March 6, 2021 Can I Use Rejuvenating Set For 2 Months

Can I Use Rejuvenating Set For 2 Months

Yes. You can use rejuvenating set for 2 months. However, the standard advice of dermatologists is to use rejuvenating set for 1 month.

Dr. Alvin rejuvenating set Instruction
Dr. Alvin rejuvenating set Instruction with illustration

That’s why when you read the instruction of use of many rejuvenating sets, you would notice that rejuvenating cream or rejuvenating toner are recommended to be used for 1 month. For safety reasons, rejuvenating sets manufacturers would recommend the 1 month period. However, in many cases, it’s safe to use rejuvenating set for 2 months or even 3 months. In other words, there is no problem to use the kojic/rejuvenating soap and sunblock cream/gel of the rejuvenating set for as long as you want. Actually, it’s recommended to maintain using these two products after finishing up the rejuvenating set. However, the rejuvenating toner and rejuvenating cream are the two products for which you need to control the interval of use.

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Let’s outline this matter in greater detail.

Why is not recommended to use rejuvenating set for more than 1 month ?

Rejuvenating set peels dead skin cells and debris. Namely, it peels the upper layers of the skin. Continuous use can cause the skin to be very thin. As a result, the skin will be very sensitive and compromised. Overusing rejuvenating set can cause skin reaction and may damage the skin barrier. Skin barrier is the part of the skin that contains natural ingredients that keep out bacteria and allergens and maintain moisture. Thus, your skin immunity to allergens, bacteria, sun rays, pollution, heat and other outsider factors may decline due to overusing rejuvenating set.

So, can I use rejuvenating set for 2 months ?

Yes in most cases. Follow these guidelines before using another rejuvenating set:

  1. Your age is above 19 years old.
  2. You feel your skin still maintains moisture and not very dry.
  3. Your skin is not thin.
  4. You still have pimples, dark spots or hyperpigmentation.

If you intend to use rejuvenating set for yet another month, i.e., 2 months, then we recommend to use maintenance set along with rejuvenating set in the second month. In other words, once you finish using your first rejuvenating set after 1 month, you better use maintenance set for 1 or 2 weeks. Then, switch back to rejuvenating set and continue using for a month. Maintenance set will revitalize skin from exfoliation.

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Can I use rejuvenating set for 3 months ?

Severe acne treatment can take up 12 weeks to be fully treated. You can seek the advise of your dermatologist if you are not sure if you are fit to use the rejuvenating set for such interval. If you decide to use rejuvenating set for 3 months, then we recommend to use maintenance set with rejuvenating set at the same time. Specifically, after using rejuvenating set for 1 month, use maintenance set for 1-2 weeks. Then, use rejuvenating set and maintenance set simultaneously. Alternately, use maintenance set in the morning and rejuvenating set at night.

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How long should I use rejuvenating set in one year ?

Brilliant rejuvenating set instruction with illustration
Brilliant rejuvenating set instruction with illustration

As said before, dermatologists recommend to use rejuvenating set for 30 days, i.e., 1 month. However, you can use rejuvenating set for prolonged period. One of the methods is to use rejuvenating set and maintenance set alternately for 6 months. Another method is to use rejuvenating set for 1 month, then use maintenance set the next month. Next, revert to rejuvenating set in the third month. You can do this method for 6 months. Moreover, another method is to use rejuvenating set for 1 month, then, rest for 1 month before using again.

Important notes:

  1. Always give your skin rest before using another rejuvenating set. This rest can be by using only lukewarm water with mild soap for 1-4 weeks. Or by using maintenance set for 1-4 weeks.
  2. Follow the advice of your dermatologist or skincare specialist before using rejuvenating set for prolonged interval.

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The purpose of rejuvenating set is to treat acne, dark spots, hyperpigmentation and makes your skin brighter. To achieve so, rejuvenating set accelerates cellular turnover and peels dead skin cells. Overusing rejuvenating sets could reverse this process and may lead to more skin issues.

If you still have more inquiries about this matter, don’t hesitate to drop a comment below. We shall answer your inquiry ASAP.

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96 thoughts on “Can I Use Rejuvenating Set For 2 Months

  1. Hi, i just finished 1 month using rejuvenating set, then I plan to use maintenance set agad po the next day. Is it okay?

    Pls check my plan if it is okay:
    1 month rejuv set then 2 weeks maintenance then 2 weeks maintenance bale alternate na po sana every 2 weeks. Is it okay? Tnx po

        1. Pwede ko po bang gamitin Yung rejuvenating Kojic soap kahit Hindi na Yung hole set ng rejuvenating set pagkatapos ko ng 1 month?

  2. Hi ask lang po pwede po ba magpalit ng rejuvenating set gumamit po ako ng ryxskin pero wala pong effect magpapalit po sana ako ng Skinsoft okay lang po ba?

  3. hi po, ask ko lang po if it’s okay to use another brand of rejuvenating set from Fairy skin to using the Her skin rejuvenating set? is there any side effects?

  4. Hi pede poag tanong?naka 1 month na po kasi Sako sa pag gamit ng brilliant advance rejuvenating set maganda naman naging resulta pero may mga black heads and darks spots parin na naiwan ano po ba dapat Kong Gawin?

  5. Tanong kolamg po, after using of brilliant rejuvenating set for 1 month then for the next month are soap and sunscreen pwede po ba gawin tong maintenance every month? Then kung kelan nlng ulit mag rejuv. Set pwede po ba yun? Salamat God bless

  6. Tanong ko lang po, pag after gumamit ng brilliant rejuvenating set for 1 month at nag maintenance ako ng sunscreen at kojic soap pwede po ba sunod sunod na gamitin ito every month as a maintenance? Tapos kung kelan nlng po ulit gagamit ng rejuvenating. Slamat po God bless

  7. Hello! I’m Me again. I just want to say my concern. I want to start using a rejuvenating set once again but the thing is it is the time of the month and I’m thinking that I may be kind of sensitive rn. So I was thinking maybe I should use the soap, sunscreen and aloe vera gel for the start then if the ‘time’ ends I’ll start using the toner and cream together with the soap and sunscreen. Is this right? Thank you for answering!

    1. tapos napo ako gumamit ng pristige rejuv 1month kopo ginamit nawala naman po mga pimples ko kaso andun parin po mga pimple marks gagamit napo na ako ng whitening set ano po pede kong gawin?

  8. Hi, I stopped using the ryx rejuvenating set for about 9 months now and is it okay to used another set again? I do have a lot of comedonal acne and it’s irritating me and I do have pimple marks eh.

  9. Hi. Nakagamit na po ko ng rejuv set before. Kaso po nagbreak out ng malala nagsilabasan pimps ko. Ppabo po ba malalaman kung manipis na po yung balat ng face

  10. Good Day po.

    Ask ko po after ko pong gumamit ng rejuv set ng brilliant skin for 1 month and then for the 2nd month is sunscreen cream and the soap lang po. And then after po ng 2 months magshishift na po ako sa maintenance set so pwede po bang gamitin padin ang sunscreen cream at kojic acid soap ng rejuv set for maintenance tapos po ang toner at night cream ay galing sa whitening set ng brilliant skin which is also a maintenance set?

  11. Hi, can I ask pwede po bang gumamit ulit ng rejuvenating set same product po? Example po prestige rejuv. Unang ginamit ko then natapos ko po ng one month tas nagpahinga po ako ng one month then gusto ko pong ulit gamitin pwede po ba Yun

  12. Hi, tanong ko lang po. Natapos ko na gamitin ang rejuv set 1 for 1month, meron naman po improvement sa skin ko pero meron pa rin tumutubo sakin na pimples. Need ko po ba bumili uli ng set 1 or yung maintenance na ang next na gagamitin ko?

  13. Hi, I just want ko ask kung pwede ako mag switch to another brand ng rejuvenating, gumamit ako ng ryx for 2 months and i think hindi siya nag work, pwede ba ako mag switch agad ng ibang rejuvenating like brilliant? Thank you

  14. Hi po! Ask ko lang kung sa 30 days na dapat na paggamit ng rejuvinating which is morning and night. Kapag nag start po ba mag balat ng buo iapply parin ng 2x a day? kasi napapansin ko po yung mga bagong skin na nagbalat na is nagbabalat ulit.

    1. Dear,
      You can have your own routine such as starting with one time using rejuvenating toner at night only. Then, use twice morning at night in the second and third week. Also, you can reverse the process, as you will use twice a day in the first and second week. Then, you use it once a day.

  15. hi again! So are u saying that i can only use skin magical for at most a year? after using it, can i then use any other skin care product?

  16. hi! I’m done with my dr. alvin’s 30 days. can i use the skin magical rejuvenating set no. 2 for maintenance? there’s no stock kasi of the dr. alvn’s

  17. Hi, i just want to ask is it ok to use rejuvinating set again after using maintenance set of brilliant for almost 2 months?

  18. Hello, just wanna ask something. Is it normal to have pimples at areas that are not prone??? I’m using a rejuvenating set and i noticed that I’m having pimps sa mga areas na hindi ako madalas tubuan. But the good thing ive observed is that my face is peeling and medyo shinny.

  19. I currently switched my rejuvenating set because the other brand didn’t work for me I used it for at least 2 weeks, with no effect. So I rested my face for 3 days before switching to another brand, is it ok?

  20. Hello, it me again haha. Wanna ask po. How many estimated days your skin will darken while rejuvenating po? Does it have like estimated days or it depends on what type your skin is? Thanks for answering!

        1. Hello, no po. I’ve also waited for a few more days to see if it will subside but my skin is still a lil bit darker :<

          1. Hi pede poag tanong?naka 1 month na po kasi Sako sa pag gamit ng brilliant advance rejuvenating set maganda naman naging resulta pero may mga black heads and darks spots parin na naiwan ano po ba dapat Kong Gawin?

    1. Me,
      It shouldn’t last for long time. It should subside within a week. If not, refrain from using. Then use only lukewarm water for a week.
      Are you using any moisturizer while using rejuvenating set?

      1. Hello! Just want to ask lang po. Kasi nung tinry ko po yung new clearbomb ng ryx dumami po lalo yung tiny bumps ko and naglalabasan pa isa isang cystic acne and may pangangati sa face ng sobra parang tinutusok ng karayom na nag lalast ng minutes pag nag aapply ng toner ibig sabihin po ba nun hindi hiyang or may allergy sa formula ng bagong formula ng cleadbomb set??

        PS. Hindi po ako nagkaganito dun sa old clearbomb eh nag fade and nag dry agad yung mga breakouts ko nun.

        1. Hi Secret,
          We don’t have sure information if the formula ofc the clear bomb set has changed; or only the package has changed. Generally, some people will notice different results when using the same set for the second time. There are many reasons explaining that. It could be the status of your skin before you started using the set is different from the first time you used the set.
          You can take a look at the following article for more information that might be concerning your inquiry:Rejuvenating Set Side Effects

  21. Hello again! I noticed that my rejuvenating toner discolored. I know discoloration is totally normal when it comes to rejuvenating sets. But the thing is, one of its active ingredients is vitamin c, L- ascorbic acid especially. And discolored vitamin C can no longer be use. And I’m so confused rn that I cannot decide if I should continue using the toner because, again, discoloration in rejuvenating sets is normal or stop it because of the L- ascorbic acid ingredient. Help me please!

      1. Im sorry I don’t know how to send a pic but here are the ingredients:
        – ethanol
        – aqua
        -propylene glycol
        – Niacinamide (vit B)
        – citrus medica limonium (lemon) fruit extract
        – solanum lycopersicum (tomato) fruit extract
        – hyaluronic acid
        – fragrance
        – L- ascorbic acid (vit C)
        – retinol palmitate (vit A)
        – tocopherol (vit E)

        I’m using herskin rejuvenating toner. A new one because I already finished my old one.

        I also noticed that it has retinol which is I think is not a very great combination together with the L- ascorbic acid as they are both actives? I’m really sorry I’m not that sure, I’m not an expert. Please bear with me

  22. Hello! Just wanna confirm something po. It is normal for the skin to darken when rejuvenating po right? Cause my skin is literally like a shade darker than my normal one. Thanks for answering po ☺️

  23. Can I ask po cause this is the first time I used rejuvenating set, it is normal to the skin to have some redness..and then it Stretched?

  24. Hello, I already finished my rejuvenating set so I moved to maintenance. But the thing is, i feel stinging and burning in my face whenever I put any of the products from the maintenance. What does that mean? Am I allergic to the products? Should I already stop it? Thanks for answering po

    1. Hi Me,
      It doesn’t necessary mean your allergic. For allegory test, you can apply a spot test n your forearm or neck. Just apply the products and wait for 24 hours. If no severe irritation occurs, then you are ok to use.
      In general, you can continue to use and your skin will get used to it.

  25. Can I use maintenance set along with other products? Like a sunscreen from other brand with a maintenance?

    1. Hello,
      Yes you can. But it’s always recommended to use the sunblock cream of the same brand of the rejuvenating set. It’s designed to impart more glowing and moisture to the skin.

      1. So, for example, I used the fairy skin rejuv set. Then after I rejuvenate, I’ll move to the maintenance set. I can still use the sunblock of the rejuvenating set on my maintenance set, can’t I? Thanks for answering again po!

  26. Hi, I just want to ask po. Is it okay to mix the night cream and the sunscreen? I just notice the sunscreen in the rejuvenating set I bought is kinda too dry when put to skin, so what I do is I put a bit of night cream first then I put my sunscreen on. Thank you for answering po

      1. Hi pede poag tanong?naka 1 month na po kasi Sako sa pag gamit ng brilliant advance rejuvenating set maganda naman naging resulta pero may mga black heads and darks spots parin na naiwan ano po ba dapat Kong Gawin?

      2. Hi, can I ask pwede po bang gumamit ulit ng rejuvenating set same product po? Example po prestige rejuv. Unang ginamit ko then natapos ko po ng one month tas nagpahinga po ako ng one month then gusto ko pong ulit gamitin pwede po ba Yun?

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