November 11, 2021 How Do You Use Rejuvenating Set For Sensitive

How Do You Use Rejuvenating Set For Sensitive Skin?

There are many rejuvenating sets in the market. Some of which are almost the same according to ingredients, products of which the rejuvenating sets contain, instruction of use, side effects and the benefits. Most of people use rejuvenating set to treat their skin from pimples, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots and scars. On the other hand, there are rejuvenating sets in the market which are formulated for special types of skin such as sensitive skin. In general, people with sensitive skin should use such rejuvenating sets that are formulated for sensitive skin; or use any rejuvenating set with extra caution and follow different steps. This begs the question of this article: how do you use a Rejuvenating Set for sensitive skin?

To answer this question, we have to understand what sensitive skin is at first.

What Is Sensitive Skin?

Sensitive skin is a type of skin in which the skin becomes intolerant to the application of skin care products and cosmetics. If you have sensitive skin; don’t worry! You are not alone. Statistically speaking, 50% of women and 40% of men may report having sensitive skin.

What Are The Symptoms Of Sensitive Skin?

If you have the following symptoms most of the times; then, you might have sensitive skin:

  • Stinging itching, burning.
  • Redness, dryness, scaling and bumps.


You might experience the above mentioned symptoms as side effects when using rejuvenating set. This doesn’t mean that you more likely have sensitive skin. Such side effects should subside within a week. If the side effects don’t subside and reduce within two weeks, you’re better stop using and contact skin care specialist for advice. You can also place comment below for us; and we will do our best to advise.

Now to the big question of this article: how do you use rejuvenating set for sensitive skin?

How To Use Rejuvenating Set For Sensitive Skin

  • Method 1 (Recommended)

    1. 1st and 2nd week

      Apply two (2) times a week, morning and night. (Monday and Friday).

    2. 3rd and 4th week

      Apply three (3) times a week, morning and night. (Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

    3. 5th to 8th week

      Apply everyday, morning and night. (Monday to Sunday).

    Rejuvenating Toner may induce peeling, stinging, reddening or pimple breakouts at the first two weeks of application. However, in the unlikely case of severe irritation and hypersensitivity reaction, discontinue use and consult a Healthcare Professional.

  • Method 2

    Use the rejuvenating toner once at night only before bedtime. So the procedure will be almost the same as the procedure used in the normal case; except for the toner which will be used only once a day instead of twice.

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Points For Using Rejuvenating Set For Sensitive Skin

  • Rejuvenating Soap

    1. Always damp your face before lathering with the rejuvenating soap.
    2. Don’t leave the soap on your skin more than 30 seconds. Rinse thoroughly immediately.
  • Rejuvenating Toner

    1. Don’t use the toner every day
    2. Never rub the toner hard against your skin. Don’t use it as a cleanser to wipe off dirt. Try to only dab the cotton pad on your skin evenly.
  • Rejuvenating Cream

    Apply the rejuvenating cream only on the areas with concerning issues; and leave it overnight.

  • Sunblock Cream/Gel

    1. Always wear sunblock even if you are not exposing to sun.
    2. In case you expose to sun, apply sunblock 30 minutes before exposing. Renew every 2–3 hours if you still under sun.

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People with sensitive skin should always take precautionary steps before using rejuvenating set. They should make spot test before using the rejuvenating set. In addition, they have to deal with the rejuvenating toner cautiously. If you encounter severe side effects such as severe redness, stinging, scaling or burning, stop using and contact skin care specialist. You can also comment in the comment section below; and we shall advise you ASAP.

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43 thoughts on “How Do You Use Rejuvenating Set For Sensitive Skin?

    1. Hello po, 3 weeks na po akong gumagamit ng brilliant rejuvenating set and nag be breakout po yung pimples ko dumadami pa po,… Normal lng po ba to o hindi nah? O kailangan ko na pong mag stop?

  1. Hi po pag 2-3 days a week lang po ginamit yung rejuvenating set is it okay po na puro kojic soap lang gamitin kapag naliligo kasi ayaw ko po gumamit ng iba while using rejuv set and I don’t know how to maintain it kasi minsan ang oily ng skin ko everyday pero I need to use rejuv set only for 2-3 days pls pasagot po thank you sm

  2. Hi po
    1st week ko na pong gumagamit ng fairy skin derma. and super hapdi po pag inaaply ko ung toner, night cream and sunblock. d ko po kasi kayang itolerate ung hapdi nya.
    need your advice po
    thank you so much

    1. Hello po good day! 2 days na po akong gumagamit ng brilliant rejuvenating set at may sensetive skin ako kaya 2-3 times ko lang gagamitin yung toner at tsaka yung night cream, tanong ko po okay lang po ba everyday gumamit ng sabon niya at everyday gumamit ng sunscreen?

    2. Of course. You should use sunscreen everyday and even when you finish up your toner and night cream. Don’t use the toner and night cream more than twice a day! Use the soap and sunscreen more often.

  3. Good day, pang 4th day ko na po gumagamit ng rejuvenating set. Sa 3rd day ko nakaramdam ako ng init sa face ko while using the soap. Is it irritation po ba or normal lang? Hindi naman dumadami ung acne ko unlike ibang products kaso habang ginagamit ko ung soap is medyo painit ng painit sya iapply sa face then after that is ung pagmag aapply na din ako ng toner and cream. Para ding nababanat ung face ko after na hindi ako ganun makabuka ng bibig ng maayos. Normal lang po ba un or should I stop using rejuv. products po? Thank you.

  4. Good blessed day po sis.ask ko pong gamit po ako ng skin margical rejuvinating 3 una po ginamit ko po ng 7 day peel ng kaunti at nasunog po ang face ko tapos po tumigil ko po tapos po ginamit in 2 days rapos po ginsmit ko po uli now po pang 3 days ko na po bakit po bag kulay brown po ang face ko sana po masagot po nyo ito worried po salamat po God BLESS ALWAYS po

  5. 9 days ko na po gamit yung brilliant nung 3 days mag peel na agad yung face ko tapos after 6 days nangati na yung leeg ko then nagkasugat na sya ano po gagawin ko?ok Naman po yung result sa muka

    1. Hello po! Pang 1 week ko na po today na gumagamit ng gorgeous glow set. nagfeel na po syA agad nung 2nd day ko po. And nung nag 5th day na dun na po magstart magkaroon ng rashes sa neck super kati and nakakairita nagkasugat na po. What should I do po

  6. hello po, its my 11th day using rejuv. I already experienced peeling on my 3rd day and it stopped after 1week. If normal padn po ba na pulang pula yung mukha ko until now to the point na ang itim nya tingnan dahil sa pamumula. And yung neck ko po may mga dots ² ng redness. What should I do po. Thank youu

  7. Hello , i just finished my 30 days of rejuvenating, and can i ask if pwede parin gamitin yung day cream ng rejuv set as sunblock? since wala pa yun sunblock na inorder ko .

  8. Hello I’ve been using sugar dolls rejuvenating set for about two weeks now (day 11-12), but then I experienced purging after peeling and I can’t stop myself not to touch it because it’s itchy, now I suffered lots of unhealed scars on my face. Can you suggest any tips on how to heal my scars faster? or should i stop using rejuv and go back to my regular skin care?

  9. Mag2weeks na po ako gumamit ng belo rejuvenating set , pero po di parin po nagpipeel , nadadagdagan lang po tigyawat ko sa noo , and may mga bumps po na maliliit sa cheeks and chin ko , kumikintab lang po mukha ko pero di nagbabalat , should i stop using this set ? since dumadami lang po tigyawat ko sa noo?

    1. Hello! I used a rejuvenating set for the first time in December, when I started to use it. I stopped using it when it was January, but I used it again in the middle of January. 3 days after using it, I was literally exposed to the sun, so I’ve suffered skin irritation. My cheeks literally turn red, so I immediately stop using it and cool my face down with the help of ice and mild Kojic San soap. After two weeks, I guess? I used Garnier and Eskinol. It actually saved my face from redness. I’m not sure if that was 5 months ago or 4. And now I’m planning to use rejuvenating again. Is it OK? I just want to remove the little dark spot and the dark skin on the left of my cheeks. Is it OK? I’m just 17 years old, by the way.

  10. It’s my second week of using a rejuvenating set. I forgot to use it last night and what happened is that I wash my face with the soap while taking a bath after that I feel itchiness and I also observed red bumps on my cheeks and chin that turns into scars, small pimples on my forehead. It also stings. Is it still safe to use rejuvinating set tonight?

  11. Hi is redness and peeling okay?
    My face has been red for a few days now and the peeling is very uncontrollable so i’m just asking if it’s okay because i feel so weird about my face now

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