September 17, 2021 Celebrities with Pink Hair: From Pale, Pastel to Outrageous Shades [PHOTOS]

Celebrities with Pink Hair: From Pale, Pastel to Outrageous Shades [PHOTOS]

The pink hair trend isn’t losing any steam in 2021. The pink hair trend is one of the longest-lasting hair trends and it’s still going strong. Since last year, celebrities have been going crazy with this hair trend and the masses have followed suit. The Cut reported that pink hair was initially spotted on celebrities such as Ricky Martin, Dua Lipa, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Elle Fanning and Kaia Gerber. Forbes calls it “pandemic pink.” When salons started shutting down due to Covid-19, dyeing hair at home became a necessity for many. It’s also been a way to have fun and experiment.

The Cut says that we’ll never know why the color pink rose above others. It’s probably because it’s a fun and defiant color against the doom and gloom that the worldwide pandemic brought down upon everyone. Here’s a look at the most popular celebrities that sported the pink hair trend and the ones that have just jumped on this pink hair bandwagon for Spring.

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Celebrities With Pink Hair

Kaia Gerber

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Model Kaia Gerber dyed her brunette hair in a gradient pink in September last year. That pink hair even made an appearance on a campaign for Coach. Gerber is one of the top celebrities that made pink hair a hit.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen revived the pink hair trend from last year. In January, she showcased two fresh looks: a pink bob and pink waist-length locks. Obviously, Teigen had fun with wigs. Still, pink hair started making the rounds again after her pink hair debut on Instagram.

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Taraji P. Henson

Taraji P. Henson opened February with a bang with hot pink curls. The actress shares that she hasn’t had a weave in five years and gives a shoutout to her hairstylist for the new look. No doubt she maintains her new hairstyle with her own haircare line, TPH by Taraji.


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Shakira is another celebrity who welcomed February with a bold hair makeover. Jumping on the pink hair trend, she traded her signature caramel waves for bright magenta locks. And it looks like she even dyed her hair on her own. Shakira adds in an Instagram video that she was going for a lighter shade. For DIY hair dyeing at home, remember that brunette hair will need some bleach for a light pink shade to come through. Refinery29 recalls that this isn’t Shakira’s first brush with bright hair. She went for fire engine red for an MTV Unplugged performance in 1999. The Latina sensation also had red hair on cover of her Grandes Existos album.

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Demi Lovato

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After her dramatic short hair makeover in November 2020, Demi Lovato dyed her pixie cut bubblegum pink for her latest music video for the song, “What Other People Say.”

Lana Condor

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A major departure from her “To All The Boys” trademark long black hair, Lana Condor says goodbye to playing Lara Jean Covey onscreen with pastel pink hair. Condor teases her fans on Instagram that she’ll keep the pink hair if her single with boyfriend Anthony De La Torre, “Anyone Else But You,” reaches five million streams.

Naomi Osaka

Tennis champ Naomi Osaka celebrates her Australian Open 2021 win with hot pink waves. Osaka shows off her new look on Instagram with graphic pink eyeliner and neutral lips. Over 460,000 fans agree that Sakura pink has never looked so good.

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