Dr Alvin Rejuvenating Set



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Professional Skin Care Formula by Dr Alvin – Rejuvenating Set

100% Authentic Product.
Formulated and tested by dermatologists.
Proven safe and effective.

– Kojic Acid Soap 135g

This rejuvenating soap that originated in Japan is a byproduct of mushroom and rice wine (saki). Its main active ingredient is Kojic acid Dipalmitate, is responsible for the exfoliating dead skin cells and brightening of the skin.

– Rejuvenating Cream/Gel 10g

This moisturizing cream contains whitening and anti-wrinkle ingredients.

– Sunblock Cream 10g

SPF 15. Skin is protected against harmful Ultraviolet Rays that causes sun burn and wrinkles.

– Rejuvenating Facial Toner 60ml

Cleanses deep seated dirt. It contains mild ingredients that provide anti-wrinkle, anti-acne, and whitening effects.

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