July 22, 2020 Rejuvenating Cream and Toner Discoloration (turning to brown color)

Rejuvenating Cream and Toner Discoloration (turning to brown color)

If the color changes (from clear white-to-light-yellow, light-brown, brown, to dark brown) it does ‘NOT’ mean it has already expired or not safe to use. It has AGED, It is ‘Safe to Use’, and is ‘effective’. This applies for Rejuvenating Cream and Toner Discoloration.

Don’t Freak Out About Rejuvenating Cream and Toner Discoloration

The more it is aged, the more it is effective for our skin and is still safe to use. It’s like a banana or apple. Sometimes, they turn their color to brown or like wine, the more it’s aged, the more effective it is.

The discoloration exist in rejuvenating creams, lotions and toners and is a normal reaction of this formula due to exposure to air and/or high temperature. This is a result of sensitivity of oxidation of the skin lightening properties/ingredients. If maintained at room like putting them inside the fridge as when shipped the product should maintain it’s normal color for the 24 months of shelf life. The discoloration is only an aesthetic condition and it is still very safe to use.

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Final Thoughts

Rejuvenating Cream and Toner Discoloration is normal. Actually, some users prefer rejuvenating cream and toner when it is aged. Since they believe that their skin accept the toner and cream much more in such case.

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20 thoughts on “Rejuvenating Cream and Toner Discoloration (turning to brown color)

  1. Hello i have a blooming set and my skin rejuvenating cream is supposed to be yellow but when i open it its color dark brown. It is still safe to use?

  2. I’m confused about the day and night toner, are the yellow one and the color white the same?because they have also blue toner.

  3. Interesting that you’re saying it’s safe to still use. For me if not what I would expect from a product. When the color of products containing hydroquinone has turned brown, that indicates the product has oxidized, and thus is no longer active. Oxidized products should be discarded.

    1. Hello Jamie,

      Our answers to questions are based on our experience with our customers; not based on myths or false information. We have many customers who only want to use brownish cream because it is more effective. You mentioned brownish cream is oxidized and no longer effective which is quite the opposite. I’m not sure where you got your information from, but it’s definitely not from a source who tried and tested but rather theoretically spoken.

      Rejuvenating Sets
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  4. Hi the first time I bought prestige rejuv the color of the toner is brown then the second time I bought the color of the toner is like clear then like have yellow green ….it is safe to us parin BA?

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