June 1, 2022 Swimming While Using Skin Rejuvenating Set

Swimming While Using Skin Rejuvenating Set

“I want to go to the beach for swimming but I’m using Skin Rejuvenating Set, what should I do?” We receive this question a lot from our followers so we will highlight the most important points regarding this question. Check below one of our customers question related to swimming while using Skin Rejuvenating Set.

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Swimming While Using Skin Rejuvenating Set

With the warm weather is around the corner, you have probably got your bag ready with a new swimsuit, towel and shampoo. But before you hit the beach, you might need to prep your skin, particularly if you are using Skin Rejuvenating Set.

Skin Rejuvenating Set is a set of 4 products used for treating skin from pigmentation, dark spots and acne. It works by using strong actives existing particularly in the rejuvenating toner and rejuvenating cream. As said many times in several articles, when using Skin Rejuvenating Set, avoid sun exposure and always wear sunblock. That being said, while the beach in summer beckons you with its sunny rays and cool waves; harmful sun rays, sandy wind and salty water affect your skin and compromise its natural barrier, let alone if you are using Skin Rejuvenating Sett. Skin Rejuvenating Set works by peeling dead skin cells which makes your skin sensitive and easily irritated by sun rays.

Why Should You Prep Your Skin Before, During and After Swimming if You Are Using Skin Rejuvenating Set

To prepare your skin before swimming means preparing your skin against salty water or Chlorine’s harsh effects in the swimming pool and UVA sun rays. The effects of these mentioned factors may damage skin by degrading important fibers and proteins such as elastin and collagen. In addition, UVA may suppress your body immune response to repair this damage. Moreover, swimming and sun rays may dry out your skin, while your skin might be already dry because of rejuvenating set. But don’t worry! This doesn’t mean that you need to skip your beach trip. We will bring you the best advice on how to prep your skin before, during and after going swimming. Now, all you have to worry about is choosing the nicest swimming suit and cover-ups.

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Tips on How to Prep your Skin Before, During and After Swimming While Using Skin Rejuvenating Set

  1. Before going swimming

    Stop using rejuvenating set at least one week before going to the beach. Also, after a couple of days of stopping, you can use a suitable moisturizer to hydrate your skin. Never stop using sunblock.

  2. During swimming

    Apply the sunblock 30 minutes before going out to enable your skin absorbs the sunblock. Furthermore, renew sunblock application every 2 hours while you are in the beach.

  3. After swimming

    Resume usin犀利士 g rejuvenating set one week after you come back from the beach.


You don’t need to skip your trip to the beach if you are using Skin Rejuvenating Set. All what you need to do is to prep your skin for the trip. While you might get busy choosing your cutest swimsuit, don’t forget to prep your skin as well.

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  1. After one month I stop using beauty vault rejuv set and I swim on the beach, do I need to use beauty vault rejuv set again or move to maintenance?

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