July 7, 2020 AR Vitamin E Cream Review

AR Vitamin E Cream Review: A Thailand Miracle?

You might have noticed us recently promoting the AR Vitamin E Cream on Facebook and Instagram. Its strong reputation in Thailand has made it quite a popular product among us Filipinas, so it’s time that we took a closer look at the product so that you as the consumer know everything there is to know about the AR Vitamin E Cream. Before we get into the review, the AR Vitamin E Cream is a face and body moisturizer, and each container has 200 grams of cream. Now let’s get on with the AR Vitamin E Cream Thailand review!


What is in AR Vitamin E Cream?

Regardless of how popular a product is, or how positive the customer testimonials are, you should always learn about the ingredients of your body products. That way, you can determine if a product is actually safe for you to use, and if you’re unsure, you can always consult with a dermatologist or other health professional.

The cream is made by a Thai manufacturer called Aron, and it is enriched with sunflower seed oil, vitamin E, beeswax, and other natural oils, which is why it’s an effective moisturizer.

Here is the complete list of ingredients, in case you wanted to do your own research on any items below.


Water (Aqua), Beeswax, Mineral Oil, Glycerin, Cetyl Alcohol, Lanolin Oil, Acrylates Copolymer, Glyceryl Monostearate, Stearic Acid, Polysorbate 20, Helianthus Annus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Methyl Paraben, Prophyl Paraben, Titanium Dioxide Ci No. 77891, Fragrance

Who Can Use AR Vitamin E Cream?

According to the manufacturer, the cream can be used on all skin types, though it’s especially effective on dry skin. Even if you have rough patches on your skin, like on the bottoms of your feet, knees and elbows, the Vitamin E Cream has an ultra-hydrating formula to ensure that even the roughest parts of your body can be softened and moisturized.

For those wondering if it’s safe to take it while pregnant, the answer is yes. So the product is supposedly suitable for any skin type and during pregnancy.

But even if a product indicates that it’s suitable for all skin types, someone with oily skin may find the cream too oily for their liking. Someone with sensitive skin may get an allergic reaction from the formula. Additionally, another person may be on specific medications that may have adverse reactions with the cream. Whatever the case may be, please take the following precautions:


Please consult with a dermatologist to ensure the product is safe for use on your skin. Every skincare product reacts different on various skin types, so best to meet with a health professional beforehand.

Make sure that you also test for allergic reactions.

To do so, apply a little bit of cream on a small area of your neck and a small patch on your arm. Leave for 24 hours. If any redness occurs, do not use the product. If redness occurs only on the neck and not at the arms, you may use the cream on your body but not your face.

Benefits of  Vitamin E Cream

Why exactly is this Thailand product so popular anyway? Well for starters, the cream is so delicate and airy, and once you put it on, it’s easily absorbed in the skin. Also, there isn’t a hint of greasiness or stickiness, and it leaves your skin with a nice, demi matte finish and a neutral fragrance.

Not only does the product smell pleasant, apply well and hydrate your skin, but it also has a ton of other benefits. AR Vitamin E Cream can treat the following skin conditions:

  • Melasma
  • Cellulite
  • Scars
  • Freckles
  • Pimple marks
  • Dark spots
  • Stretch marks
  • Acne
  • Oily and dry skin
  • Wrinkles
  • Loose skin
  • Dark underarms and inner thigh
  • Dark under-eye circles

With this list, the cream is almost like a miracle worker for your skin!

How to Use Vitamin E Cream

The cream is easy to use. You can use it anywhere on your body, avoiding intimate areas. DO NOT APPLY THE PRODUCT ON CUTS, WOUNDS, BURNS, RASHES OR RED SKIN.


  • Apply it as your last step in your morning and evening skincare routines.
  • For your morning routine, mix the cream with sunscreen and apply on your face using circular motions. You can also apply the twp products as separate steps in your routine.
  • For your evening routine, massage the cream on your face in circular motions. You may also mix the cream with a drop of serum.


  • Apply it all over your body (or just on knees, elbows and feet) after bathing to retain as much moisture as possible.
  • Apply cream on dry, rough skin before bedtime.

How to Spot Fake AR Vitamin E Cream

If you’re questioning the authenticity of your AR Vitamin E Cream, here are a few indicators to make sure you purchased a genuine product:

  • The square logo in the front should be a yellow orange color
  • The texture should be creamy and NOT like a lotion
  • The cream should feel lightweight on your skin
  • The product should NOT leave a greasy or sticky feeling
  • The lid should close fully

AR Vitamin E Cream

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