March 10, 2021 can I use rejuvenating set on underarm

Can I use rejuvenating set on my underarm

No and yes. No because rejuvenating set is made for facial skin. And yes because some of our customers have used rejuvenating set for their underarms. And guess what? They succeeded in whitening their armpits. So, can you use rejuvenating set on your underarm ? Let’s outline this matter in greater detail.

Why are people interested in treating their underarm

Can I use rejuvenating set on underarmEven though the underarm skin is always hidden under your arm.”That’s why it’s called underarm”. It rather grabs people’s attention. Likewise, many of us find themselves in a situation where they will have to raise their arms and thus their armpits will appear. As a result, the armpit skin is always prone to friction and sweat frequently. Dark armpits are very common and it is not something to be ashamed of.

The culprits that cause dark armpits are many. We will outline hereunder some of which:

  • Excessive sweating
  • Ingrown hairs
  • Friction from clothes
  • Shaving
  • Harsh deodorant and perfumes
  • Dead skin accumulation
  • Genetics
  • Symptoms of other health disorders.

Smelly armpits are also a concern of many people. even after using deodorant. Because sometimes children could wear off quicker than expected

Preventing or reducing the above mentioned culprits will eventually help whiten and refresh armpits. However, sometimes people find themselves in a place where they want fast effect to whiten and refresh their armpits. Hence, they will appeal to skincare products to take care of this matter. Rejuvenating set is one of the most well known skincare products that whiten skin and treat dark spots. Nevertheless, rejuvenating set is formulated to be used on face. So, can people use it on their armpit? This is the question that we will highlight below.

Why is not recommended to use rejuvenating set on your underarm

Underarm is a part of skin that is not exposed to air regularly. On the other hand, face is an open-to-air area of the skin.  Ingredients of rejuvenating sets can be harsh on the skin sometimes. These ingredients are very important to exfoliate dead skin cells and whiten the skin. However if you use rejuvenating set on your armpit, it might cause severe itchiness and redness. Not this alone, but also, it may change the color of your armpit skin to darker color eventually.

Why is that?

As mentioned before, it is due to the nature of the rejuvenating set ingredients that require open to air areas of the skin to be applied on. Air is very essential to grow knew cells of the skin. Air also dries off sweat fast. But , if you use rejuvenating set on your armpit, there will be no enough air to dry off sweat. Thus, sweat may accumulate which will hinder the rejuvenating set from working appropriately.

After all that said, can I use rejuvenating set on my underarm?

can I use rejuvenating set on my underarm
Experience of our customer used Dr Alvin Kojic set

To answer this question properly, we will share with you some stories experienced by our customers who used rejuvenating set on their armpit.

One of our customers used Dr. Alvin Kojic set on her armpit. Check her picture “on the right side”. This is the picture of her armpit after using one Dr. Alvin Kojic set. She got marvelous results. However, she took into account several precautions to avoid itchiness and adverse reaction. She exposed her armpit to air  and wore sleeveless more often.

Dr Alvin Rejuvenating Set
Dr Alvin Rejuvenating Set

Another customer used Dr. Alvin rejuvenating set on her underarm. She got wonderful results as well. Not forgetting the required precautions to avoid any adverse reaction. She stayed at home during the time using rejuvenating set on her underarm. Furthermore, she was always exposing her underarm to the air. In addition, she was not applying the rejuvenating toner and cream every day.

Taking the required precautions is a must when it comes to use rejuvenating set on your underarm.

Other products that you can use on underarm

There are other products that are formulated to be used on underarm. No disco we will address hereafter some of these products.

Underarm Revitalizing Kit - Brilliant Skin Essentials Inc.It helps brighten and refresh underarm. Reveal and experience the immediate difference after regular use. Basically, it promotes whitening and fresh armpit by removing odor. One Brilliant Underarm revitalizing kit contains:

AhA Serum by Brilliant Skin Essentials | eBayIt contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) and Hydrolyzed Collagen. That’s how it gently exfoliates skin to resurface texture and even out tone, moisturizes, softens, and lightens skin.


After cleansing and toning, apply an ample amount of Brilliant AHA Serum all over your desired area then blend lightly and quickly. Use twice daily. Apply Brilliant Skin sunscreen 30 minutes before sun-exposure and re-apply as needed. Do a skin test prior to use.

AHA serumIt is a water soluble acid made with pure vitamin C. This exfoliate decreases blemishes, dullness and unevenness in skin tone. With regular use, your skin will tighten and become softer and smoother.


  1. Apply directly to the targeted area.
  2. Or mix 2-3 drops of the serum with whitening cream or lotion.
  3. Apply mixture directly on dark spots, or apply liberally as body lotion.
  4. Repeat nightly for best results.


One of the basic function of rejuvenating set is to eliminate the bacteria left inside skin pores. Additionally, it exfoliates dead skin cells and control pH level. Using rejuvenating set on underarm can banish odor by killing bacteria. Moreover, it controls excessive sweat which prolongs freshness by controlling PH level. Besides, brightening skin by exfoliating dead skin. Nevertheless, you must take the necessary precautions before going about using rejuvenating set on your armpit as it can have adverse reaction such as severe itchiness or even bringing about much darker skin.

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