January 4, 2021 When To Stop Using Skin Rejuvenating Set?

When To Stop Using Skin Rejuvenating Set?

The optimal period for using skin rejuvenating set is one month. Many users ask when to stop using skin rejuvenating set? This question has two answers. Depending on what you mean by stopping rejuvenating set. If you mean when to stop or ditch using rejuvenating set while you are halfway before ending one month, then we recommend you read our article we made pertaining to this matter: PURGING VS BREAKOUTS: WHEN TO DITCH YOUR SKINCARE.

When to stop or ditch using rejuvenating set while you are halfway

You will find in that article lots of valuable information that you can benefit from to know exactly if you should stop or ditch your rejuvenating set. You will learn the difference between skin purging and skin breakout which is crucial to give you hints if the changes in your skin while using rejuvenating set is normal or you need to ditch the rejuvenating set. If your skin is purging while using the rejuvenating set, then it’s normal and you should continue using to indulge the perfect results of using rejuvenating set. Whiter, clear and eye catching skin are all what you reap after using rejuvenating set.

Purging: When your skin is adjusting to the new product, and persevering with the product will eventually make your skin better – in fact, the sudden crop up of pimples means that it’s working as intended.

Reacting: When your skin is breaking out because it’s sensitive to something in the product. It could be clogging your pores, or causing an allergy, or just plain old irritation. Continuing with the product will just make the situation worse.

If your skin is purging, you need to keep going.

If your skin is reacting, you need to stop using the product.

When to stop using rejuvenating set after using more than one set

The recommended way to use the skin rejuvenating set is to use for one month. Then use maintenance set or any mild soap with a moisturizer. Then based on your age, skin conditions and the results that you achieved from using the rejuvenating set. We can recommend for you if you are eligible to use another rejuvenating set or stop. There are some users who should use the rejuvenating set only once. Then they should take a long rest for two months or more. Others can use it for 2 or 3 months in a row. Also, you can read this article for more information on this matter: How Often Should I Use Rejuvenating Set?

For accurate recommendation, you can contact your specialist. Or if you want an advice on the go, you can drop a comment below and we shall do our best to advise.



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164 thoughts on “When To Stop Using Skin Rejuvenating Set?

  1. Is it normal to have small bumps while using rejuvenating set? What if the bumps aren’t gone after using 1 set, what shall we do?

      1. i bought rejuvenating set how long will it last? shall i order another set? and is it ok to use serum in between rejuvenating

    1. Hello,
      For the soap and sunblock, you can use regularly.
      For the toner and night cream, you better rest at least 30 days before using any other strong product. Nevertheless, you can use maintenance set directly after rejuvenating set.

  2. Can we use rejenuvating set for 2 months ? And after completing what’s the best maintenance set for skin ? Thanks In advance

  3. hello can i stop using rejuvenating set cause it’s warned as non safe product? what should i do next? can i get organic skincare and apply vit e ?

      1. Is it safe to stop rejuvenating set after 5days using it? I plan to switch into milder skin care but my face is still peeling but I don’t want to continue using rejuv because it’s so matapang 🙁

  4. after reju set, what products you recommend from your company shall i use as maintenance? a set or a kit

  5. if youre still not going out means youre just indoor, do we still have to apply sunscree. after toner? if not then what can we use after toner to not make it dry can we use collagen moisturizer or serum?

      1. Hi. I have been using herskin seven days of Kath Melendez. Is it okay if I stop using rejuvenating while the skin is peeling? Or should I continue to use the rejuvenating set until it’s done peeling? Thank u.

  6. I bought a set of this one from an online seller and the color of soap is pink and white combination, the creams containers are diff from what you’re advertising here. do you think it is fake?

  7. After rejuv, what specific products should i use for maintenance? like continue kojic soap and sunblock? what else?

      1. hi. the link just expressed about maintenance but didnt specify the products to use. i use brilliant skin rejuv so after, what maintenance set shall i use continuously? can you pls give me a link bec i am having hard time navigating. and also one with sunscreen

  8. question. i am using rejuv set now and on my 2nd wk. it is summer here right now in california and sometimes im not in an accessible to aircon, so parang steaming hot and i dont wear make up. after applying sunscreen parang oily and face ko, what do you recommend to apply after sunscreen in the morning para di oily feeling kasi un kakilala ko di mukha oily face nya and is glowing after sunscreen. i might be missing something i need to buy.. pls reply thanks

    1. Hi che,
      Some rejuvenating set users experience oily skin while using. Rejuvenating set may make your skin dry. Hence, it compensates by producing more oil. If you want best results, you shouldn’t use any product along with rejuvenating set. You can use the toner only once at night.

  9. Hi! I just wanna ask if my face situation is still normal. I’m currently at my 10th day of using Fairy Skin Derma Facial Set but pimples keeps on popping in areas that I’m not actually prone of having pimples (cheeks). Is it normal to have pimples in areas that you’re not prone or not? Cause tbh, it’s scaring me already.

    However, the good result i notice today is that I’m peeling already and i can see that my face is now glowing. So are these pimples are just a part of the process or nah? Should i continue it or stop it already?

    I hope you can help me with this. Thank you in advance! This will meant a lot for me!

    (Hoping for response!)

      1. Even if pimples are popping out in areas where I’m not prone???? Cause based on my understanding, pimples in purging only occur in part where pimples usually come out.

          1. Hi. I stopped using my rejuv set after 3-4 days cause it makes my skin red, dry, and my father said mu face is swollen. What should i do to make my skin go back to its natural tone?

          2. It’s my 19th day of using the rejuv set pero may tumutubo pa pong mga pimples at dumami po siya kung icocompare sa frst week of using it. Natutuyo naman po siya kaagad pero nadadagdagan and pagnatutuyo po yung pimples para po siyang sa mga sugat pagnatutuyo. Nagstop na rin naman po yung pagpepeel. Ituloy ko parin po ba ito or stop ko na po???

              1. Pero matatapos na po yung 1 month pero nandito pa rin po yung mga pimples marks parang di po silla nag lighten. Diba po hanggang one month lang ang paggamit ng rejuvenating set?

                        1. Hi,
                          Stop the toner and rejuvenating cream. Keep using the soap and sunblock for one week. Then, when you use the toner, don’t rub too hard against your skin. Only tap tap gently all over your face. Don’t wet the cotton, few drops are enough.

  10. Hi just want to ask if can i use another brand of rejuvenating set when i stop the other rejuv?

  11. Hello, May I ask. I’m currently using rejuv set po kasi tapos my skin is super dry and tight na para bang sun burn pero alam kong di to sunburn kasi almost 2 weeks na akong di lumalabas ng bahay. Mga 4th day sguro of using naging super dry yung face ko and super tight plus namumula sya, dumadami din pimples ko :(( what are your thoughts po?? Should i discontinue using this rejuv set or part lang ng process to. Is this normal po ba?? Paranoid na pp talaga ako huhuhu natatakot kasi ako baka napano na tong mukha ko.

  12. Hi. Question. I ordered somewhere and noticed na natanggap ko combination ng rejuv set at maintenance set. Yun cream for night time instead na exfoliating cream rejuv , whitening maintenance cream. Tapos un soap instead na kojic orange natanggap ko pink/white bar maintenance. pero un toner and sunblock for rejuv sya… shall i start using this or ipapalit ko? para kasi pinagmix nya ang rejuv at maintenance set sa isang set…

  13. pagtapos ng rejuvenating set, maintenance ang sunod di ba? ano ang kasama sa maintenance? kojic soap toner sunscreen at exfoliating cream din ba?

  14. After my rejuv i plan to move to maintenance. do i have to use toner twice a day still? The toner of rejuv and maintenance are the same or diff?

    1. Hi barbie,
      The rejuvenating toner is different from the maintenance toner. The maintenance toner is definitely lighter. You can use the maintenance toner twice a day in the morning and at night or once a day at night only.

      1. Im using rejuv set for 5 days. Sobrang hapdi nya. Nagkasugat din ung banda jaw ko. Di ko alam if itutuloy ko pa ba to or hindi na. Buong set kasi sobrang hapdi sa mukha. Nagigising ako sa madling araw kasi sobra kati nya

      2. Excuse me, I’m using the brilliant rejuvenating set is it okey when i wash my face with the soap i can’t wait 3 mins i can currently do it 3 mins less and this is my 5th day of using brilliant.

  15. Hi. i finished using rejuv , mag maintenance na next. Is it normal kung face ko glowing but parang rosy mamula mula. no itch no pain no peeling, makinis sya pero bat mapula, hindi maputi ang result naglighten lang pero rosy cheeks… and is it ok if i dont apply cream at night after kokic soap toner and serum

  16. Is it normal to use brilliant rejuvenating set even though it’s not FDA approved? I just found out that the toner have a chemical that’s not safe.

    Thou, Im already using, should I stop?

  17. Hello, I’ve been using rejuv set since Friday night. I’m on my 5th day now. Nasa process na po ng peeling ang skin ko. Kaya lang, sobrang hapdi na po nya gamitin. Nagkadarkspot din po ako lalo sa under eye area since para din po syang nagkakagasgas.

    I honestly don’t know what to do. If ipapahinga lang po ba for days ang skin and if okay lang un or if titigilan ko na po. Ang tagal din po kasi ng pagkahapdi nya. Inaabot ng ilang minutes, this situation is occuring only sa night routine, I don’t know later morning if that will be the case as well, sobrang hapdi po when using the soap, toner and night cream, sunblock lang ang hindi mahapdi iapply 🙁

    1. Hi Mekayla corsiga,
      While exfoliating, your skin becomes dry. Skin compensates the stripped off moisture by producing more oil which makes skin more oily.
      Use the toner once at night if your not comfortable.

  18. Hmm.. excuse me but I would just like to ask since before I use rejuv my normal soap is dr sulfur, I’m already at my third week in using rejuv but the pimples are still popping on places that I normally don’t have and it’s not lessening i guess you could say they are adding up so i got scared and decided to change in to dr sufur again and so i was wondering if that was ok?or is that a normal occurrence, and should still continue the rejuv?

  19. Hi is it ok to use other product like nivea cleansing water after using rejuv?also how long does it take so that I can use other product like I said?

  20. Hi, I am currently using maintenance and it’s been 2-3 months since I’ve used rejuv but my pimples are popping out of nowhere, is it safe if I use rejuvinating again but with different brand?

      1. Hi….I have used rejuv for 4 months and i rested my skin for 1 week and switched to maintenance using gentle skin cleanser and moisturizer only but after using it for a month nag breakout yung face ko ok lang ba gumamit ulit nang rejuvenating?

  21. Hi! This is just my 2nd day of using rejuv, though i’m not noticing any breakouts in my face nagka dalawang malaking acne po ako sa upper chest area just below the neck. Never po ako nagkaroon ng acne in this area of my body. Is it possible that this is an allergic reaction?

  22. Hello po 6days na Po akong gumagamit ng her skin rejuv. at parang hindi po ako hiyang Kasi lalong dumami Yung butlig na malilit tapos namumula, pwede po ba akong mag palit ng rejuv brilliant?

  23. Hi, I’m using Fairy Skin Rejuva for like 20 days and I still have many pimple sa may chin and both cheeks. And hindi pa sya nag pa flatten. Should I stop using this na po? Thanks

  24. Hi, I’m currently use rejuvenating set and the brand is lumina glow by beauty vault 4 days ko na syanggamit and sobrang hadpi nya talaga and I see myself na ang hagard kesa mag glow should I stop it ?

    1. Hi, I’m currently use rejuvenating set and the brand is lumina glow by beauty vault 4 days ko na syanggamit and sobrang hadpi nya talaga and I see myself na ang hagard kesa mag glow should I stop it ? and sobrang oily ng face ko.

  25. Hi, I’m currently use rejuvenating set and the brand is lumina glow by beauty vault 4 days ko na syang gamit and sobrang hadpi nya talaga and I see myself na ang hagard kesa mag glow should I stop it ? and sobrang oily ng face ko.

  26. Hi po, It’s been a week napo na gumagamit ako ng FairySkin rejuv and nag aalala lang po ako kasi napaka hapdi nya and parang namumula ang face ko, na parang hindi ko ma intindihan parang makati na mahapdi. Though nag change skin naman po sya. First use ko po kasi ng rejuv normal lang po ba ito? ano po ang kailangan kong gawin?

  27. Hi? I just wanna ask if tumatalab ba yung rejuvenating kung di nag peel yung mukha? Numinipis lang sya at kumikintab but di sya pumuputi parang mas umiitim pa nga. Btw yung gamit kong rejuv is Brilliant rejuvenating set. Thankyouuuu

      1. Hello po! almost 3 weeks na po ako gumagamit ng brilliant rejuv set pero ganon pa rin po, hindi po nawawala ung acne marks ko at parang nadadagdagan parin ang blackheads ko. Ipagpapatuloy ko paba ito?

    1. Hi Po 2 weeks napo akong gumagamit ng skin magical and normal lang poba na hindi nagpipeel and wala ako maramdaman na hapdi sa mmukha?

  28. Hi po im on my 1st week of using g21 swipe right rejuvinating set at first to 3 day nag peel sya and pinalabag ang mga white heads sa nose and chin.. Nos nmn sa may pisngi ko at and chin my mga dating rough lart pero nasa loob lang na pimples pero maliliit lang bigala clang nagpop up and natatakot aq kc nagkabreakouts ako sa part na yan hindi po usual ang tigyawat q jan. And meji nagswell na po and red. Kaya ntkot po aq kc itchy rin.. Ano po kaya pwede kong gwin.

  29. Hello po 4th day ko pong gumamit ng neo glow rejuv set. 1st time ko pong gumamit, nagbabalat na po ung muka ko ngayon pero po sobrang hapdi nya po lalo na po sa gilid ng ilong. Normal lang po ba na sobrang hapdi, tapos po kapag hinihilamusan ko po para pong naninigas ung balat.

          1. Hi.
            I only have one week left before i complete my 30th day of using rejuv set. But my skin is still peeling there are still pimples showing here and there. My skin is patchy is it normal po?

  30. I am on my 3rd day using brilliant rejuvenating set. I have skin peeling and medyo itchy ang face ko. Shall i stop using the set? What can i do to lessen the peeling and the itch?

      1. Hi, I’ve been using brilliant rejuvenating set for two weeks, my face and my neck is so
        very itchy .And it feels like burning when I put toner and night cream .What should I do ?Should I discontinued of using this product?

  31. I’m currently using Skin Sensation’s rejuv set. It’s my 6th night. My routine is
    6 am : Kojic-toner-sunblock
    10am: Kojic soap
    12nn: Bathing (Kojic soap in face)
    4pm: Kojic Soap
    8pm: Kojic-toner-Rejuv cream.

    Mali po ba na palagi akong naghihilamos gamit yung Kojic? Sobrang hapdi din po kasi. And pag mahapdi, hindi ko na kaya yung sobrang tagal. 20 seconds palang, nagbabanlaw na ako ng face. Is it okay?

      1. Hi im using ryx rejuvenating set and im on my 10th day today supposedly but i stopped my face itches and red rash is all over my right face,is it normal?should i continue or stop? Thankyou

    1. Good day! Gamit ko po ay sakura rejuvenating set 4 days ko pa lang ito nagamit at sobrang kati mg mukha ko, hindi ko maiwasan hindi kamutin dahil sobrang kati, at pag nag sabon, toner, at nagcream ako ay sobrang hapdi, itigil ko na ba ito? TIA!

  32. Hi, I’ve been using the Hello Glow Advance Rejuvenating set for 2 weeks. So far I did not experience breakouts, peeling, redness and itchy skin despite having sensitive skin. How long do I have to use this set?

  33. Hi po I have breakouts and marks on my face. I’ve tried using the bioderm ointment which contains zinc oxide, sulfur, salicylic acid and benzoic acid. I applied for 4 days and naexpose po ako sa sun at lalong lumala po condition ko at nasunog kasi nangamoy pulbura mukha ko po. So I stopped using it po and rested for 5 days. Then I decided to apply the brilliant skin rejuv set kasi akala ko ok na po kasi magaling naman na pagkaburn nya pero sadly my face was inflamed again. And I rested for 2 days at nagmoisturize. Akala ko ok na po ulit pero nasunog nnaman po Im this rattled po kasi tlaga na mawala na po ito kasi it’s really depressing. Ask ko po kung gaano katagal po ba dapat ko ipahinga balat ko para magpatuloy sa pagrejuv. Or anything po na marerecommend nyo po to solve my problem. Your response will be a big help. Thank you!

    1. Hi Ohlee,
      Using cream for breakouts is only at night. And should everyday sunblock 30 mins before exposing to sun and apply every 2 hrs as necessary. For now try to use facial wash and sunblock. Then after 2-3 weeks you can start using rejuvenating set. Use advanced rejuvenating of brilliant not the regular one. Lighter set is better especially sensitive skin.

    2. natural lang po ba na namumula ung muka tska nagkaroon ng sugat kase tinatanggal ko ung pagbabalat nya. ipagpatuloy ko pa bang gamitin ung rejov?

  34. Hi . This is my first time to use a rejuv set. And I think I kinda have a sensitive skin.
    I have used the set for only 4 days.
    I accidentally scratched my peeling face and now have a burnt looking area on my upper lip.

    I stopped using the toner for 2 days now tho I am still using the night cream.

    What do I do?
    Im scared that this may cause some scar on my face. 🙁

    Thank you in advance

  35. Hello, I am currently using Brilliant skin rejuvenating set at pang 6 days ko na but my face still no progress at mas lalo pa pong dumadami yung pimples and bumps sa mukha ko. Should i stop using it or just continue? Thank you

  36. Hello po, good day! Its my 2nd week of using brilliant rejuv set, and sobrang oily po ng face ko lalo na pag pinagpapawisan po ako. It it normal po?

  37. Hi, i was using orange cucumber rejuv set. Naggkumpulan na yung pimples ko sa kabilang side, but i didn’t stop using it bc i thought the rejuv set will heal them but there are no improvements at all hindi nagdry yung pimples.

    My cousin said baka sumobra na daw ako ng paggamit ng rejuv. i stopped using the rejuv set and i am planning to switch to ryx exfoliating set as my maintenance. will it help heal my pimples po na nagkumpulan?

  38. hi I’ve been using herskin rejuvenating set po, 4 days ko na pong ginagamit, pag po ba nag stop ako gamitin, papangit po ba yung face ko?

      1. I’ve been using brilliant rejuvenating set for 3 weeks now, should I stop it when exfoliating is done?

  39. Hello po! almost 3 weeks na po ako gumagamit ng brilliant rejuv set pero ganon pa rin po, hindi po nawawala ung acne marks ko at parang nadadagdagan parin ang blackheads ko. Ipagpapatuloy ko paba ito?

  40. Hi. I have tried alot of rejuv product. I think the best one would be the beautederm, i used their rejuv for consistent 3 months and so far it was able to clear my pimples and just left acne marks but bcuz i cant afford the maintenance i switched to another mild product but it causes me to have another breakout again. I tried other rejuv set like beauché, brilliant skin, Neutrogena and other micellar toner in replace of beauterderm but they didnt really work so i switched back to beautederm rejuv for a month but it seems like it wasnt working for me now. Now my breakout is back and i havent used any product since then. Can i ask for any advise?

  41. I start using rejuv set last 4 days ago tapos 3rd day nya nag peel na skin ko at nag tight tapos mahapdi and red pa..Ano po ang dapt gawin?ang hapdi kase

    1. Hi po 1 week napo akon gumagamit nang Perfect skin medjo kuminis naman po pero medjo nangati ako tapos mapula ang face ko should i continue using this product po?

  42. Hello

    I tried the product and its absolutely perfect , But after I stopped using it, my face gone back to how it was…

    I had to stopped it because I notice my face is getting more white than body, I have tried all possible best to use other products all to no avail.
    I will be glad if you can enlighten me more about what to do because my face is getting more worse day after day

    1. Hello Nuraht,

      Use the soap on your body as well to even out your skin tone of your face and body. Also, please change your mindset about having something permanent in this life. Even if you go to dermatologist and succeeding in making over your skin, it’ll go back if you don’t build up a sustainable skincare routine.

      Rejuvenating Sets
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