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Dr. Alvin Kojic Acid Facial Set helps treat the following skin irregularities:

  • Age spots
  • Freckles
  • Skin discoloration from pregnancy


  • It strengthens cell activity so that the skin stays soft and vibrant.
  • Kojic acid also has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Coupled with the exfoliating power of medicated astringent to improve skin texture.


How to Use Dr. Alvin Kojic Acid Facial Set

Use for thirty (30) days in the morning and night as following:

  1.  Kojic Acid Soap

    Use in the morning and at night as your daily cleanser. Apply to damp face and lather for 2-3 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with lukewarm water.

  2. Kojic Acid Toner

    After cleansing with Kojic Acid Soap, apply Kojic Acid Toner on face with a cotton pad. Then, dab gently. Do not rinse. Use in the morning and at night. Or only at night as suggested by your product supplier.

  3. Kojic Acid Cream

    Apply thinly all over face at night.

  4. Sunblock Gel or Sunblock Cream

    Apply all over face 30 minutes before exposure to sun. For maximum protection, reapply every 2-3 hours especially if exposure to sun is frequent or for long period.

Beauty Guidelines

  • Do a skin test first before using this product.
  • Do not apply to wounded skin and avoid areas near the eyes and mouth.
  • Limit application of product to only 10% of body surface consisting of the face, neck and elbow.
  • Avoid exposure to sun during treatment. If irritation occurs, discontinue using this product. Consult a Physician.
  • This product is NOT recommended for pregnant, lactating mothers, and children below 12 years old.

Where is it Made?

Made in The Philippines.

Additional information

Shipping Weight .250 kg

Dr. Alvin

Product Type

Soap, Toner, Cream, Sunscreen


Face and Body

Skin Type

Not Recommeded for Sensitive Skin

Directions for Use

Morning and Night For 30 Days



Country of Origin



The Set Comes in a Box

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