March 18, 2021 Brilliant rejuvenating set benefits

Brilliant Rejuvenating Set Benefits and Side Effects

Brilliant rejuvenating set is a popular rejuvenating set. It treats several skincare concerns. We will address some of which later in this article. Brilliant rejuvenating set has many benefits. On the other hand, you must take precautionary steps before using the like to avoid any side effects.


Brilliant rejuvenating set contains four (4) products. First, Kojic acid soap. Second, rejuvenating facial toner. Third, rejuvenating facial cream. Forth, sunscreen gel-cream 30 SPF. It helps reduce the appearance of blemishes such as pimple scars, whiteheads, blackheads, dark spots, and other discoloration.

Benefits of Brilliant Rejuvenating Set

Benefits of Brilliant Rejuvenating SetIt treats the following skin concerns:

  • Fine lines
  • Melasma
  • Large pores
  • Warts
  • Oily skin
  • Acne
  • Pimples
  • Whiteheads
  • Blackheads.

After finishing up Brilliant rejuvenating set, you will have the following results:

  • Glossy skin
  • Pinkish glow
  • Brighter and whiter skin
  • Younger look
  • Clear skin.

What is the side effect of Brilliant rejuvenating set?

  • Redness
  • Itchiness
  • Stinging
  • Scabbing and swelling
  • Skin purging.

Normally, it takes 28 to 30 days to heal from any side effects. Therefore, it’s advisable to limit the use to 30 days. After the 30 day period, lay off any harsh skincare products. Let your skin cells grow. Furthermore, allow your skin to repair itself. So, it’s a process. Just give your skin the required time to heal.

In case you notice severe irritation of the product while using, stop using. Contact us by commenting below. Or, contact the specialist where you got your set from.

For more info, don’t miss to read: What Are Rejuvenating Set Side Effects?

Take the following precautionary steps before using the set to avoid any side effects:

  • Test the skin for sensitivity to the product prior to use. Place a small amount of the product in your forearm. If no irritation occurs after the first 24 hours, proceed with the product use . Otherwise, refrain from using the product.
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure.
  • It is not recommended to be used in combination with other products.
  • In addition, it is not recommended for pregnant and lactating mothers and sensitive skin.


If you use the Brilliant rejuvenating set as per instruction, you will indulge the great benefits of the same. Always follow the precautionary steps before using brilliant rejuvenating set. That’s how you can avoid any potential side effects.

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277 thoughts on “Brilliant Rejuvenating Set Benefits and Side Effects

      1. hello po i just want to asking po anong nangyayari sa baba ko 4 6 months napo ako nagamit ng brilliant ung old brilliant po is hiyang po ako dun and then nung naglabas kayo ng bagong brilliant maayos naman po nung una and then nung may 26 nag start napo dumami tigyawat ko sa baba ko pero nung gumagamit ako nung may 1 to 25 normal naman tas paggising ko madami na agad i keep using and using brilliant po lalo pong dumadami diko napo alam 10 days napo sya pero nalala should i stop using brilliant or use again old brilliant yun lang po sana masagot pp

          1. Hi po it’s my first time using brilliant rejuvenating po ask lang Po Nung 1st week of use ako nag glow ako at nawala yung tigyawat ko pero between sa 2nd week at third week dumami napo it’s normal po ba?

            1. Hi,
              It happens with many people. Your skin might be purging. Keep using to remove these restorative breakouts.

    1. Hi po it’s been two weeks and my pimples is increasing. At first week it’s was okay I see my skin glowing and my pimples are gone. But at then in two weeks I see pimples and it’s increasing. How should I stop it? Is it normal?

  1. Hello, is it fine po ba to use bsrejuv after using bswhitening set? or should i pause for a week before using bsrejuv?

  2. Hi I am using the Brilliant Rejuv Set – Hydroquinone Tretinoin, tapos malapit na pong maubos yung cream. Then bumili po ako ng another cream but unfortunately ang nabili ko cream is the Brilliant rejuvenating set. Okay lng po ba na gamitin ko to?

  3. Ano pong next na gagawin kpag ntapos n ung page rerejuv

    Pagkatapos po bang gumamit nito tas pahinga for 1 month gagamit poba uli nito o mag memeintenance na ok lng poba khit d na mag maintenance..???.

  4. Why I don’t feel the burning when I use toner and don’t Peel at nagkaroon ako ng pimples when applying this rejuvenating set is it normal po be tlaga??

  5. Hi po. Since hindi pa naman po nawawala pimples ko, can I use any concealer or foundation creams after using the sunblock cream for daytime? Thanks po sa response.

      1. Hi Mark Loyd Samosa,
        Maybe your skin is oily, then you will see the peeling. If you see any difference is still fine without peeling.

      1. Ok lang po ba gumamit ng toner and tropical cream every night? Super sakit po kasi sa face tuwing nagpapahid ako parang sinusugat po ganon lalo na sa area na nagpepeel.

      2. Hi!! Matatapos na po ako ng pang 1 month sa paggamit ng tomato BRS but wala.parin po akong nakikitang pagbabago.. di parin nawawala mga pimple ko lalo lang pong dumadami and di rin sya nag pipeel.. what should i do? Need ko na po va itigil pag katpos ng 1 month or tuloy tuloy parin po?

  6. hello po tapos na ako gumamit ng rejuvinating nag change po ako sa maintenance ilang days pa lang nag ka pimples ulit ako at dumame ang blackheads normal po ba ito?

  7. Hello. Ms glenda, kagabi nag rejuvinate ako ginamit ko yung bago mo rejuv na my tretenoin ba un. Pag kagising ko ng morning sobrang red face ako then my rashes ako both arms ko maliliit na mild itchiness… at chest and neck. 2018 pa ako nagamit ng brilliant then eto nga first ko nagmit yung new rejuv nyo ayun i developed rashes at yung face ko mainit sa pakirmdam kagabi lng un ha. Nag take ako cetirizine ngayun gabi. Stop ko muna ngayun 2nd night ksi baka nga dun ako naallergy eh. Wala ako allergy sa foods. Thanks. Hope you will reply.

    1. Hello maam jenny same tayo sis ang hapdi sa mukha normal lang ba yung mga ganun na side effect after using brse?

    2. Hi Jenny,
      Before using the product, you need to do patch test first before using it to your face to avoid allergic reactions.

      1. Hello po, First time ko pong gumamit ng BRS, kagabi po ako nag start then knabukasan na feel ko po yung kati ng face to my neck po then mapula. Pero yung sa leeg lng po yung parang medyo malala. Should I stop po ba or continue ko lng pO? Btw I’m bf mom, is it safe po ba? If hindi po ano pong pwde nyong ma recommend na product from brilliant? Hope you could response. Thank you!

              1. Thank you for this info hope someday brilliant skin would create product that safe for both pregnant and bf moms.

      1. Hi, it’s been 6 days since I used brilliant skin care and I just wanted to ask if normal ba Yung redness, pagbabalat, chapped skin at super hapdi NG face ko? Hndi ako gumamit NG product 2 days na, I thought I would just rest my face cuz I can’t endure the pain anymore sobrang hapdi and hndi na patay Yung skin tone ko. And sobrang banat Yung face ko masakit kpag nageexpress at nagssalita.. Please help thank you.

  8. Hello po katatapos ko lang mag gamit ng rejuv.set and nag gamit agad ako ng maintenance set . Okay lang po ba yun? Nakalimutan ku kasi na dapat pala mag rest for a week

    1. Hi Karen,
      It’s OK if you use the maintenance set directly after rejuvenating set, do you experience any side effects?

  9. Hi po its my 2nd day and so far wala pa nmn nag pepeel but the changes lang is medjo mas nagiging dark skintone ko is it normal??

    1. Question po! Ang brilliant rejuv. Po ba nakakaalis ng Milia? Marami kasing lumabas na Milia sa face ko. Pls! Advice how to remove this? Thank you..

      1. Hi Cristy Mendoza,
        On some cases, users may experience different side effects, their skin purges developing pimples or cysts. Our advice is to continue using. How long have you been using?

  10. Hi, third week ko na po nagrerejuv. Bakit po ganun? Wala po kong nakikitang changes : (( matatapos na po ako sa 14 : ((

      1. Super hapdi at super pula ng paligid ng mata ko .. can i skip the rejuv ? Then jump to hydrating or whitening ? So far ang problema ko lang is yung pamumula and pamamalat bukod don wala na ..

        1. Hi Dada,
          While using rejuvenating set, don’t rub your skin a lot. Be gentle, to reduce redness use 2-3 times a week.

          1. Hi pang 2weeks ko na ginagamit yung BRS and first time ko po. Okay naman po yung effect sa face ko wala na po akong pimples only marks na lang. Pwede na po ba ako mag stop ng rejuv? And gagamit na lang po ako ng whitening set? Thank you po sana po masagot.

      1. Hi po mag one month napo ang pag gamit ko ng rejuvenating medyo mapula parin po face ko. Okay lang po ba na gumamit ako ng whiteng set?

  11. hi. I started using brilliant rej set last dec 14 last year… actually ginamit ko lang sya para sana maalis un mga pimple marks ko (dark kc sya everytime na magkaka pimple marks ako ) so sa part ng chin and forehead ko lang naman meron pero ginamit ko un rejuv sa buo face ,.. ndi sya un tottaly peeling pero napansin ko padami ng padami pimples ko hanggang pati sa both cheeks ko meron na malalaki pati sa forehead and chin malalaki na din. Sabi kc nila ituloy ko lang pero ang lalaki na ng pimples ko . Pang 2 set ko na now. halos un pimples nlng nilalagyan ko ng rejuv cream sa gabi. Pa help naman if iistop ko na ba or what? And also meron din ako maintenance na whitening ng brilliant.. salamat….

    1. Hi Anna,
      Yes you can continue because of excess oil came out from your pores. That’s why you having a pimples. But you can continue to dry it fast.

  12. Hello po, i am currently living in Europe and malamig ngayon dito, i am on my 2nd week and I felt na sobrang dry at parang sobrang nababanat ung face ko to the point na halos hindi ko maigalaw ang mukha ko as in buong mukha. I know it is normal pati ung redness and peeling, but to ease ung uncomfortable feeling, i put some hydrating cream ok lang po ba un?

    1. Hi PAULYN,
      Because of cold weather, dryness of skin is normal. Try to use toner 2-3 time a week at night only.

  13. Hello po! Sa gilid po ng lips sobrang hapdi and super tight po to the point na hirap ko po ibuka bibig ko what to do po?

    Is it normal po na sa bandang cheeks ko lang po nag pipeel? Like malapit lang po sa lips.

  14. hello po first time kopo gumamit nairub kopo sya nung nagbabalat na ngayon po parang manhid po ung face ko medyo namula po ung part na nairub ko

  15. Hi just wanna ask po kasi I’m using rejuvenating set po for almost 2 weeks and I can feel the itching and redness na po sa face ko but I’m wondering po kasi hindi pa po siya nag pe peel and some parts po nagkakapimple ako should I continue po or nah? Thanks

  16. If tapos na po 1 month of using rejuv set, can I proceed to maintenance set or I should rest for a month?

    Ano po mas better yung whitening maintenance set or yung tomato po?

      1. Hi,
        Tapos na ako sa 1month na gamit ng rejuvinating night cream.pero meron pa akong natirang kojek soap at toner kaya yon na lng ang patuloy kong ginagamit .Bu t to find out merong naglabasang.mga red spots blemishes na makati .And as I notice padami ng padami everyday.
        What should I do?
        Pls. Help!
        Thank you

        1. Hi Chinee,
          Don’t forget to use sunblock everyday, maybe you are using only soap and toner. You are opening the pores more. Then you exposed outside, then pimples are growing.

  17. Hi po! First time using BSE rejuv set. Pang dalawang araw ko na po. When will I notice some changes po? When will the peeling start po?

    Is it okay to use the sun screen every 2 hrs?

    1. Hello again! Is it okay to continue using it even though it burns when I apply the toner and facial cream? I can tolerate the pain. I don’t want to skip any routine.

      If I continue using it every day even though it burns will it cause scarring? Again, I can tolerate the pain as long as it doesn’t give any bad effects

      1. Hi Nicole,
        Just don’t rub it harshly and frequently. It won’t cause any scarring if you are gentle.

    2. Hi Nicole,
      Within 7 days supposedly.
      Yes. Use the sunscreen every two hours if you are exposed to sun.

      1. Hi! If I’m at home is it still recommended to use the sunscreen every 2 hours or not? I read some articles that we should still use some sunscreen even when staying at home.

  18. Hello po! I’m using rejuv since new year and today january 14 i feel so irritated sa neck ko, sobrang kati po nya as in and nagbabalat. I just wanted to ask if ano po pwede kong gawin to lessen the itchiness?

      1. hello im mae ann ..6days ko na pong gngamit c brilliant normal lan ba na prang na sunburn ung muka ko ..itu2loy ko pba o iti2gil ko na po ..salamat

        1. Hi Mae Ann,
          Normal having redness, when it started peeling redness will go. But make sure when you apply the products, no scrubbing while using the soap. Gently using toner, or use twice a week the toner to reduce redness.

  19. Para sakin ang ganda na ng finish ng face ko. Bale pang 15 days ko na sa paggamit ng set na to and sa 1st week nagkaroon ako ng skin purging na nag pa-worry talaga sakin kase bigla ako nagkaroon ng acne and medyo nag darken yung face ko sa right cheek ko and may redness din and peeling na nangyari so I stopped using the soap for about 3 days and focus and using the remaining products and nawala yung pag ka dark nya and peeling ng skin ko and medyo may redness na lang. Til now nag pe-peel pa din yung ibang parts ng face ko ( around my lips, left right part ng forehead ko and nose). So, nag continue lang ako sa paggamit ng product. But super tight ng skin ko to the point na di ko masyadong ma- open yung mouth ko and minsan pag nakain ako and na fo-force ko yung mouth ko to open widely is nasakit yung dry part sa may gilid ng lips ko. Super dry na din ng lips ko so I started using lip balm and super nakatulong sa pagkawala ng dryness ng lips ko. Dry yung buong mukha ko ni hindi ako masyado makangiti pero kung hahawakan mo is makinis naman sya and smooth sa feeling, maputi na din yung face which is good. I just want to ask if pede na kong mag proceed sa maintenance set and if gamitin ko na yung maintenance set if mawawala yung naiwang redness, dryness, pag ka super tight, and natirang acne scars sa skin ko? Hehhe

      1. Hi I’ve been using Brs for a week now. And sobrang nagdry lips ko. And now ko lang nalaman na di pala sya pwede sa lactating. What should I do po? I didn’t see any side effect naman since lactating ako or maybe di ko lang napapansin. What are the side effects po ba pag gumamit ng brs sa lactating?

  20. Hello po. First time ko lang po kasi gumamit ng BSE Rejuvenating set. Pang 4th day ko na po ngayon gumamit. Is it normal lang po ba na makati po siya and sobrang pula na po ng face ko? if not po what should I do po?

  21. Ung result so far so good.. di ko sure kung nagfefeel padin sya or super dry lang. Korea kasi location kaya siguro ganun di ako gumagamit ng moisturizer. Kaya itigil ko na sana ung rejuv. Tapos palitan ko ng whitening kung okey lang? Any tips po??

      1. Hello po pangatlo araw ko na po gumamit sobrng sakit po ng mukha ko at parang may nakadikit po sa muka ko masakit pagpatuloy ko pa poba?

  22. Hi. 2wks nako gumagamet ng rejuv, pwede naba ko mag transfer sa whitening facial set? Wala naman prob. Sa mukha ko gumamit lang ako rejuv. Para matanggal ung mga old dead skin.

    1. Hello ask kulang Po it’s normal lang Po mag ka pimple after nang brilliant Kasi 2 week na Kasi lumabas agad Yung pimples ko Wala Naman akong pimples pag gamit ko

    2. Hello ask kulang Po it’s normal lang Po mag ka pimple after nang brilliant Kasi 2 week na Kasi lumabas agad Yung pimples ko

      1. Hi Alyana,
        It’s normal, excess oil from pore turns to pimples. Just don’t pop it, keep using the set.

      1. Ung result so far so good.. di ko sure kung nagfefeel padin sya or super dry lang. Korea kasi location kaya siguro ganun di ako gumagamit ng moisturizer. Kaya itigil ko na sana ung rejuv. Tapos palitan ko ng whitening kung okey lang? Any tips po??

          1. Hi. Ask lang po, normal po ba na pang 3 days ko pa lang sya nagagamit nag peeling na agad yung face ko? Pang 4 days ko pa lang po ginamit ito. First time din po na gumamit ako ng rejuv. Thanks po.

  23. Hi. Pang 8days ko na gumagamit ng rejuv. Normal lang po ba ung pamamalat nia at super pula?? By the way dry skin ako pero Maganda naman ung skin ko. Makinis.. gusto ko lang talaga mapalitan ung dry skin ko . Thanks

    1. Hi jane,
      One of the side effects when using rejuvenating set is having dry skin. The moist of your skin is a stripped because of peeling. Peeling is a good sign that the Rejuvenating set is working as intended. That’s why you noticed your skin became smooth because the old dead skin cells where sloughed away. If you want to reduce the dryness, you may end up reducing the peeling as well; which may result in affecting the final results.

      1. Gang kelan ko sya gagamitin if ever? Normal din ba ung pamumula nia? Medyo takot
        Kasi ako kasi 1st time ko. Or lessen ko ung pag gamet ng toner? Instead twice a day? Gawin ko
        Nalang once a day?

  24. Talaga po na mas dumadami pa pimple sa paggamit ng BSE rejuv
    Oily skin po ako tas pansin ko ung redness tas dumami pa tas ang kati2x tas sa five days po nayon dipa sya nagbabalat should i continue the BSE?

      1. Hi firstime kong gumamit ng rejuvenating and nag worry ako kasi super Kati nya redness and swelling what should I do?

      2. – Can I Use serum WHILE Using Brilliant Rejuvenating Set?
        – Hinahaluan ko kc yung rejuv night cream ng serum pero tuwing gabi lang.

        Need to clarify if hndi to nakakasama sa rejuv process at para makita yung results.

  25. Talaga po na mas dumadami pa pimple sa paggamit ng BSE rejuv
    Oily skin po ako tas pansin ko ung redness tas dumami pa tas ang kati2x should i continue the BSE?

  26. Hi
    Pang 5 days kuna po sa rejuv ng brilliant ang kati po tas namumula pimple ko tas pansin ko masdumami pasya ititigil kuna ba?

  27. Hi. It’s been a month po using the whitening set pero hindi kasi naalis yung pimple marks ko. Gusto ko po sana itry yung skin tomato rejuv set need ko pa ba irest muna ng ilang days or in a month bago gumamit? Thank you!

  28. Hi,

    Asking lng po if normal lang po ba yung itchiness nya and pamamantal po sa face ko, 1 day ko palang po kasi syang ginamit

  29. I’m used only 4days skin became more reddish and burning sensation can I stop this products .I’m Indian so any side effects of Indian skin tone

  30. Hello po! Ask ko lng po if effective pa rn po ba xa without using toner rejuv.. D po kse pwde mapapackge yung toner cream lang po and sabon, tas bumili dn po ako ng whitening wla dn po toner , ok lng ba?.

    1. Hi Aimee,
      Well, the toner is the most important component in the set. However, if you have minor skin issues, then, you can do without the toner.

      1. Hello po. . I am using BRS po for 15 days na po. Then na recognize ko po na parang nag karoon ng fine lines and medyo nag open pores po ang cheeks ko po. . Should I stop po ba?

  31. Hi po tanong ko lang po 1 week na akung gumagamit ng BRS sobra siyang mahapdi tapos kumakati siya normal po ba ito?

  32. Hi po pang 23days kona po ginagamit ang BRS ,normal lang po ba na mas mag breakout yung pimples ko? mas dumadami po kasi yung pimples ko , should i continue po ba pag gamit nito or stop nalang po?

  33. Hi po 4days napo akng nagamit ng BRS, normal lang po ba na magdry ng husto lips ko na halos sagabal napo sa pagkain ko.

    1. Hi Zyra Pelaez,
      It’s normal. If the side effects are severe, pause using the rejuvenating toner for 3 days. Then, resume using gradually.

  34. Hi po, ok nmn ung face ko pero nagtry ako gumamit ng brilliant whitening set, pang 5th day k na nagamit ang hapdi po then parng ngbabalat and nsunog skin k. Normal po b un? Should i continue or stop po? Thank you

  35. Hi po…
    6dys n po now using this product and so happy nman po kc yung active pimples ko unti2 ng tumigil ..ask ko lng po sana if normal lng ba yung sobrang hapdi ng mukha ko..namumula…dry at until now po ngpi.peel p rin po sxa..?..

      1. Hi po, normal lang po ba na mas lalong rumami ang pimples ko after ko gumamit? First palang po pagkakagamit ko at after 24 hours namumula po siya at mas lalong rumami ang pimples ko

  36. 5days na po ako gumagamit ng BRS, and mahapdi na po sya pag nasasabunan kasi nagstart na sya magpeel nung 3rd day, can i put face oil? before using the soap kasi diko na po natatagalan ng 1min ganun din po sa toner kaya ginagawa ko every night nlng ang toner ko.. pls advise thank you po

    1. Hi Summer Raine,
      Pag nag use ng sabun mabilis lang banlaw agad… pag d mo kaya pahinga ka kahit ilang araw sa sabon.
      Para hindi ka mahapdian masyado.

    1. Hi Margie Nuena,
      Continue using to slough away dead skin cells that make your skin looks haggard. Carry on to reveal the glowing younger skin.

    1. Hi Richel,

      Mam you didn’t use rejuvenating set before, that’s why you are peeling with the whitening set.

  37. Hi po, as of now po ang ginagamit ko lang po ay sabon? effective po kaya ito? marami po kase akong acne sa face eh kaya pwede po ba na sabon lang ang gamitin ko?

    1. Hi Lee,
      Well, the soap can alleviate some of your skin concerns. However, if you want faster results, you can use the rejuvenating set.

  38. Hello po, i am selling your product rejuvenating set to my friends one of them complained that she got a lot of pimples and blackheads while using the product ano po dapt e aadvise ko sa gnitong case?

    1. Hi KA,
      It depends po kase sa skin reaction ng skin…. Baja po lumabas lahat ng excess oil nya as pimples… she need to continue to dry all the pimples.

  39. Hello po it’s my first time to use your rejuvenating product Po ,normal lang po bang sobrang hapdi ng pagsasabon at saka ng toner? Dalawang araw napo akong gumagamit. Namamalat narin po siya.

    1. Hi,
      Use the toner and cream at night only. Then, when you feel your skin gets used to the products, use twice a day.

  40. Hello it’s been 5days since i use the whitening set, and i got this sting feeling on my cheeks up to my nose. I saw that my face was so red and it looks like a scar on my face.

    1. Same also with me. I got dry and peeling face and medyo painful siya. Should i stop using the product of whitening set?

  41. Hello po, it’s my first time to use the rejuvenating facial set. 2 days lang po akong gumamit. Bakit subrang hapdi at mapula ang skin ko? Normal po ba ito? What process I need to do?

    1. Hi Kez,
      It’s part of the process. If you these side effects to to reduce, use the toner only at night for the first weeks. Then when you see your skin gets used to it, use it twice a day.

      1. I am currently using the brillian skin rejuvinating set. After a month, I am supposed to stop using the product and do the maintenance. What product of BSE am I supposed to get for maintenance.

          1. Hello… this is my 4th day of using rejuvinating set, after po ba ng 1 week pwede ng mag sunscreen gel-cream spf30?

            1. Hi Ji eun,
              Yes sure. Sunscreen is one of the best skincare routine to include while and after rejuvenating your skin.

      1. Hi po 5 days na po akong gumagamit ng brilliant and it’s already started peeling po pero nagdrdry yung mukha ko at subrang hapdi ng dry na parts ng mukha ko…as in ang hapdi po tas namumula
        Itutuloy ko pa po ba ang pagagamit?

        1. Yes. Drink plenty of water. Also, you can use the toner and rejuvenating cream every other day.

  42. Normal po ba yung pangingitim nag ooily po Sya pang 5 days ko na po yung yung pangingitim po mukha ko parang nagrered di ko po alam kung red or nangingitim kase mejo maitim po talaga muka ko

    1. Grecille Anne delacruz.
      Some rejuvenating set users experience oily skin while using. Rejuvenating set may make your skin dry. Hence, it compensates by producing more oil. If you want best results, you shouldn’t use any product along with rejuvenating set. You can use the toner only once at night.

        1. Grecille Anne delacruz,
          You have to know that darkened skin can be one of the side effects of using rejuvenating sets. On the other hand, not following the instruction while using rejuvenating set may cause unwanted hyperpigmentation. Such as exposing to sun frequently without wearing sunblock or renewing it regularly. Anyway, the darkened skin should subside within a week while using.

      1. Sobrang oily rin po ng face ko. Kahit soap pa lang ang ginagamit. Lalo na po ang oily pag naglalagay na ko ng cream.

        1. Hi Leign,
          While exfoliating, your skin becomes dry. Skin compensates the stripped off moisture by producing more oil which makes skin more oily. Use soap and sunscreen only until you feel better.

            1. Grecille Anne delacruz,
              When it will peel, the darkening will subside. The darkening could be from redness which is a normal skin reaction especially if you’re a first time user. Please apply the toner with one to two drops gently in upward circular motions. Don’t rub the cotton too hard on your skin. Be sure the cotton ball is also not very wet. Also to put Sun Protection 30 mins before going out and avoid direct sun exposure. Re-apply after 2 hours.

              1. Hello po! Normal lang po bang mangitim yung mukha after 5 days of using? Na co- conscious po kasi ako, kaya minsan ginagamit ko siya 3times a day. Which is mali, ano po pwede kong gawin?? 3rd time kona pong gumagamit ng BSE, same routine din po, kaya lang ngayon, ang tagal po ng result, nung unang gamit kopo, 3days lang maputi na yung mukha ko. Ano po pwede kong gawin??

  43. Hi po goodmorning 6days napo ngayon ako gumagamit nang BRS pero para pung nasusunong yung face ko at subrang kati at hapdi pa tapos yung eyelids ko parang namamaga is it normal po ba? should i continue using or stop? first time kulang gumamit nang mga apply sa face pls answer my question.

    1. Hi Sachi,
      Stop using the toner for 3 days at least. Then, when you use again, limit the use at night only for a week. Then you can use twice a day.

  44. Hi po goodmorning 6days napo ngayon ako gumagamit nang BRS pero para pung nasusunong yung face ko at subrang kati at hapdi pa tapos yung eyelids ko parang namamaga is it normal po ba? should i continue using or stop? first time kulang gumamit nang mga apply sa face pls answer my question.

      1. Hi po,
        I have melasma dats y i was enticed to use BRS, naka.twk weeks na po ako now,pero bakit mas nag darkened melasma ko?side effect po ba eto?

  45. Hi gumamit po ako ng brilliant rejuvenating set pa 4 days napo akong nagamit pero namamaga po yung muka ko at namumula ano po kaya pede kong gawin?

    1. Hi Crishel Baldemor,
      It’s normal in the first days. However, if you are uncomfortable, you stop using the toner and rejuvenating cream for 3 days until your face is alleviated.

  46. Hi po 2 weeks na po ako gumagamit pero ung pimples ko po na pawala na dapat biglang lumaki po ulit tas medyo mapula po yung face ko

      1. Hi po, been using BRS for almost 1 month, naka 2 sets na din po ako kasi mabilis naubos yung first set di pa naabutan ng 1 month, on my 2nd set, still ginagamit ko pa rin lahat kasi may mga pimples pang natitira, nahappy ako nung una kasi unti unting nawala mga pimples at dark spots ko, pero ngayong 1month na, dumami pa lalo pimples ko, redness, itchiness tapos acne talaga yung iba. What should I do? Please help me. Continue pa ba? Or stop na. Thank you

        1. Hi Shy,
          Stop for two weeks. Then, use again. However use the toner only at night for the first two weeks.

  47. hi po,2 weeks using BRS. Mas dumami pimples ko and nagsusugat. Dapat kopa bamg ituloy?

  48. hello po first time ko lng po gumamit ng BRS ask kolang po 4days kopalang po sya ginagamit ang hapdi napo ng sabon kailangan pa po ba ibabad paren ng 2-3 minutes tapos po ang hapdi na pag nag lalagay ng cream tas nangangati din po ask lang po kung normal lang po ba hehe

    1. Hi Gwen,
      Moist your face before applying soap. Lather the soap against your face for 30 secs only. In addition, use the toner only at night if you feel tingling and heat most of the time.

  49. goodday po bago palang ako sa BRS pero gumamit na ako ng ibang skin care tapos mahapdi po ang balat ko tapos nangingitim pa dapat ko po bang ipag patuluy

    1. Hi mars,
      Mam we don’t what kind of skin care you use before…. Baka Manipis na po balat mo… kaya nagkaganyan. Stop mo muna pahinga 1 week then use again.

  50. Ask ko lang since ayoko masyado mag feel yung skin ko pero medyo madami din akong pimples, pwede bang mag direct nalang ako whitening set? Ma lessen kaya yung mga dark spots?

  51. Hi,I started using Rejuvenating set for pigmentation, for 1 month. My face is clean & brighter but my forehead became darker while I started. But it becoming light now.Shall I continue using tonar or what can I do now? Please advice me.Thanks.
    Please advice I’m u

    1. Hi Juliet M Gomes,
      Yes you can keep using the toner. Actually, one set quantity is formulated for one month. However, if one of the items of the set is not finished within the month, you can keep using it until it’s finished. Then, take rest for at least one month.

  52. Hello po. Kagabi po first application kopo ng rejuv set and paggising ko po ngayong umaga namamaga po yung bandang eyelids ko. Ano pong pwede kong gawin? Itigil na po ba ang paggamit dahil allergy po ako or continue po dahil one of the side effects lang yon. I already red the articles po ninyo but I never read about swollen eyelids. Please enlighten me po.

    1. Hello,
      Stop using the toner and rejuvenating cream for one week. Then, resume using gradually. Such as, three days a week in the first week. Then, resume regular use after your skin gets used to the products.

      1. Pang 5th day ko napo sa pag gamit ng BSE. Sobrang hapdi po and nagpepeel. Itutuloy ko padin po ba ang paggamit?. Thank you po

  53. Ahh ask kolang po 5days kopalang po sya ginagamit ang hapdi napo ng sabon kailangan pa po ba ibabad paren ng 2-3 minutes or 20-30 second nalang sya tapos po ang hapdi na pag nag lalagay ng cream ask lang po kung normal lang po ba hehe

    1. Hello,
      It’s normal but in some cases it’s not. Take rest from using the toner 3 days. Then, resume using the toner only at night for a week. Afterwards, if your skin gets used to the products, use the toner twice a day.
      When you use the soap, always damp your face before applying. Furthermore, don’t leave the soap on your skin, rinse fast until your skin gets used to it.

  54. Hi po, first time ko gumamit at sobrang kati, mahapdi at ang tigthent yung skin ko. Should i stop na ba or continue? Ps. Im only 16 po.

    1. Hi,
      It’s normal. Continue using. Use the toner only once a day at night before bedtime. Also, apply the toner gently by dabbing without rubbing against your skin. If you still feel irritated within 3 days, send us a message.

  55. Second time ko gumamit ng rejuv set,at sobrang namula sya ay parang nangingitim,pero nung first try ko hindi NAMAN ganun ang nangyari ano dapat kong gawin

    1. Hello po, Second time ko gumamit ng rejuv set at sobrang namula sya, mahapdi din po at parang nangingitim,pero nung first try ko hindi naman po ganun ang nangyari ano dapat kong gawin? last 3yrs ago pa po nung first time ko pong gumamit. Please advice po, thank you in advance po.

      1. Hi,
        thank you for contacting us!
        mam, hindi po kayu gumamit before this second rejuv mo? at baka manipis na po yung balat mo… i will advise you to stop muna for 2-3 days then use mo ulit…
        kase yung skin nagbabago rin after sometime..and its the same rejuvenating you used before?

  56. hi po, ganito po ba talaga? first time kopo kahapon, tas ang kati di ako nakatulog tas ngayon umaga nagtake ulit ako at sobrang pula ng mukha ko, ano po kailangan ko gawin?

    1. Hi,
      Pause the use of rejuvenating toner and rejuvenating cream for 3 days. Then, resume using the toner and cream only at night. For 2 weeks. Afterwards, use the toner twice.

  57. Hi po
    Gumagamit po ako Ng rejuvenating set nagbabalat yong face ko saka parang pansin ko medyo dumadami yong pimples ko
    Normal lng ba yon or kailangan ko Ng itigil

    1. Hello,
      Continue using for 30 days. Results vary from one to another. Hopefully, you would notice changes over time.

  58. Normal po ba magkaroon ng small bumps na makati sa mukha while using this product 2weeks na po akung gumagamit. Kaylangan po bang magstop na? Reply po plsss salamat

        1. It’s different from one person to another. Also, it’s hard to evaluate your condition without proper check-up. Anyway, we saw many users’ skin who had the same case of yours improved when they maintained using.

  59. sobrang sakit na po ng balat ko pero tinitiis ko. Should I still continue it? Ive been using it for 4days, and it had peeled of already and I am so confuse. Please I need your advice

    1. Hi,
      using rejuvenating for the first week feeling like that… but its ok… just use it every other day if you cannot persist.

  60. Hello po. I’ve been using brilliant rejuvenating skin for 5 days and may tumubong butlig butlig. Is it advisable for me to continue using this product? or is this part of the process? Please reply me po Tjank you and Godbless.

      1. Normal lang po ba yung tumubong butlig butlig? kc parang bungang araw po sya. 5 days na po akong gumagamit pero sa may chin ko palang ang nagbabalat.

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