November 6, 2021 How long does the peeling last when using rejuvenating set

How Many Days Does Peeling Last When Using Rejuvenating Set

The number of days in which the peeling may last when using facial rejuvenating set is different from one person to another. It can start from the second day of using and last even after you stop applying the rejuvenating set.

How Many Days Usually The Peeling Last When Using Rejuvenating Set

For most users, the peeling lasts for two weeks. However, as said earlier, it may extend further more for some users of rejuvenating set.

Why The Peeling Interval Is Different From One Person To Another

Every person has a unique skin. Some people has thicker skin than others. Also, skin type plays a role when it comes to peeling. In other words, The peeling will be more noticeable in dry skin. Besides, skin history and age are other factors that determine the degree and the interval of peeling.

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I am Using Rejuvenating Set But I’m Not Peeling. Why?

People with oily skin might not notice peeling while using rejuvenating set. The success of rejuvenating set is not related to the amount of visible skin flakes. If you don’t see visible skin flaking; you may on the other hand, notice improvements in overall skin texture, tone and pigment.

If you are using the rejuvenating set; and you are not seeing any skin peeling and no side effects such as redness, itchiness or burning; then, you may need to use a stronger rejuvenating set.

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In a nutshell, you don’t necessarily need to see full of blown peeling to have good results. Rejuvenating set can improve the texture and pigmentation of the skin without you noticing significant peeling. You have to continue using the rejuvenating set for more days. Then, you may see your skin flakes while you’re washing your face or before the next application of the rejuvenating set.

Final Thoughts

The amount of skin peeling does not define the success or the strength of the rejuvenating set you are using. There are many factors that play roles in determining the success of the treatment; such as the improvement of the skin texture, tone and pigment. In addition, your skin type, history and the status of your skin before using the rejuvenating set define the degree of the peeling you might experience while using rejuvenating set.

If you have any thoughts, you can place a comment below. We shall answer you ASAP.

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28 thoughts on “How Many Days Does Peeling Last When Using Rejuvenating Set

  1. Hello po I use Tretinoin Night Cream Only for atleast a month, I never use their soap & toner, I used other brands for this, now I notice that theres no improvement on my face aside from peeling. Now I want to ask if I need to buy and use their soap and toner? Or should I stop or buy maintenance na? (whitening/Hydra set)? thank you so much.

  2. hello, i’m using skin magical for almost 6 day’s. and i see the improvement, nag ddry na po ang mga pimples ko and nag ppurging na, saka makati and namumula pero hindi naman gaano. but my concern is hindi parin po nagbabalat face ko, oily skin type po kasi ako. sa tingin niyo po ba mag ppeel din po mukha ko?

  3. After one month of rest from rejuvenating set, mag peel po ba unit ang face ok once mag rejuvenate ulit ako after one month?

  4. Hello po. after using rejuvenating set at nakapagrest na ng 1month anong set naman po ulit ang pwede kong gamitin? and normal po ba yun, kasi 3weeks na akong nagamit pero nagpepeel pa rin balat ko

  5. Hello. Just want to ask 2 weeks nako nag rejuv nag patch test naman ako okay naman walang itchy then biglang nangati sa bandang noo ko at sa leeg ko
    tapos ang nangyare nagsugat sya. kasi tapos ngayon medyo heal na sa noo ko ang nangyare naman di nag pantay ang heal nya tsk

  6. hi good day po. ask ko po, naubos na po sunblock w/ moisturiser ng rejuv set ko po (20days palang) pwd po ba gumamit ng aloe gel 99% as moisturiser while using rejuv soap in the morning? salamat po sa sagot…

  7. Hello, before I used rejuvenating set my pimples are on my forehead only and it’s my last day to use rejuvenating set tomorrow, it’s already been a month. However, my face still has burnt marks, bumps, and feels itchy. The redness in my whole face actually subsides a little but I still have. My face looks rough and feels rough than what it used to before using rejuvenating set. Is it normal? Should I not be worried because it will be fine I guess?

  8. Hello! What will happen if I stop using it pero nagbabalat pa din? Di ko na po kasi talaga kaya yung pain. Should I just go back to using moisturizer? What will happen to the peeling? Thank you.

      1. Kailangan ko po bang ipag patuloy yung pag gamit ng rejuvenating set kahet nag babalat na yung skin ko or kailangan ko pong mag take a rest?

  9. 1week ko na po siya ginagamit then last night humapdi po siya sa pisngi ko after that medyo hindi na humapdi tomata set po gamit ko cause I have sensitive skin. then now there’s a small bump/dryness between my side mouth. It is natural?

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