September 25, 2022 Hydroquinone Tretinoin Melacare Cream Review

Hydroquinone Tretinoin Melacare Cream Review

The product that we will review today is Melacare cream. We will use some of our customers’ reviews from the product page of Hydroquinone Tretinoin Melacare Cream to support our review in this article. Before we start, let’s talk about the uses, side effects and benefits of Melacare cream.

What is Melacare Cream?

Melacare cream is depigmenting cream. In other words, it treats skin hyperpigmentation. If you want to whiten your skin, even out your skin tone and smoothen out your skin texture, then this product is for you.

How Melacare Cream Works

Melacare cream contains hydroquinone and tretinoin. This combination works wonder in treating skin. Hydroquinone is a bleaching agent that works by inhibiting the production of melanin in the skin. It’s quite will known that melanin is the pigment that gives our skin its color. When melanin is over produced, it causes darkened skin. That’s why, when you expose to sun for long time, your skin gets darkened. Remember what happened to your skin the last time you went to the beach? If your skin got darkened, this was caused by sunrays. Harmful sunrays not only increases the production of melanin in the skin, but they also may damage skin cells.

Melacare cream comes into play here. It fixes skin cells that are damaged by sunrays by replacing old dead skin cells with new ones. In other words, tretinoin sloughs away dead skin cells that are pilled up and stuck in the outer layer of the skin enabling the new cells in the lower layer to emerge. This process renews and rejuvenates skin. The result is younger looking and healthier skin.

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Melacare Cream Benefits and Side Effects

Melacare Cream Benefits

Melacare cream aims at treating hyperpigmentation, uneven patches and scars. Also, it will reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Melacare Cream Side Effects

In some cases, it might cause dryness, itchiness and redness.

If you don’t meticulously follow the do’s and don’ts of hydroquinone, things can go wrong; namely, a rare unwanted side effect called exogenous ochronosis. It is a paradoxical darkening of the treated skin.

Louisiana-based board-certified dermatologist Mamina Turegano, M.D.

Tips to Avoid Melacare Side Effects

The rule of thumb when using Melacare cream is to always wear sunscreen. Apply sunscreen in the morning and use Melacare cream at night for a month. Then, rest your skin for a month without using any strong skincare product. After then, if you don’t like the results achieved, you can use again. Don’t use it for two months in a row as you will probably exhaust your skin.

Hydroquinone Tretinoin Melacare Cream Reviews

This product is safe to use when used properly..


As said by Alissa, if you want to enjoy the benefits of Melacare cream, you ought to use it as per instruction. You can find a good resource that will guide you on how to use Melacare cream properly here.

Took away scars I had on my arms and lightened my elbows. Will purchase again.

Chanell Williams

Chanell had scars and Melacare cream has definitely helped her lightening up her scars. This review reflects one of the benfits that you can get from Melacare cream. 

It works for me, I saw the difference after a week or so.

Joy Garcia

From Joy’s review, we can perceive that Melacare can achieve results within one week. You need to be persistent and follow the the use instruction to avoid unwanted side effects.

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How to Order

Melacare Hydroquinone + Tretinoin + Mometasone Furoate Cream 25g

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