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Stress, pollution, and unhealthy lifestyle produce free radicals. These free radicals steal life from one cell to the next, causing a chain reaction of damage. Damaged and unhealthy cells result to dull, tired-looking skin that has no glow. Myra e 400 IU Capsules are made out of natural Vitamin E from soybean oil which is a powerful antioxidant that helps remove harmful free radicals. In addition to promote cell and tissue renewal of the skin, lungs, muscles, and liver. It is also used for the prevention and treatment of Vitamin E deficiency.

Myra e 400 IU Capsules Benefits

  • With Myra Vitamin E, you can:
    • Fight free radicals
    • Repair damaged cells
    • And protect the healthy ones.
  • Its antioxidant properties keep your skin:
    • Nourished
    • Healthy skin from within. Having healthy skin means that you will always have moisturized and glowing skin throughout the day.


Natural vitamin E, consisting of vegetable oils, nuts, grains, and natural elements.

How to Consume Myra e Capsules

  • How Many Capsules

    Take (1) one capsule a day. For best result, take regularly.

  • When to Take

    You may take it before or after a meal in the morning, at noontime, or in the evening. It depends on your preference.

Age limit to Take Myra Capsules

People at age 18 and above can take Myra e 400 IU capsules.

Can Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women Take Myra Capsules?

For pregnant and breastfeeding moms, it’s best to consult your doctor first before taking any vitamin, including Myra capsule. Your doctor is in the best position to advise what is most suitable based on your age, health status, and nutritional needs.

Where is it Made?

Made in The Philippines.

Additional information

Shipping Weight 0.045 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 7.5 cm



Health and Beauty

Product Type


Key Ingredients

Vitamin E

Directions For Use

Once a Day

Sin Type

Dry Skin


Clear soft skin, Better Mood, Strong Vision


Unlock a month of transformative potential with 30 capsules, empowering your journey to vitality



Age Range


Country of Origin




32 reviews for Myra e 400 IU Capsules 30s

  1. Kari (verified owner)

    I have been using this for several weeks now and I see a clear difference.

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    • Avatar photo

      Rejuvenating sets (verified owner)

      Thank you for your kind recognition, customer’s satisfaction is always our goal.

  2. Queen1994! (verified owner)

    Take every morning and night

    I loved it so much

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  3. Maria (verified owner)

    It works perfectly

    I’m glad i found this vitamins in i was using this when i was in high school and it really work . You look blooming and fresh .

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  4. Stephanie (verified owner)

    100 % worked

    I am totally obsessed with it. Will recommend this

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  5. Lenlen (verified owner)

    Love it

    It works wonder in your skin and hair

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  6. dolores (verified owner)

    Very good product

    Love this my skin always looks glowing and smooth

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  7. Breza (verified owner)


    I love this vitamins. This is the second time I order and they gave me a free kojie San lighting cream. It’s better than glutathione. Thank you. God bless

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  8. Jackielyn (verified owner)

    Highly recommend for Vitamin E!

    I’m so happy I found this product here, I used this before in the Philippines and when I came here wondering if they have it. Good thing this seller selling this in a good deal. Highly recommended! I will order more soon!

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  9. Cassandra Hill (verified owner)

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  10. Abby (verified owner)

    It came on expected time


    Myra e 400 IU Capsules 30s
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  11. Rebecca Howard (verified owner)

    Helpful? 3 0
  12. Emily Goodman (verified owner)

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  13. Jennifer Hopkins (verified owner)

    Helpful? 3 0
  14. Amy Sweeney (verified owner)

    Helpful? 0 0
  15. Tammy Smith (verified owner)

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  16. Olivia Robinson (verified owner)

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  17. Sarah Hoover (verified owner)

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  18. Jelyza Almustapha (verified owner)

    Myra E

    brighten your skin in just 1 bottle.

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  19. Sarah Hall (verified owner)

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  20. Mom&kidz Style (verified owner)

    good product for skin


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  21. Maureen (verified owner)


    Very good

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  22. Maria E (verified owner)

    Good product

    I am using this product and really works. Worth penny.

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  23. Ladygazelle S. (verified owner)

    I like it

    I got it , I liked this vitamins. Thanks I got it on time

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  24. Graciela (verified owner)



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  25. Kristina Miller (verified owner)

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  26. Grace Schmidt (verified owner)


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  27. rosemarie reobilo (verified owner)

    Five Stars


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  28. Lhang (verified owner)

    Five Stars

    I loved it! I just ordered two bottles today.

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  29. B. Jones (verified owner)

    Five Stars

    Great vitamin from Phils

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  30. Amelia R. (verified owner)

    Four Stars


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  31. Nariman G. (verified owner)

    Four Stars

    It is okay

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  32. Pointman745 (verified owner)

    Five Stars

    Great Service & Products!!!

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