November 6, 2021 How long does the peeling last when using rejuvenating set

How Many Days Does Peeling Last When Using Rejuvenating Set

The number of days in which the peeling may last when using facial rejuvenating set is different from one person to another. It can start from the second day of using and last even after you stop applying the rejuvenating set.

How Many Days Usually The Peeling Last When Using Rejuvenating Set

For most users, the peeling lasts for two weeks. However, as said earlier, it may extend further more for some users of rejuvenating set.

Why The Peeling Interval Is Different From One Person To Another

Every person has a unique skin. Some people has thicker skin than others. Also, skin type plays a role when it comes to peeling. In other words, The peeling will be more noticeable in dry skin. Besides, skin history and age are other factors that determine the degree and the interval of peeling.

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I am Using Rejuvenating Set But I’m Not Peeling. Why?

People with oily skin might not notice peeling while using rejuvenating set. The success of rejuvenating set is not related to the amount of visible skin flakes. If you don’t see visible skin flaking; you may on the other hand, notice improvements in overall skin texture, tone and pigment.

If you are using the rejuvenating set; and you are not seeing any skin peeling and no side effects such as redness, itchiness or burning; then, you may need to use a stronger rejuvenating set.

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In a nutshell, you don’t necessarily need to see full of blown peeling to have good results. Rejuvenating set can improve the texture and pigmentation of the skin without you noticing significant peeling. You have to continue using the rejuvenating set for more days. Then, you may see your skin flakes while you’re washing your face or before the next application of the rejuvenating set.

Final Thoughts

The amount of skin peeling does not define the success or the strength of the rejuvenating set you are using. There are many factors that play roles in determining the success of the treatment; such as the improvement of the skin texture, tone and pigment. In addition, your skin type, history and the status of your skin before using the rejuvenating set define the degree of the peeling you might experience while using rejuvenating set.

If you have any thoughts, you can place a comment below. We shall answer you ASAP.

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65 thoughts on “How Many Days Does Peeling Last When Using Rejuvenating Set

  1. what should i do to stop the peeling? my face feels irritated thats why i stop using rejuvenating set because im afraid it will ruin my face more. im using premium rejuv set

  2. Hi po, ask lang if natural lang po ba yung nag babalat ulit yung face? pero minimal lang naman po. Mag one month ko na pong ginagamit. I’m using lumina glow by beauty vault.

  3. Hi, it’s my second day using rejuvenating set, my face start peeling and while using Kojic acid soap some part of my cheek under my eye feel burning, I don’t know if I need to continue using it

  4. Hi. It’s my second day of using the Brilliant Rejuvenating Set and my face already started peeling. Can I ask if it is normal for your whole face to turn red and it is a bit itchy? Sorry first time user.

  5. hello. its my 2nd week of using skin perfection rejuvenating set and i somehow got milia on my forehead. i dont know if its really milia, but it looks like a milia to me coz its like tiny white bumps all over my forehead. what should i do? i don’t want to go out with milia popping out on my forehead ><

  6. Hi! It’s my 4th day using the Brilliant Essentials rejuvenating set to my face and neck and my face is peeling off pretty good. But there are some peeling “spots” on my neck that looked like I have chicken pox lol
    Should I be worried? I thought it was supposed to peel off the whole area where I apply the stuff. In my case, there’s just little circles of peeling on my neck.

    1. Hello Jela,

      Thank you for reaching out and sharing your experience with the use of the Brilliant Essentials rejuvenating set. It’s great to hear that you are seeing some positive results with the peeling, but I understand that you are concerned about the flakes on your neck that are not sloughing away.

      In some cases, peeling can be more prominent in certain areas, and it’s possible that the skin on your neck is more delicate than the skin on your face. However, if you’re experiencing a buildup of flakes on your neck that aren’t sloughing away, it’s essential to discontinue using the same on your neck.

      I recommend washing your neck with mild soap and water and applying a gentle, fragrance-free moisturizer to soothe your skin.

      In the future, please remember to patch test any new products before applying them to your face or neck. This will help you avoid any adverse reactions and ensure that the product is safe for you to use.

      I hope this helps, and I wish you all the best with your skincare journey!

      Rejuvenating Sets
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  7. Hi! I am using Skin Touch Set A for more a year ( January 2022 – January 2023). I’ve noticed that my skin is thinning. so i decided to stop using it. By February 1st, I decided to use a skincare that could nourish my skin and not damaging it for continued use. So here comes RETINOL. I bought Olay24 Retinol Serum and religiously followed how to apply it. I use day and night moisturizer to protect my skin barrier. But for 2 months of using it (feb. 1-April1 2023), my skin got worse that rash-like pimples spread on my face (not itchy). It appeared gradually week by week. I decided to stop and switch to using again the Skin touch Set A rejuvenating set. It’s my 4th day today and so far, everything seems ok (hopeful for the best though). I experienced my skin is a bit tan, rash-like pimples are a bit dried up. My skin show signs that it’s about to peel (in a good way). Is it ok to use Sunscreen other than that of the rejuv set? I use Biore Milk Suncreen SPF 50+++. Is it ok to use it with Skin touch rejuv set A? please help. thank you.

    1. Hello Confused,

      Regarding your experience with the Skin Touch Set A, thinning of the skin can be a side effect of long-term use of certain skincare products containing ingredients like hydroquinone, steroids, or high concentrations of acids. It’s a good decision to discontinue using it once you noticed this side effect.
      However, your skin’s reaction to the Olay24 Retinol Serum is also a possible side effect of using this ingredient, especially if you are new to retinol. However, it’s important to keep in mind that using too many different products at once can be overwhelming for your skin, so it’s best to introduce new products slowly and one at a time to avoid any adverse reactions. It’s also a good idea to patch test any new product on a small area of your skin first, especially if you have sensitive skin or are prone to reactions.
      Now, regarding your question about using Biore Milk Sunscreen SPF 50+++ with the Skin Touch Set A, it’s generally okay to use a different sunscreen with a different skincare product. However, it’s important to ensure that the sunscreen is non-comedogenic, which means it won’t clog your pores and cause breakouts. Biore Milk Sunscreen SPF 50+++ is a popular and well-regarded product, so it’s likely to be safe to use with the Skin Touch Set A.

      Rejuvenating Sets
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  8. My skin finished peeling in just 10 days and its also my very first time trying rejuv (Fairy skin derma facial set). Should I stop? I’ve done some digging and most of the articles says to use the set for a month but I’m a little skeptical cause I don’t wanna damage my skin. I’ve already achieved the bright and glassy skin that I wanted.

    Should I just switch to a milder set for maintenance? If so, how long should I rest my skin before using a new set.

    1. It’s important to note that using a rejuvenating set – the toner and night cream – for more than a month without taking a break can be harmful to your skin. The fact that your skin has finished peeling in just 10 days is a good indication that the set is working, so it’s important to not overuse it.

      Since you’ve already achieved the bright and glassy skin that you wanted, it’s best to stop using the rejuvenating set for now. Check the following g article for some tips: How to Stop Skin Rejuvenating Set. You can switch to a milder set for maintenance, but it’s best to wait at least two weeks before introducing a new set to your skin. This will allow your skin to fully recover from the rejuvenating set and avoid overloading it with new products. Remember to always patch test new products before fully incorporating them into your skincare routine.

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    2. The article says to not abruptly stop using the rejuv set and apply it twice a week but you stated here that I should just stop using it totally. Should I still apply it twice in a week and totally stop after 1week then wait for another 2weeks to switch to a milder set? Sorry just a little confused right here. Also tysm for the quick response 🙂

    3. I didn’t say stop it totally or abruptly! I provided the article link guiding you how to stop , which recommends gradually decreasing the frequency of use of the Rejuv set. Based on the information in the article, it would be best to follow the recommended instructions and continue using the Rejuv set twice a week for a week, then gradually decrease the frequency over the next few weeks until you stop using it completely.

      Once you’ve stopped using the Rejuv set, it’s generally a good idea to wait for a week or two before starting a milder skincare regimen to allow your skin to adjust. This will help reduce the risk of irritation or other adverse reactions.

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  9. This is my first time using Brilliant Skin Rejuv Set and since day 2 my skin started peeling. I’ve been using it for one week and I can’t avoid to go out. Is it really normal to peel so much? is it ok to stop?. My face hurts too since I sweat whenever I go outside.

    1. Peeling and some discomfort are common side effects of using hydroquinone and tretinoin products. These products are designed to exfoliate the skin and increase cell turnover, which can result in peeling, redness, and irritation, especially during the first few weeks of use.

      However, if your skin is peeling excessively and causing discomfort, it’s possible that you may be experiencing an adverse reaction. It’s important to note that everyone’s skin reacts differently to these products, and what may be considered normal for one person may not be for another.

      If you are experiencing excessive peeling and discomfort, it may be best to stop using the product for a few days to allow your skin to recover. When you resume using it, consider using a smaller amount and gradually increasing the frequency and amount as your skin adjusts. It’s also important to use sunscreen during the day to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays, which can exacerbate peeling and irritation.

      If the peeling and discomfort persist or worsen, it’s recommended that you consult with a dermatologist to evaluate your skin’s condition and determine the best course of action.
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    2. Thank you for the respond, I really wanted to continue using the set but it scares me. I’ll follow your recommendation and hope I could use it again without problem soon.

    3. You’re welcome! It’s always better to be cautious and take care of your skin’s health. With proper precautions, you may be able to continue using the set without any problems. Remember to start with a small amount and gradually increase the frequency and amount as your skin adjusts (particularly, the toner and night cream). Also, be sure to use sunscreen during the day to protect your skin. If you experience any discomfort or excessive peeling again, take a break and consult with a dermatologist. Best of luck to you!

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    1. Hi mam this the ist time i ise this products (rejuv set) the ist i use this product my skin become redness, and peeling, i use only for 2 days then i stop bcoz i feel hurt in my face and it redness much, so i stop 2 days already i can continue use it now or should i stop thank u mam,

  10. Hello this is my second time using this set , now 14days I have oily skin , I don’t see peeling but I see pimple’s coming red and big no itching, no peeling .should I be worried?

    1. Hello!
      It sounds like you are experiencing some changes in your skin since starting a new skincare regimen. Having some pimples and redness is not uncommon when starting a new routine, as the skin can take time to adjust to new products. However, if the symptoms persist or become worse, it may be a sign of irritation or an adverse reaction to one of the products you are using. Keep using until 30 days.

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  11. Hello po I use Tretinoin Night Cream Only for atleast a month, I never use their soap & toner, I used other brands for this, now I notice that theres no improvement on my face aside from peeling. Now I want to ask if I need to buy and use their soap and toner? Or should I stop or buy maintenance na? (whitening/Hydra set)? thank you so much.

  12. hello, i’m using skin magical for almost 6 day’s. and i see the improvement, nag ddry na po ang mga pimples ko and nag ppurging na, saka makati and namumula pero hindi naman gaano. but my concern is hindi parin po nagbabalat face ko, oily skin type po kasi ako. sa tingin niyo po ba mag ppeel din po mukha ko?

  13. Hello po. after using rejuvenating set at nakapagrest na ng 1month anong set naman po ulit ang pwede kong gamitin? and normal po ba yun, kasi 3weeks na akong nagamit pero nagpepeel pa rin balat ko

  14. Hello. Just want to ask 2 weeks nako nag rejuv nag patch test naman ako okay naman walang itchy then biglang nangati sa bandang noo ko at sa leeg ko
    tapos ang nangyare nagsugat sya. kasi tapos ngayon medyo heal na sa noo ko ang nangyare naman di nag pantay ang heal nya tsk

  15. hi good day po. ask ko po, naubos na po sunblock w/ moisturiser ng rejuv set ko po (20days palang) pwd po ba gumamit ng aloe gel 99% as moisturiser while using rejuv soap in the morning? salamat po sa sagot…

  16. Hello, before I used rejuvenating set my pimples are on my forehead only and it’s my last day to use rejuvenating set tomorrow, it’s already been a month. However, my face still has burnt marks, bumps, and feels itchy. The redness in my whole face actually subsides a little but I still have. My face looks rough and feels rough than what it used to before using rejuvenating set. Is it normal? Should I not be worried because it will be fine I guess?

    1. Hi po first time user po ako ng rejuvenating set beauty love, then sobrang pamumula po at nagbrobrown po, normal po ba yon?

  17. Hello! What will happen if I stop using it pero nagbabalat pa din? Di ko na po kasi talaga kaya yung pain. Should I just go back to using moisturizer? What will happen to the peeling? Thank you.

    1. Kailangan ko po bang ipag patuloy yung pag gamit ng rejuvenating set kahet nag babalat na yung skin ko or kailangan ko pong mag take a rest?

    2. hello. its my 2nd week of using skin perfection rejuvenating set and i somehow got milia on my forehead. i dont know if its really milia, but it looks like a milia to me coz its like tiny white bumps all over my forehead. what should i do? i don’t want to go out with milia popping out on my forehead

    3. Hello Tofu,

      If you suspect that you have developed milia-like white bumps on your forehead while using the Skin Perfection Rejuvenating Set, here are some suggestions:

      1. Give it time: Sometimes, milia can occur as a result of the skin adjusting to new products or ingredients. It’s possible that these bumps may resolve on their own as your skin gets used to the rejuvenating set. Be patient and observe any changes over the next few weeks.
      2. Avoid squeezing or picking: Refrain from squeezing or picking at the milia-like bumps, as this can lead to skin irritation, inflammation, or potential scarring.
      3. Adjust your skincare routine: If the milia-like bumps persist or worsen, you may want to modify your skincare routine. Consider temporarily discontinuing the use of the rejuvenating set or reducing the frequency of application to allow your skin to recover.
      4. Use a concealer: Cover the bumps with concealer.

      Rejuvenating Sets
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  18. 1week ko na po siya ginagamit then last night humapdi po siya sa pisngi ko after that medyo hindi na humapdi tomata set po gamit ko cause I have sensitive skin. then now there’s a small bump/dryness between my side mouth. It is natural?

    1. Hi Teron,
      It’s normal. Continue using the Rejuvenating toner and rejuvenating cream for maximum 30 days even if you kept peeling. Redness and stinging should subside gradually as your skin adjusts to the products.

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