April 27, 2021 About Skin Rejuvenating Set

About Skin Rejuvenating Set

In this article, we will talk more about skin rejuvenating set. We will define what each word means. First, the word “skin” because it is used for skin. Second, the word “rejuvenating.” If you look up the word “rejuvenate” in the dictionary, you will find one of the meaning is to restore a youthful appearance to. Third, the word set because in general, every skin rejuvenating set contains at least four (4) main products. The products are Kojic soap, rejuvenating toner, rejuvenating cream and sunblock cream/gel.

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What is The Purpose of Skin Rejuvenating Set

  1. Speed up cell turnover.
  2. Keep the skin pores and follicles free of blockages.
  3. Inhibit the formation of blackheads and blemishes which if not treated may lead to pimples, acne and hyperpigmentation.

But what cell turnover is and how skin rejuvenating set speeds it up. Let’s find out.

What Cell Turnover Means

Cell Turnover Process
Cell Turnover Process

Cell turnover means the process of peeling dead skin cells and and replacing the same with younger cells. This process carries out naturally in the skin. The process name is Desquamation. To clarify this process, every 30 days, a new cell is born in the deepest layer of the epidermis. Then, the new cell travels up through the epidermis until the uppermost layer of the epidermis. Likewise, other new skin cells constantly arrive to the surface of the skin pushing older ones off from beneath. The desquamation occurs in the entire body.

Where the Dead Skin Cells Go After the Skin Slough Them Away

Most of the dust you find in your furniture at your home comes from your skin. In other words, the dead skin sloughed away from your skin eventually settled down on your furniture.

Cells Turnover Rate

Cells turnover rate changes over age. In other words, cells turnover rate in kids is twice the one in adults. To clarify more, kids grow fast. So do their cells, they change fast. That’s why we see kids have bright soft skin. Because they always have new skin cells on the surface.

Cells Turnover in People with Acne

Cells turnover is slow in people with acne. Therefore, natural desquamation is impacted. Skin with acne produces more acne than the normal skin. Hence, dead skin cells are not shed properly when you have acne or other skin issues related to clogged pores. In other words, dead skin cells that are not shed properly out of your skin stay in the pores and clog them. This process cause whiteheads, blackheads, pimples and acne. In other cases, it causes discoloration of the skin. That’s why exfoliation for acne prone skin is essential to speed up the cell turnover process.

How Using Skin Rejuvenating Set Speeds up Cells Turnover

As mentioned previously, acne prone skin does not shed dead skin efficiently. Hence, an outside mean of exfoliation is required to protect the skin. Dead skin cells have to be sloughed away. Otherwise, it will clog skin pores and follicles. Skin rejuvenating set can inhibit the formation of blackheads by deep cleansing deep seated dirt. Moreover, it speeds up cell turnover by shedding dead skin cells and allowing new cells to come to the surface. That’s why, after using skin rejuvenating set, you will brighter, clearer and more glowing skin.

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Final Word

There are many factors that slow down our cell turnover. For example, aging, pollution, clogging ingredients in the different products that we use, etc. Our skin cells turn over naturally, however, our skin ability to slough away dead skin cells decrease throughout our life. Hence, a good exfoliator goes hand in hand with an acne prone skin.

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  1. What will happen if I used the toner at night, Monday and Friday and night cream Tues Wed Thurs. Is that okay?

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