November 1, 2022 Guidance on How to Use Dermovate Cream

How to Use Dermovate Cream

Dermovate cream is a strong treatment for inflamed skin and skin conditions as psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema. In this article, we will outline the guidance on how to use Dermovate cream. Also, for more information about how to use Dermovate cream and other related information, check the product page here.

Guidance on How to Use Dermovate Cream

Time needed: 30 days

It is recommended to use Dermovate cream for 30 days. If you think you still need to use it for longer interval, you better take rest for a couple of day before using again.

  1. Preparation

    Wash your hands.
    Measurements for using Dermovate Cream in different ages

  2. Application

    Apply a thin layer to the affected area(s) and gently rub into the skin until it has all disappeared. You can measure how much Dermovate to use with your fingertip.
    apply cream

  3. Measurement

    Follow the measurements shown in the table below for each age.
    Note: Do not worry if you find you need a little more or less than this. It is only a rough guide.
    Measurements for using Dermovate Cream in different ages

  4. Use in Children

    Do not use this medicine on children under 1 year of age.
    It is especially important in children not to exceed the prescribed amount.
    A course of treatment for a child over the age of 1 year should not normally last more than 5 days unless your doctor has told you to use for longer. Your doctor may want to see the child every week, whilst using the cream
    Dressings or bandages should not be used on children where the cream is applied.

  5. If You Have Psoriasis

    If you have thick patches of psoriasis on your elbows or knees, your doctor may suggest applying the cream under an airtight dressing.
    It will only be at night to help the cream to start working. After a short period of time you will then apply the cream as normal.

  6. If You Apply Dermovate Cream to Your Face

    Limit the use to only 5 days as the skin on your face thins easily.
    Also, dressings or bandages should not be used on the face where the cream is applied.
    Do not let the cream get into your eyes. If it does, wash it out with plenty of water.
    apply cream to face

  7. If You Use More Dermovate than You should

    In case you apply too much or if accidentally swallowed, it could make you ill. Talk to your doctor or go to hospital as soon as possible.
    use more

  8. If You Forget to Use Dermovate

    In case you forget to apply your cream, apply it as soon as you remember.
    If it is close to the next application time, wait until this time.
    Do not apply extra Dermovate to make up for a missed dose.
    forget to use

  9. If You Stop Using Dermovate

    If you use Dermovate regularly make sure you talk to your doctor before you stop using it as your condition may get worse if stopped suddenly. Alternatively, you should stop it gradually. For example, if you were using once a day and you decide to stop using, then use it every other day, then thrice a week until you stop it completely.
    stop using

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