July 14, 2020 How Often Should I Use Rejuvenating Set

How Often Should I Use Rejuvenating Set?

There are no two ways about it, as you age, your face begins to deteriorate. Your skin gets less elastic, it gets lose and stretches out in different places, folds of skin begin to appear here and there, and let’s not forget the lines and wrinkles that form. Ageing has effects on your facial appearance and outlook. However, several rejuvenating sets can be used to counter the effects of ageing. Nevertheless, this begs the following question, How Often Should I Use Rejuvenating Set?

Rejuvenating sets refer to any combination of cosmetic treatments that are used to restore the totality of your facial appearance to its youthful appearance.

When to use rejuvenating sets?

Essentially, facial rejuvenation is right for you if you are looking to:

  • Reverse the ugly side effects of ageing
  • To restore your face to its previous ravishing and youthful appearance
  • Remove sagging skin in your neck and face
  • Increase the volume in your cheeks
  • Contour your jawline
  • Eliminate the appearance of crow’s feet around your eyes
  • Remove facial lines as well as folds that often appear around the mouth

As you age, that smooth complexion of yours takes a severe beating. Different factors such as sun exposure, lifestyle, genetics, acne and more can cause your skin to develop conditions that make your skin less beautiful, smooth and uneven. Chemical peels work great at smoothening your overall skin texture.

Chemical peels are a simple facial rejuvenation procedure. It involves the use of a chemical solution to peel off the damaged, outer layer of your skin, boosting collagen production and revealing the newer, more beautiful layer underneath.


How often should I use rejuvenating set?

In the real sense of it, there is no exact time table for using rejuvenating sets. However, once you start it, it is a commitment for life as the effects of your treatments are bound to decline over time.


  • Factors that can affect the rate at which you should use rejuvenating sets include:


  1. The responsiveness of your body to treatment: Generally, the rate at which your body breaks down treatment solutions determine how often you would need more treatments. The faster it is, the more often you will need more treatments.
  2. Genetics and overall health: Darker looking people enjoy the effects of rejuvenating set treatments longer than others with lighter skin tones. Also, your physical health can play a role in how long a facial rejuvenation treatment will last.
  3. The incisiveness of the facial rejuvenating set: Typically, the more invasive a facial rejuvenation treatment is, the longer the effects will last.
  4. Lifestyle choices: Activities such as smoking and alcohol consumption can alter the rate of blood flow in your body. This can alter the effects of a treatment as it accelerates the ageing process.
  5. Overall diet and exercising routine: A well-balanced diet combined with daily healthy exercise routines will keep you in good shape making sure that the effects of your treatment last for as long as possible.
  6. The speed of the ageing process: This is a natural phenomenon that cannot be altered. The faster your body changes, the more you would need rejuvenating sets. Sometimes, the ageing process can be accelerated by stress and illness.

Final Thoughts

Rejuvenating sets can help you maintain a beautiful and youthful appearance. Our experts at rejuvenatingsets.com can help you with choosing the best rejuvenating set for your presentation.

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171 thoughts on “How Often Should I Use Rejuvenating Set?

  1. Good day po! mag tatanong lang po sana, yong hyperpigmentation ko po sa both cheeks ko po, kong maglalagay ng toner at cream dapat po ba na lalagyan yong part na yon, o yon lang hindi nangingitim.Natatakot po kasi ako na lumala pa, at mangitim ng todo.
    Salamat po sana magreply po at namomopreblema po ako, nag sa-sunblock po ako halos oras oras. Lea po ito, 39

      1. Great day ahead! My co-workers told me that at this moment that the; 1.)black something on my face starts to fade away,,,but still evident 2)peeling off is still evident 3.lessened blackheads 3) almost clean in the nose part because before I use this I have lots of whiteheads and blackheads. But need to observe more of whats happening on my face. What i learned is to be patient not to get panic when all of the side effects are there. I think, the wrong thing Ive done was I using sunblock during evening thinking that makes it perfect, but was wrong then. Thank you very much. Keeping in touch with you is appreciated much.

        1. Hello Faith,

          I’m glad to hear that your skin is starting to improve! It’s important to be patient and consistent with your skincare routine, and it sounds like you’re doing a great job.

          It’s also important to avoid using sunscreen at night, as this can actually make your skin more sensitive to the sun’s rays. Sunscreen should only be used during the day, and it’s important to reapply it every two hours or before/after swimming or sweating.

          I’m happy to keep in touch and answer any questions you have about your skincare routine. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime.

          Rejuvenating Sets
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  2. Thank you po sa pag reply po in a day. ika-11th day (May 11 is my 6th day, and ngayun is ika 11th day) ko na po ng pag gamit ngayun po ng brillian rejuv set. Grabe na po ang sunblock ko ng paggamit every one hour po ako naglalagay. TANONG ko po: puwedi po bang mag discontinue today (May 16) shift nalang po ako sa brilliant maintenance set next Monday po ( May 22)?
    Observations po 1.) black map both in my cheeks (below my eyes part) 2.)peeling off naman po everyday 3.) in the face theres an uneven colors like, white portion, reddish and black 4.) may blackheads pa po. Salamat Po, again po, Faith

    1. Hello Faith,

      For the sunblock, apply it 30 minutes before exposing to sun and renew every 2-3 hours; 1 hour is less than enough. You can shift to milder set as maintenance set, but observe downtime (1 week at least applying nothing but gentle cleanser and sunblock) before introducing the new set to your skin. Also, check the following article that’ll help you stop the rejuvenating set: How to Stop Skin Rejuvenating Set

      Rejuvenating Sets
      While you’re here, check out: SkinLite Hydroquinone Tretinoin Mometasone Furoate Cream: Composition, Concentrations, Benefits, and Usage

  3. Hello po, 6th day ko na pong nagamit po sa ngayon, nag papeel off napo kaso po sa booth cheeks ko po nangingitim po tsaka ung mukha ko as in umitim po, napapansin na po ito ng mga co-workers ko. im using brilliant rejuv set, tanong ko po is, 1) is this the result po ng paggamit? 2.) need ko po bang mag stop or itutuloy po til 3oth day? pakitulong po.worried here. 40yo female here

    1. Hello Faith,

      To answer your question, the Brilliant Rejuv Set is designed to be used for a full 30-day cycle to achieve maximum benefits. As such, it is recommended to continue using the product as directed for the full cycle, which would be for 30 days.

      However, given the concerns you have raised about the darkening or hyperpigmentation on your cheeks, it is important to closely monitor your skin’s reaction to the product and discontinue use if the side effects persist or worsen.

      In the meantime, it is recommended to avoid sun exposure and wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect your skin from further damage.

      I hope this clarifies the recommended course of action, and please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.

      Rejuvenating Sets
      While you’re here, check out: SkinLite Hydroquinone Tretinoin Mometasone Furoate Cream: Composition, Concentrations, Benefits, and Usage

      1. Thank you po sa pag reply po in a day. ika-11th day (May 11 is my 6th day, and ngayun is ika 11th day) ko na po ng pag gamit ngayun po ng brillian rejuv set. Grabe na po ang sunblock ko ng paggamit every one hour po ako naglalagay. TANONG ko po: puwedi po bang mag discontinue today (May 16) shift nalang po ako sa brilliant maintenance set or any maintenance na mas hiyang po ako next Monday po ( May 22)?
        Observations po 1.) black map both in my cheeks (below my eyes part) 2.)peeling off naman po everyday 3.) in the face theres an uneven colors like, white portion, reddish and black 4.) may blackheads pa po. Salamat Po, again po, Faith 40 yo

  4. Hello po. Ask ko lang. Pwede po pagkatapos ng 1 month of using rejuv, magtransfer ka to your normal skin care routine and then after 1 month rejuv na namn ulit? Parang every 1 month ang pagitan ng pagrerejuv

      1. Hi thanks. So that means I cant re use the rejuvenating set after using it? Like mag re-rest ako sa December then use again in January? or should I use maintenance na po talaga and use rejuvenating set once lang din.

        1. Hi,

          The rule of thumb is that you are not supposed to use rejuvenating set, particularly speaking, the rejuvenating toner and cream for more than a month. In case you want to use them again, you ought to rest your skin for a month before using again. It’s up to you if want to use maintenance set.
          Check the following article for more information: Can I Use Rejuvenating Set For 2 Months
          And Maintenance After Using Rejuvenating Set

          Recent article: SkinLite Face Wash 200ml

  5. Hello po, first time user po ng Brilliant, pwede po bang pagsabayin gumamit ng Brilliant AHA at Rejuvenating Set?

  6. Hello po, first time user po ng Brilliant Skin, effective parin po ba ang rejud cream kapag yung type ng skin is oily? Kasi palagi po kasing naging oily yung face ko.

  7. Hi. Can I only use Brilliant Kojic Soap and Rejuv. Cream without the toner? And also can I reapply the rejuv cream after sa month na pag rest po sa face ko? I need honest answers po thank you

        1. Thank you for answering❤️ another question po, is sleeping too late like 1 am in the morning could ruin the rejuvenation process?

            1. Hi again, thank you for your answers. I want to ask po since im a person who easily got sweaty, after i put toner, namamawis na po ako and i dont want to pat my face again with tissue because baka ma absorb sa tissue yung toner. That is why po na im having second thoughts on putting night cream on my sweaty face. Is it fine lang po ba na maglagay pa rin ng night crime o should i rlly dry my face muna? Salamat po again for the answer

                    1. Hi again. I’m wondering po if i can use Brilliant Kojic Soap and Sunscreen for morning and Johnson Moisturizer in the night for maintenance po?

  8. Hi. May I ask po if pwede kong gamitin ang rejuv ng 2x a week? Like an exfoliator lang po? Then sa ibang days gagamit po ako micellar water and moisturizer lang?

  9. Hello po! I’m done using rejuv. at maraming pimples ang nagsilabasan and then after using rejuv. for 1 month , I used maintenance set 2 months from now na but hanggang ngayon po may pimples paring tumutubo sa face ko?

  10. im 14yrs old, sobrang oily ng mukha ko at the same time maitim din , and ask kolang rin po if pwede na ba akong gumamit ng rejuv set? (G21 swipe right)

  11. Hi! I started using brilliant skin rejuvenating set last november 2021, and then after a month i already used the brilliant skin maintenance whitening. Ask ko lang po if pwede na po ba akong magrejuvenate ulit? Ilang beses po ba sa isang taon tau dapat magrejuvenate? 29 years old po ako. Thanks.

  12. hello po, gumamit po ako rejuv for a month and then nung na satisfy na po ako sa face ko nag switch po ako sa maintenance set ng same brand po, im using it for almost a month po pero tinutubuan pa din po ako pimples, should i continue using the maintenance set po ba?

      1. Hi! I started using brilliant skin rejuvenating set last november 2021, and then after a month i already used the brilliant skin maintenance whitening. Ask ko lang po if pwede na po ba akong magrejuvenate ulit? Ilang beses po ba sa isang taon tau dapat magrejuvenate? 29 years old po ako. Thanks.

      2. Hi po. Can i use rejuv set right after the maintenance? If not how long should i stop using the maintenance for, before using the rejuv set again?
        And can i use other brand of rejuv set after using the same rejuv and maintenance brand? Can i switch to a different brand?

          1. last question po if gumamit na po ulit ako rejuv and okay na po ulit face ko then kojic and sunblock nalang po gamit ko until when ko po gagamitin? thank you po ng marami !!!

  13. One month na po akong gumagamit nang rejuvenating pero d pari ako satisfied pwdy po ba akong gumamit ulit nang isang set 34 years old

  14. Hello po, last year September gumamit po ako ng rejuv set, then after 30days nagproceed po ako sa maintenance set until now. its been one year already nag maintenance set po ako. wala po ba siya side effect if prolong usage ng mainte set?

    and lastly, plano ko rin po sana gumamit ulit ng rejuv set for 30days. ok lng po yun?

  15. Ask ko lang po what if po gumamit ako ng rejuvenating set ng brilliant almost 1 year yon lang po ginagamit ko. May nangyayare poba sa mukha ko? Ano po magiging disadvantages nun salamat po

  16. Ask ko lang po what if po gumamit ako ng rejuvenating set ng brilliant almost 1 year yon lang po ginagamit ko. May nangyayare poba sa mukha ko? Ano po magiging disadvantages nun salamat po

    1. Hi Thea kolin Kyla S. Canlas,
      It is not recommended to use the rejuvenating toner and rejuvenating cream continuously more than one month. However, the kojic soap and sunblock cream are OK to use them continuously. In your case, you said you have been using Brilliant Rejuvenating set for a year. This may make your skin hyper sensitive and very thin. In other words, your skin will be vulnerable in defending itself at the time of sun exposure or any other oxidants. Please read the following article for more information: Brilliant Rejuvenating Set Benefits and Side Effects

  17. Hi Use Rejuvenating set (g21 swipe right) for 4 days po and after peeling hininto ko muna po yung paggamit kasi sobrang hapdi po sa mukha. This is 3rd days po ng paghinto ko sa rejuve set ko and kanina nagexpose po ako sa sun and indirect heat. I feel na umitim po yung mukha. Can I apply again my rejuvenating set?

    1. Hi Jes,
      Try to not expose to sun frequently while using rejuvenating set. If you do, always remember to wear sunblock 30 minutes before sun exposure. Also, bear in mind to re-apply every two hours while you are under sun.
      Yes apply again.

      1. I have a question another. when I was in the 2nd day of using po ng night cream or ng rejuvenating until my 4th day parang nagoily po yung face ko while using that cream. Is that normal po?.

  18. hi, can i use iwhite korea products like peel off masks after using rejuv set (skin fantasy) for a less than a month?

  19. Hello Ma’am,
    gumamit po ako for the first time ng rejuvenating set(Brilliant set) nung 26th March then after 3 days nagbalat mukha ko ng sobra, namula. Nag worried ako dahil nga (1st time and i never done before), hininto ko ung set since 5 days and now may paunti unti pa din ung pagbabalat nasasama na sa tubig kapag naghihilamos po ako and wala na din ung redness pero parang nagkaroon ako ng rashes. Is that normal maam?
    Medyo ok naman ung face ko after 3 days na paggamit may pagbabago
    Kapag po ba i continue ko yung paggamit, (pwede pa ba) magbabalat paba ulit kahit tapos na ung first peeling un nga lang hininto ko after 3 days of using…
    Thank you po sa sagot and godbless!

  20. Hi po, im using rejuv set for the first time and naka one month na po ako but i still don’t get the results i want. is it ok po to use another set or stop ko po muna? Naubos ko na po yung rejuvenating cream but yung sunblock and toner meron pa po, yun nalang ba ang i continue kong gamitin or can i use po ulit ng isang set? thank you po

      1. what i mean po sa another set is same brand pa din po ng ginagamit ko. Can i continue to use po ng rejuvenating cream for more than 1 month?, naunang naubos po kasi yung rejuv cream and since di ko pa po na-achieve yung gusto kong results? Thank you so much for the responses. 🙂

        1. Hello po,
          It’s ok you can use the rejuvenating cream for more another month. You can apply the rejuvenating cream only on the dark spots, pimples or on the areas where you want to treat. The rule of thumb of using rejuvenating cream and toner is to be used for 1 month only. However, there are cases in which you need to continue using for prolonged period to achieve results.

  21. Hello po,
    mga ilang days/weeks need irest yung face para po makabalik na sa dating skincare products at para po makapagamakeup. Patapos na po kasi ako gumamit ng rejuv set.

    1. Hi po
      You can go back to your regular skincare directly if it doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients. What’s your skincare product?
      Yes you can wear makeup directly. The lighter, the best. To avoid clogging pores.

      1. Ibabalik ko na po kasi siya normal skincare ko and balak ko din pong irest yung skin ko for 1week para di po siya mabigla, okay lang po ba yun?

  22. Naka gamit na po ako ng prestige, last 5 months na pong nakakaraan.
    Tanong ko lang po kung pwede po ba akong gumamit ulit ng rejuvinating set na for 1 month since matagal nanaman po yung last na gamit ko?
    23 y/old po.

  23. I just want to ask po kasi gumamit po ako ng rejuv set (ibang company) and naubos na, ngayon po kararating lang yung order ko na Prestige rejuv set, maganda kasi ang review ng prestige and di ako masyadong solved sa naunang product na ginamit ko. Kahapon ko lang naubos yung rejuv na ginamit ko for a month. Ang tanong ko po, is it okay na gagamitin ko na agad itong Prestige rejuv set mamayang gabi or tomorrow? or papahingahin ko muna ang face ko sa paggamit ng rejuv? Thanks po

    1. Hello po. Once na ko nakagamit ng rejuv set, yun po ang first time ko, last year lang. Pwede na po ba ulit ako gumamit? Ung gamit ko lang po kasi sa face ngayon ay facial wash at light cream sun block lang. Nag woworry na po kasi ako dahil ang ti-trigger ang pimples ko, lalo sa magkabilang gilid na pisngi :(.
      Hoping po sa answer, thank you po.

    1. Hi, same set ng rejuv. Im 39 y/o first time user. Nag start ako nov 15 till now. Is it ok? Sabi kasi ng iba 30 days lang daw dapat….

      1. Hello,

        We’ll, using rejuvenating set for one month is the optimal period for the best results. But if you are a first time user, it’s ok to use one set for a couple months especially the toner.

      1. 16 yrs old, male, ng use po aq ng prestige rejuvenating set dahil my mga pimple marks, blackheads, and peklat po yung mukha ko, ng start po aq this January lng. Till when po ako ng rejuvenate? Like kailangan po ba talaga 1 month or ano pong maissuggest nyo. And balak q den pong isunod yung whitening set ng prestige pg tapos na sa rejuvenate.

  24. Hello po,

    I’m currently using prestige rejuv set and actually pang Day 5 ko na pero pansin ko wala pa ding kahit anong pag-pe-peel. Is it okay? Or should I stop using it?

  25. Hi po, i’m planning to use prestige rejuv set then po nagpatch test na po ako pero po napansin ko po namula yung area na iapplyan ko po pero po di naman po mahapdi at makati. Gamitin ko pa po ba or di ko nalang po ituloy? Any advice po?

  26. I’m 19 yrs old po. Balak ko po sana gumamit ng presitige rejuv set ask ko lang po if pano po if nag-break out or skin purge need po ba talaga ituloy or istop po yung sa pag gamit?

  27. Pag po ba nakaramdam na ng sobrang hapdi at namula po yung face okay lang po ba na mag ice theraphy or water mist para po ma lessen yung hapdi at pamumula????

  28. Hi po. I’m planning to use prestige rejuv set po kasi po more on dark spots po problem ko. Ask ko lang po if okay lang po bang gawing maintenance yung mga products na ginagamit ko dati na hiyang din saakin?

  29. Hi po, 1 month na po ako gumagamit ng ayesha rejuvenating set and then nag stop na po ako, ilang months po ba kailangan para mag rejuvenate po ulit? Thanks po..

  30. Hi, i used skin reborn rejuvinating set for a year, so far effective sa akin. Nagclear pimples ko, Then i shifted to Mary Kay products last September, and gradually, i had breakouts. Continuous, magdadry pero may tutubo ulit na pimple beside the dried one. Parang purging nangyari. I’m.planning on going back to Skin reborn rejuv set, is it okay po ba or i just continue to use mary kay products?

    1. Hi
      First of all, you are not recommended to keep using any rejuvenating set for that long time. You have always to take rest after each set or use a maintenance set right after finishing the rejuvenating set. For now keep using the set you started and then start your downtime using only mild soap and sunblock.

  31. Hello po. Ask ko lang po. First time po ko gagamit ng rejuvenating set. Ilang months po ba bago mag stop bago gumamit ng whitening set po?

  32. Hi I’m 21 and currently into my 3rd week of using prestige international rejuv set. Di pa ko ganung ka satisfied sa result kasi ngayon palang nag su-surface yung whiteheads and may dark marks pa rin ako. Pwede ko ba siya icontinue for another month? Thank you

  33. September 16 ako nagstart gumamit ng rejuvenating prestige set and natapos siya ng October 16 po tapos after nun sinunod ko po yung Whitening set niya then kakatapos lang po this november 16. Is it okay to use rejuvenating prestige again?

  34. Hello po, i’m 23 and i’ve used around 3 boxes of skin reborn rejuvenating set na. Just wanna ask if what should I use po since parang walang clarifying set yung skin reborn po. And i’m planning to stop na using rejuv set kasi parang na exfoliate na ng husto yung skin ko.

    1. Hello po,

      Yes better to stop using for now and wait for a downtime to rest your skin. Then you can use another rejuvenating set. If your skin issues maintan, then you need to go to dermatologist for a better advice.

  35. Hello po. Im 19 years old po. Paubos na po ang isang set ng rejuvinating na gamit ko and visible parin po ang mga dark spots and pimples marks ko plus tinutubuan pa po ako ng paunti unting pimples. Pwede pa po ba ko gumamit ulit ng another set? Pano po malalaman if thin na ang skin ko? Salmat po.

  36. Hi po.. Ive been using skin magical rejuv set #1 oct. Last year. Tas i continue using the set#3 then set #2… Pag nagseset #2 ako bumabalik yung mga dark spots sa face ko. Then bumalik po ako sa set #3. i’m using it pero 4x a week na lang po sa night lang. As of now one week na po ako di gumagamit. Can i use po the prestige rejuv set? Baka mas hiyang po kasi sa akin.

  37. Hi, gumamit po ako ng Rejuv brillant set for almost 1 year na and effective po talaga sakin kasi nawala pimples ko. Takot po ako mag stop kasi baka bumalik pimples ko. Okay lang ba na continue ko parin? Thank you.

      1. Hi po pagkatapos po bang mag rejuvenating set tad may kunti pang peeling ano po ma e rerecommend nyong pang maintenance sa skin?

  38. Hi can i ask some questions po , perfect skin p0 kasi gamit ko so far ok lang din naman at effective sakin , di ba 1 month lang po yong recommended na use , gustu ko po sanang ipagpatuloy muna kasi may maliliit na pimples na lumalabas sa face ko . kaso natatakot po ako na hindi mgrest . thank you po sana mapansin nyu .

      1. Hi im 21 yrs old po and im using her skin for almost a month and wala pading po akong nagiging result still nag kaka tagyawat pa din ako and sobrang oily nya since mild lang po yung rejuv na ginagamit ko ok lang po ba if gumamit ako agad ng ibang brand ng rejuv after resting for 1 week?

  39. Hi po .im 23 y. o , since 1 month lang ang instruction for using ps rejuv ,takot po kasi akong mag continue baka
    masira yung mukha po , pero hindi pa kasi natanggal yung pimples ko at nag pepeeling pa .ano ho ba yong ma advice nyo sakin?thank you .sana mapansin nyo po .

  40. Hi Is it okay to use ryx rejuvenating set kahit na nakaface mask ako for almost 10 hours because Im working , (office lang, and commuter) , 23 years old. 3 months ago na ung last akong gumamit ng rejuv. Thank You so much . Hope to receive feedback

      1. Hi ask ko lang po more than 5 months na since the last time nag rejuv set aq na prestige. Kso parang nangitim n ulit mukha q at my mga pimple marks n ulit. Can i whitening set na lang?

  41. Hi, 3months na ako gumagamit ng ayesha rejuv set pero wala parin effect sa face ko po still ngsisilabasan ung mga pimples ko at sobrang oily,yung gamit ko po kasi mild rejuv set lang po, pwdeng ba palitan agadagad ung gamit ko kahit 1week lang papahinga ng face ko… Am 32 yrs old… Tnx po..

    1. hi, thanks for contacting us! yes mam you can change set po. kung d naman manipis ang skin mo, change ka any rejuv set. pero pag manipis skin mo just rest 1 week. then choose any rejuv set you want

  42. Hello po, tama po bang 2-3 times a week mo lang dapat gamitin yung rejuvenating set at hindi daily? First time ko po kaseng gumamit at sobrang hapdi at pula na po ng mukha ko, feeling ko di ko kayang tiisin yung hapdi if araw araw kong ginamit. Thank you!

  43. Hi po im 18 and I finished using brilliant rejuv set in just a month yet Im still not satisfied with my face po. Is it advisable if I use another brand of rejuv set like skin reborn rejuv set? Thankyou

  44. Hello po, tanong ko lang po kung pwede na po ako gumamit ulit ng rejuvinating set? Gumamit po ako last August pero nag-stop po ako dahil hindi na po ako nahiyang sa Brilliant. Ano po kayang maisa-suggest niyo na ibang brand ng rejuv? Thank you po.

  45. Hi po gumagamit po ako ng rejuvenating set ung skin perfection po and more than 8 months ko na po syang ginagamit pero may mga natitirang pimples and pimples marks parin itutuloy ko pa ba ang paggamit neto? Salamat po!

  46. Tapos na po ako gumamit ng rejuv. Set one month na po akong nag gamit, im 17 years old pero meron paring whiteheads and tumutubong pimple, contimue ko pa po ba ang pag gamit?

    1. Continue of its the same set. You can use 1 set for a month or two.
      But as you are 17, you have to take using gently. IF the set has finished within a month, rest before using another one or use maintenance set.

        1. 1 month at least. 2 month downtime period is recommended. You are still young and your skin is thin. Using more rejuvenating would make your skin thinner and you will be compromising your skin.

  47. Hi po. Dapat po ba 1 month lang pag gamit ng rejuvenating set? Gamit ko po skin perfection at tapos ko na po 1 month pero meron pa pong Minsan pimple na lumalabas at iilang whiteheads pa na hindi na tanggal. Continue ko lng po ba paggamit ulit for another 1 month? Thank you po.

  48. Hi. I’ve been using Brilliant Rejuv for a month now, this is my first set. According to the instruction, i should only use it for a month but there’s still active peeling and dryness. Should I continue to use the product? Or move on to a maintenance set (Brilliant Whitening Set). Thank uoi for your help.

  49. hi ask ko lang po kasi ginamit ko na po yung prestige rejuv set for 2 months po then nagstop ako. okay lang po ba gamitin ulit yun since one month na po ako nagstop?

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