Melacare Hydroquinone + Tretinoin + Mometasone Furoate Cream 25g


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Melacare Cream is used mainly to treat skin conditions like acne, scalp dermatitis and also for skin color lightening. Also, it treats skin trauma, age spots, and freckles.


Melasma is a common skin problem that causes dark, discolored patches on your skin. It is more commonly seen in females than males. Melacare Cream helps:

  • Lighten these dark patches of the skin. It effectively blocks that process in the skin that leads to discoloration.
  • Also, it reduces any redness, rash, pain or itchiness that may be caused in this condition.
  • This improves your self-esteem and confidence as your appearance changes.

How Long Before You See Results

You may see results within 2 weeks of use. Do not use for prolonged period unless prescribed by a health provider.

Melacare Cream Composition

Hydroquinone (2%), Tretinoin (0.025%), Mometasone Furoate (0.1%).

How to Use Melacare Cream

Apply the medicine thinly and in sufficient quantity to cover the affected areas. It is usually applied two or three times a day to the affected areas of skin.

Side Effects

Itching, irritation, and swelling of skin are the major side effects seen when the drug is applied more than the prescribed amount. Moreover, it should not be used in cases of sunburn, open wounds and injuries.

Where is it Made?

Made in India.

Additional information

Shipping Weight 0.025 kg
Dimensions 13 × 3 × 3 cm


Product Form



Face and Body

Skin Type

Not Recommeded for Sensitive Skin

Directions For Use

Once at night for 30 Days


Treats Hyperpigmentation

Country of Origin



2% Hydroquinone + 0.025% Tretinoin



46 reviews for Melacare Hydroquinone + Tretinoin + Mometasone Furoate Cream 25g

  1. tlover tonet

    Thanks for all your efforts that you have put in this. very interesting information.

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  2. Garnet (verified owner)

    Good so far.

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      We love your feedback! Thank you for choosing our product!

  3. Nick (verified owner)

    I really love this addition to my routine.

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      Rejuvenating sets

      Thank you for your kind review! It’s a big encouragement to us!

  4. Chase (verified owner)

    Been using it for a while, I usually don’t write a review but this time I am truly convinced to write.

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      Thank you for your kind recognition, customer’s satisfaction is always our goal.

  5. Alissa (verified owner)

    This product is safe to use when used properly..

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      We are grateful that you took the time out to leave us a review. Your feedback helps us to improve service for everyone.

  6. Amy Hinzman (verified owner)

    Great product!

    Great value!

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  7. Chanell Williams (verified owner)


    Took away scars I had on my arms and lightened my elbows. Will purchase again.

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  8. Joy Garcia (verified owner)

    It works!

    It works for me, I saw the difference after a week or so

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  9. kim holt (verified owner)

    It Actually Works

    The product has dramatically improved sun/age spots all over my body, including several large ones on my face. I recommend it.

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  10. zoritoler imol

    It?¦s actually a nice and useful piece of information. I am satisfied that you simply shared this helpful information with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

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  11. Simita Mishra (verified owner)

    Finally a good solution

    Very easy and smooth to apply. I am loving it so far.

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  12. Robert Almonte (verified owner)

    Very good

    Very good i will recommend

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  13. S. addanki (verified owner)

    It works

    I took some time to write this review as i want to see if this works as advertised.It took sometime but gradually the dark spots are fading.

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  14. m (verified owner)


    Worth the money for sure!

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  15. Gwannettia Hall (verified owner)

    Great product

    The product is doing very well

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  16. Maria Reyes (verified owner)

    Worth a try

    I been looking for a product that helps with my dark areas and decided to try and so far it has worked great.

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  17. tiffany nieves (verified owner)

    Love product , notice lightning of my skin

    Good price good product

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  18. Crystal (verified owner)

    Love it!

    Thank you very much for making this magnificent product. It’s working on my skin, and the dullness it’s going away to healthier skin. I totally recommend getting this product!

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  19. Sirce Denning (verified owner)

    good product

    it is a good product

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  20. Christine (verified owner)

    This works!

    Bought it for my mother who has been trying different products for her skin discoloration. Out of all products, this worked the best.good

    Helpful? 3 0
  21. Marilyn Newton (verified owner)

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  22. Michele Russell (verified owner)

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  23. Sara Montgomery (verified owner)

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  24. Robyn Morgan (verified owner)

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  25. Nancy Lawrence (verified owner)

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  26. Amy Wilson (verified owner)

    Helpful? 2 0
  27. Heidi Bell (verified owner)

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  28. Tammy Carlson (verified owner)

    Must buy!

    Very nice products

    Helpful? 5 0
  29. Abigail Walker (verified owner)

    Highly recommended

    It’s night cream don’t use at day time becoz it’s steroid it can burn d skin .nd use it in ver small quantity.only apply in pigmentation.

    Helpful? 2 0
  30. Marissa Aguirre (verified owner)

    Helpful? 2 0
  31. Jessica Riley (verified owner)

    Helpful? 1 0
  32. Tina Atkins (verified owner)

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  33. Ana Dominguez (verified owner)

    Just wow!

    Suepr mind blowing ilove melacere cream

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  34. Danielle Evans (verified owner)

    Perfect product!

    Good product and good service

    Helpful? 7 0
  35. Mary Baxter (verified owner)

    Good choice


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  36. Wendy Howell (verified owner)

    Worth every penny


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  37. Jillian Villarreal (verified owner)

    Good choice

    Very gud????

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  38. Shannon May (verified owner)

    Good quality product

    This product is safe to use when used properly..

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  39. Shannon Thomas (verified owner)

    Best in the market!


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  40. Holly Lewis (verified owner)


    Good .very fast delivery.

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  41. Mary Smith (verified owner)

    Classy product

    This is very best to all I love this

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  42. Lindsay Beard (verified owner)


    very nice….pigmentation problem is being cured….

    Helpful? 5 0
  43. Mary Hebert (verified owner)

    Highly recommended


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  44. Terri Booth (verified owner)

    Nice good


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  45. Jenna Wheeler (verified owner)

    Really Nice

    Just. Ok night. Cream

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  46. Caitlin Smith (verified owner)

    Really Nice


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