What is Skin Rejuvenating Set And How It Will Help You?

What is Skin Rejuvenating Set And How It Will Help You?

A Skin Rejuvenating Set is a set of skincare products that work creatively together to treat skin concerns such as dark skin, acne, pimples, dark spots, discoloration and hyper-pigmentation. You can find in rejuvenatingsets.com several brands of rejuvenating sets, such as, Rejuvenating Sets By Dr Alvin, Skin Magical Rejuvenating Sets, Brilliant Rejuvenating Sets, Fairy Skin Derma Sets, Skin Perfection Rejuvenating Sets and more. In Rejuvenatingsets.com, you can find your favorite skin rejuvenating set or we can recommend for you the set that best fits your skin type and skin issue.

What Products Does Skin Rejuvenating Set Contain?

In most cases, rejuvenating sets contain four products (some sets may contain more variants) which are:

1-Whitening/Micro peeling Soap: for micro peeling and cleansing.

2-Rejuvenating Toner: for deep cleansing and exfoliating dead skin.

3-Rejuvenating Cream: for whitening and moisturizing

4- Sunblock Cream/Gel: to protect skin against harmful sun rays and heat especially throughout the treatment process.

Who Should use The Rejuvenating Sets

People who:

  • Want to whiten their skin.
  • Want glowing skin.
  • Have clogged pores.
  • Want to tighten their pores.
  • Have pimples and want to dry them fast.
  • Have pimple marks.
  • Want to keep their skin blemish free.
  • Have wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Want to treat hyper pigmentation and discoloration.
  • Do not like visiting dermatologists.
  • Visited Dermatologists but did not work for them.
  • Are on the go and looking for a solution for their skin concerns.

Effects Of The Rejuvenating Sets

  1. Peeling 

    Definitely expect some skin peeling, if not a lot. Skin peeling gets rid of dull, damaged skin so the smooth, new skin underneath can be revealed.
    Some people find the peeling a bit much, in this case, take a 1-2 day break from using the toner , even if you’re in the middle of using it. You will find that your skin will peel more after you’ve stopped. On these days, wash your face with only cool or lukewarm water (no soap or facial cleansers), gently rub your face to remove the peeling skin. After doing this for 1-2 days, your skin will peel less.
  2. Redness

    Many people complain about extreme redness. It is a lot like a chemical peel, hence, peeling and redness are very common to happen. If you feel that the redness is a bit too much, stop applying 1-2 days. You should also ALWAYS apply plenty of sunblock to prevent skin burning from the hot sun.

  3. Skin stinging while applying toner or creams

    A technique to decrease the stinging is to space the washing and the application at least 2 hours apart. Wash your face right away after going home from work around mid afternoon and then apply Rejuvenating Facial Toner plus Bleaching Cream before going to bed at night.
    This gap between washing and application will give your skin time to resupply some of the oils lost from washing and so the oils help in reducing the stinging by reducing your skin’s dryness . Main point – your skin stings from applying toner because it gets too dry! Allow your skin to produce oils long enough to soothe your skin.
  4. Break outs

    Rejuvenating Facial set will cause some acne to come out during the first few weeks. This is because it is going deep inside the pores to take underlying impurities out. Once the acne surfaces, Rejuvenating Facial Toner and bleaching cream will dry them up pretty quickly. Keep using the set on your pimples. DO NOT STOP. If you stop when pimples surface you will find that they will stay visible on your skin longer than if you continue to use. If you have problems of redness and peeling at the same time as breakouts and want to take a 1-2 day break, using a cotton tip applicator, apply rejuvenating toner and creams to the acne areas. This method will dry up the pimples and allow the unaffected areas to resupply oils lost from dryness.

Rejuvenating Facial Set developed mainly for the treatment and prevention of acne (blackheads, whiteheads and pimples). It works well for other skin problems too, such as:

  1. Dark patches
  2. Skin tags 
    WARNING: Do not apply rejuvenating cream too close to your eyes or mouth. It may be harmful.
  3. Big pores
  4. Sagging skin – Just apply lots of a high SPF moisturizer to deal with the dryness. This is the main reason why I advise to rub rejuvenating cream in an upwards motion, to push the skin up and give yourself a small face-lift.
  5. Acne scars – No matter how big or disgusting your pimple looks, NEVER POP YOUR ZITS! If you do, you will be left with deep scars for a long time. The good thing is, Rejuvenating Facial Set peels away layers of dead, dull skin, thus making the scars shallower. 

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