Brilliant Skin Whitening Set


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Brilliant Skin Whitening Set can be used as maintenance set after using Brilliant tomato rejuvenating set or Brilliant rejuvenating set.

Benefits of Brilliant Skin Whitening Set

This kit is formulated to help whiten the skin while reducing the appearance of skin blemishes. It also helps in reversing the signs of aging by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It provides nourishment to the skin to let its natural beauty shine through!

Brilliant Skin Whitening Facial Set contains naturally sourced whitening actives. This helps in effectively whitening the skin by targeting hyperpigmentation such as dark spots, freckles, and melisma. It penetrates the deeper layers of the skin to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines while maintaining the skin’s elasticity and firmness.


  • Gluta-Arbutin Soap 135g
  • Whitening Facial Toner (large size) 120ml
  • Whitening Facial Cream 10g
  • Sunscreen Gel-Cream SPF 30 10g

How to Use Brilliant Skin Whitening Set

  1. Gluta-Arbutin Soap

    Use in the morning and at night as your daily cleanser. Apply to damp skin and lather for three (3) minutes before rinsing.

  2. Whitening Facial Toner

    After cleansing with Brilliant Skin Gluta-Arbutin Soap, place a small amount of Brilliant Skin Whitening Facial Toner on a cotton pad and spread evenly on the face and neck in an upward motion. Use twice daily. Use Brilliant Skin Sunscreen Gel-Cream SPF 30 to protect your skin from harmful UV rays of the sun.

  3. Whitening Facial Cream

    After using Brilliant Skin Whitening Facial Toner, gently apply Brilliant Skin Whitening Facial Cream evenly on your face and neck in an upward motion. Use twice daily. Use Brilliant Skin Sunscreen Gel-Cream SPF 30 to protect your skin from harmful UV rays of the sun.

  4. Sunscreen Gel-Cream SPF 30

    Apply Brilliant Skin Sunscreen Gel-Cream SPF 30 liberally and evenly all over the face and neck, 30 minutes before sun exposure to protect your skin from harmful UV rays of the sun. Reapply frequently every two (2) hours for best results.


Test the skin for sensitivity to the product prior to use by placing a small amount of the product on your forearm. Then, if no irritation occurs after the first 24 hours, proceed with product use. Otherwise, refrain from using the product. Most importantly, avoid excessive sun exposure.

Storage Condition

  • Store in a dry place with temperature not exceeding 30°C.
  • Keep away from heat and direct sunlight.

Where is it Made?

Made in The Philippines.

Additional information

Weight 0.379 kg

Brilliant Skin

Product Type

Soap, Toner, Cream, Sunscreen


Face and Body

Skin Type

All Skin Types

Directions for Use

Morning and Night For 30 Days



Country of Origin



The Set Comes in a Box

19 reviews for Brilliant Skin Whitening Set

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  5. Mackenzie Franklin (verified owner)

  6. Amanda Williams (verified owner)

  7. Jessica Kelley (verified owner)

  8. Brian Dillon (verified owner)

    I got it in time and the packaging was good no damage at all.

  9. Jay (verified owner)

    works well

  10. Katrina Gonzalez (verified owner)

  11. Kaye (verified owner)

    Received the package and can’t wait to use it, hopefully it works

  12. Brooks (verified owner)

    I really love this product I can see the result I will order again

  13. jenifer (verified owner)

    must try for yourself, makes my face brilliant! all star

  14. Gliezel (verified owner)

    I order june 14 and and it’s arrived june 15 so amazing ..thank u so much excited to used it. Its my 3rd time using this product and its very effective on my skin.❤

  15. Stephanie Alvarez (verified owner)

  16. Felomino de Torres (verified owner)

    I’ve been a user ever since. I will buy again for sure as this is a maintenance set.

  17. Michelle Daniel (verified owner)

  18. Niv (verified owner)

    Make my skin white and bright every one noticed
    My change but it make my skin dry so I use serum after using toner then only apply cream ..happy for buying…

  19. Velva (verified owner)

    I got excellent support for this item. They were patient with me, and helped me solve my issue. I recommend this company 100%

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