July 2, 2020 The 7 Beauty Benefits of Eggs

The 7 Beauty Benefits of Eggs

Eggs are the perfect start to the day. Unless you’re vegan, that is. For now, let’s talk about the 7 beauty benefits of eggs. They offer so much nourishment and energy, and they keep you full until your next meal. Eggs are great for your health when you consume them, but did you know they also offer amazing benefits externally, specifically to your skin, hair and nails?

Rejuvenatingsets.com has a ton of facial care products that can solve all of your skincare needs, but it’s pretty cool how something as simple as a breakfast ingredient can work just as well to moisturize your face or brighten your complexion.

Before we get into all the beauty uses of eggs, there’s a couple things to note about applying eggs different skin types.

For those with sensitive skin, apply egg masks up to once a week at most. For those with oily skin, egg masks can be applied up to three or four times a week.

And if you are allergic to eggs, please don’t use them on your skin.

Now, onto the 7 beauty benefits of eggs!

1. An egg hair mask can rescue damaged locks

Is your hair dull, dry and full of brittle split ends? A egg hair mask can help! Since your locks are made of keratin protein anyway, the protein in the eggs basically strengthen your hair by hydrating, moisturizing and smoothing out each strand. Plus, it restores the luster back in your tresses so your hair is silky smooth.

There are tons of different hair masks you can make, like an egg white and lemon mask for oily hair and an eggs and mayo mask to tame frizzy locks. You can also make an egg and olive oil mask for overall nourishment.

2. A face mask with eggs can shrink your pores

Egg whites can help tighten skin, thereby closing up enlarged pores so that less dirt is absorbed, lessening the chances of breakouts. All you need to do is whip one egg white and add a squeeze of lemon in a bowl, then apply it to a clean face. Once it dries, you can rinse it off with lukewarm water.

3. It can also give you a glowing complexion

If you want to achieve that enviable glow, mix a whole egg and 1/2 teaspoon of natural yogurt. Clean your face completely, then apply the egg and yogurt mix on your entire face. Let it dry for up to half an hour, then rinse off with lukewarm water for a brighter complexion.

4. An egg face mask also hydrates your skin

You don’t need to be in a cold country to have dry skin. If you have dry patches on your face, an egg and honey mask will sort you out. Mix 1/2 teaspoon with one whole egg, applying it on a clean face and letting it dry completely. Wash it off with lukewarm water, and you’ll feel and see your skin is instantly hydrated.

5. Eggs have benefits to remove excess oil

For those with oily skin, an egg and oatmeal scrub is just what you need. Mix one whole egg with a teaspoon of oatmeal, then scrub it on to a clean face for a few minutes, and wash off with lukewarm water. You can apply this scrub twice a week to help manage the oil.

6. Apply eggs under your eyes to de-puff and get rid of dark circles

Since we already know that eggs firm up and tighten your skin, it’s no surprise that eggs are also effective in reducing puffiness under the eyes. And as eggs also brighten your skin, they’re also effective in getting rid of dark circles. All you have to do is apply egg whites with a brush underneath your eyes, letting the whites dry completely before rinsing with cold water.

7. Use eggs to strengthen nails

Not only are eggs great for repairing the damaged hair, but they’re awesome at strengthening your nails as well. It’s the yolks in particular contain proteins that make soft, brittle nails stronger.

For a DIY nail treatment, mix one yolk with some honey, which then you can either apply on your nails or leave your fingers to soak in a bowl. The honey is included in the mix because of its antifungal properties that will help clean out your nails.

Of course, concocting these natural remedies can be pretty time consuming. If you’re also in need of a daily cleanser, make sure to stop by our shop.

Final Word

The beauty benefits of eggs are many. However, we listed 7 Beauty Benefits of Eggs above which we believe that they are essential.

If you have any comments, don’t hesitate to drop your thoughts below.

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