September 10, 2020 What Are The Effects Of Rejuvenating Set?

What Are The Effects Of Rejuvenating Set?

Peeling dead skin is one of the effects of using rejuvenating set. But do you know that our skin peels naturally? Desquamation is the body’s natural process of peeling. Or the shedding of dry, old, hardened skin cells so new cells can come to the surface. In an oily skin condition, desquamation can be slowed, as oily skin acts as a glue that holds dead skin cells to the surface. This can contribute to clogged follicles, leading to the build-up of acne bacteria which stimulates the production of breakouts. As a result, peeling is especially helpful to those with oily skin. In addition to smoothing, improving skin tone and enhancing skin’s receptiveness of oil-controlling ingredients, peeling helps rid oily skin of dulling skin cells to help keep skin clear.

In addition, peeling improves skin texture and tone and lessens the appearance of fine wrinkles. It whitens your skin as the dark dead skin cells that were covering the beneath skin cells are exfoliated. Peeling will unclog clogged pores which will reduce the appearance of pimples.  You’ll see a dramatic improvement in the look and feel of treated areas. Results may not be permanent. Over time, age and new sun damage can lead to new lines and skin color changes.

You can use rejuvenating set for your peeling regimen to deliver the desired result, and we can advise you on how often to peel and how to successfully incorporate peeling into your regimen.

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