over time as your skin adjusts to the product. SkinLite Cream is like other skincare products regarding side effects, but it is certainly way more effective than many skincare products in the market regarding lightening skin, treating hyperpigmentation and evening out skin tone. But how to use SkinLite Cream without having side effects?

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SkinLite Cream Without Side Effects

We cannot assume that a particular person would use SkinLite Cream without having any side effects. As per our experience, there are some people who used SkinLite Cream without having any side effects and others who experienced minor to severe side effects. It all boils down to the skin type and how a person uses the SkinLite Cream.

  1. Skin Type

    If you have sensitive skin type, then we recommend to not use SkinLite Cream. SkinLite Cream contains active components such as Hydroquinone (2%) and Tretinoin (0.025%) which can be very strong on sensitive skin.

    • How you know that you have a sensitive skin?

      If your skin gets irritated fast from any mild skincare products, then the odds are high that you have a sensitive skin.

  2. How to Use SkinLite Cream the Right Way to Avoid Side Effects

    As always mentioned in our articles, the rule of thumb of using SkinLite Cream is to use suitable sunblock while using SkinLite Cream. Follow the steps below for best experience while using SkinLite Cream:

    1. Always wear sunblock especially at day time. We recommend using SkinLite Sunblock Lotion SPF50 PA++++ 50g. Apply sunblock 30 minutes before going outdoor. In addition, renew application every 3-5 hours as long as you are outdoor.
    2. Limit exposure to sun while you are under the treatment.
    3. Wear covering clothes on the areas of skin where you apply SkinLite Cream.
    4. Do not use other strong products (especially products containing Hydroquinone, Tretinoin or steroids) while using SkinLite Cream.
    5. When you apply SkinLite Cream, don’t rub against your skin, gently dab over skin.

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If you follow the above mentioned tips, you would barely have any side effects. In case you experience some side effects, you can stop using for 3 days until your skin heals and cools down. Afterwards, resume using gradually. Always protect your skin and be smart tackling the potential side effects.

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How to Order

Visit SkinLite Cream page here. Also, you can check SkinLite category where you can find other available SkinLite products here.

Finally, if you have a comment or further inquiry, don’t hesitate to drop your thoughts below. We will answer you ASAP.

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