November 17, 2020 LeAnn Rimes Bares Battle with Psoriasis

LeAnn Rimes Bares Battle with Psoriasis

With a nude photoshoot and an essay she penned herself, chart-topping country singer LeAnn Rimes reveals her battle with psoriasis. As she tells Glamour‘s Lindsay Schallon, she was diagnosed with the skin disorder when she was just two years. Diagnosed at two, LeAnn Rimes shares her psoriasis woes.

LeAnn Rimes Shared Her Experience With Psoriasis in an Essay

In her essay, she shares that by the time she was six, 80 percent of her body was covered with the painful red spots that comes with the skin disorder. As a child entertainer by the age of 11, Rimes tried everything to hide it whenever she went onstage. As well as different medications to deal with it.

Psoriasis 101

Healthline discloses that psoriasis is the result of an auto-immune condition that speeds up skin production. Psoriasis can be distinguished by scales that are initially white or silver in color then turn into thick and red patches in various parts of the body like the hands, feet, legs, back, face and neck. At times, these scales can crack and bleed. People with Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, anxiety and depression are the most vulnerable in developing this skin condition. The National Psoriasis Foundation reveals that more than 8 million people in the US are affected by psoriasis.

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