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Mimi White AHA Body Serum is the perfect addition to your nightly beauty regimen. The reason is because it is a water soluble acid made with pure vitamin C. This exfoliate firstly decreases blemishes and dullness. Secondly, it evens out skin tone to reveal a brighter and more confident you. Furthermore, with regular use, your skin will tighten and become softer and smoother. For the best results, use lotion with SPF protection during the day. Then, use the serum at night to boost skin rejuvenation.

Mimi White AHA Body Serum Benefits

  • It sloughs away dead cells and impurities.
  • Also, it cleanses the pores.
  • Moreover, it leaves the skin very soft and radiant.
  • It also promotes cell renewal.
  • Furthermore, it refines the skin texture.
  • Finally, it promotes the penetration and efficacy of skincare products.

Mimi White AHA Serum Ingredients

Ingredient name Function
Aqua Solvent
Glycerin Firstly, skin-identical ingredient Secondly, moisturizer/​humectant
Butylene Glycol Firstly, moisturizer/​humectant. Secondly, solvent. Thirdly, viscosity controlling
Carbomer Viscosity controlling
PEG-40 Firstly, moisturizer/​humectant. Secondly, solvent
Fragrance Perfuming
Allantoin Soothing
Lactic Acid Firstly, exfoliant. Secondly, moisturizer/​humectant. Thirdly, buffering
Lactobacillus/Pumpkin Fruit Ferment Filtrate Softens and smooths
Glycolic Acid Firstly, exfoliant. Secondly, buffering

How to Use Mimi White AHA Body Serum

  • Method No.1

    1. After cleansing and toning, apply AHA Serum all over targeted area.
    2. Then, gently massage it into skin.
    3. Finally, leave overnight.
    4. To get the maximum benefits, apply every night with a single coat for the next 30-60 nights. Thereafter, you can apply your whitening cream.
  • Method No.2

    1. You can apply up to 5 coats every night for the next 7 nights.
    2. Leave 15 minutes interval between each coat.
  • Method No.3

    1. You can mix it with your whitening cream or lotion before application to boost the whitening effect.
    2. Add 3 (three) drops with each application.

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Mimi White

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21 reviews for Mimi White AHA Body Serum 30ml

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