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The kojic acid soap you have always trusted. The one prescribed by your dermatologist is now available in Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap. Kojie San has an all-natural kojic acid formula. This formula helps lighten dark spots due to acne, age spots, freckles, sun-damaged skin, and other skin pigmentation.

Is Kojic Acid Bad For Your Skin?

Kojic acid was discovered in japan. It is a by-product of kojic, or malted rice, for use in the manufacture of rice wine. In cosmetics, kojic acid is popularly known for its excellent whitening effects and anti-oxidant properties. It has not shown any bad effect on the skin. In spite of the fact that Kojic Acid might make your skin a bit dry, it is still very effective on whitening skin and micropeeling dead skin cells.

Kojie San Soap Benefits

  • Safely whitens and softens skin with deep cleansing.
  • Suitable for use on both face and body.
  • Moisturizing coconut oil primes skin for maximum absorption of kojic acid.
  • Fades age spots, freckles, and other signs of sun damage.
  • Gently heals acne blemishes and erases red marks and scars.
  • Continuous use will result in fairer-looking skin.

Does KojieSan Soap Really Work?

People who use Kojie San soap in regular basis have shown their full satisfaction.

How to Use Kojie San Soap

  • For daily use on face and body.
  • For optimum results, use Kojie San Body Lightening Lotion with SPF 25 after bathing.

Side Effects

For those who have very sensitive skin might experience mild side effects if they use the soap more than instructed. Side effects can be noticeable as:

  • Redness
  • Itchiness
  • Irritation

Where is it Made?

Made in The Philippines.

Additional information

Shipping Weight 0.320 kg
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 6 cm
Number of soaps

2x135g, 3x100g


Kojie San


Face and Body

Skin Type

All Skin Types

Directions for Use

Twice a Day



Country of Origin


Key Ingredients

Kojic Acid

71 reviews for Kojie San Soap

  1. Grayce (verified owner)

    A promising product, worth trying.

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      Rejuvenating sets

      Thank you for your honest and instructive feedback.

  2. Kiarra (verified owner)

    Think this could be a potential item in the future.

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      Rejuvenating sets

      We value your decision to shop with us and leave an instructive review!

  3. Elishaa boujie (verified owner)


    Just started using hopefully I start seeing results soon

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  4. briana walker (verified owner)

    The real deal

    I’ve been using this soap for years to even out my skin tone . I’m so happy that it is available here. I had years of exzema scars and This stuff is the truth. It’s most definitely authentic and it works wonders!!! Tip: cut the bar into pieces so it’ll last longer. If you are using this on your face use every other day (leave it on no more than 20 seconds for beginners). You don’t want to over exfoliate and get irritation also use a sunscreen to protect your results and skin!!. When using on hyperpigmentation on the body leave on for 5 to 10 mins . Pair this soap with exfoliating gloves or a Japanese exfoliating towel and You will see amazing results !! This helps the soap penetrate deeper scars and works better . And don’t forget to put on a heavy lotion or body butter afterwards. For sensitive skin start off slow until you increase tolerance . This can be irritating at first. Last tip authentic kojie San smells citrusy and stains white surfaces and can sting when over used. Fake soap smells like perfume and is a darker color.

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  5. Quiana N. (verified owner)

    Fabulous Product

    I use Kojie soap for lightening dark spots on my legs. It is absolutely amazing. I have purchased this soap in the past and the formula has not changed. Thank you for the Great product.

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  6. shelia crump (verified owner)


    Love it

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  7. Ola Randolph (verified owner)

    That it works like advertised

    The smell is pleasant

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  8. Paty (verified owner)

    Good quality

    I love it it didn’t irritated my skin

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  9. Aisha k (verified owner)

    Does not harsh your skin

    It smells very good.

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  10. Edna (verified owner)

    3rd time ordering.... Satisfaction

    Smells good and moisturize skins….. I love it.

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  11. Believe (verified owner)

    Very effective

    Love it been using for 10 years

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  12. Kourtney (verified owner)

    Stop shopping and just get this

    I LOVE this soap so much! I literally have clear smooth balanced glass skin when I use this. I stopped using this for literally TWO weeks and my hyperpigmentation came back and started getting pimples. Great for sensitive skin, combo skin and hyperpigmentation. I hate that this has fragrance before the main ingredient which is the Kojic acid though.

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  13. Danny Diaz (verified owner)


    My second time buying this product, and I have to say it really worked especially on my armpits.
    You need to keep using them so it works all the way. Soap smells amazing!!

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  14. Lillie Williams (verified owner)



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  15. Fe (verified owner)

    ship fast, good product

    I have been using these soap brand for few months, the result is great. my skin looks brighter and healthier. But I do not recommend it using this soap on face area. (since the face is more delicate and sensitive).

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  16. Eniye Ebonni (verified owner)

    Buy it!

    I have been using this for years my only issue is that it is pretty drying so follow with a great moisturizer

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  17. Isabel Mccants (verified owner)

    I buy this soap in bulk if i could

    Love love love it

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  18. Tracey (verified owner)


    Awesome for All Complexion skin textures!

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  19. Yanet Lopez (verified owner)

    The most important thing is that you cant these products

    hi, I am super happy with this product, I used it for a blemish on face, and yes, I recomendend it,is great. thank you so much

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  20. N. Roberts (verified owner)

    Cleared up cystic acne!

    I have sensitive acne prone combination skin. After giving birth, I started to get cystic acne that would not go away! I tried every drug store item and luxury items, nothing worked! I even tried taking oral acne medication, and nada! Creams also was a big fail. I tried this on a whim based on a random YouTube recommendation and I’m not even kidding, my skin was healed in 3 days. All my cystic acne was gone, and it’s only been a week and my dark spots lightened up as well about 40%. This is a magic soap!! I’ve used it in the shower and out the shower and I realized in the shower works better. And use like warm to cold water. I love this and I hope they never stop making it!!

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  21. Publicnamenotrequired (verified owner)

    Does not irritate my skin and help with blemishes.

    Ever since I started using this soap, my face cleared up. I often get blemishes, but I think this soap really cleaned the pores well and reduced oil getting built up.

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  22. Victoria (verified owner)

    Helps Hyperpigmentation!!

    This soap has helped alot with my hyperpigmentation, it is drying though so that might be something to consider if you have dry skin. I havent had any break outs and I have sensitive skin, but it doesnt have a scent. Overall I really love it

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  23. Jay (verified owner)


    Does not disappoint! It’s a great exfoliator. I use three times a week for exfoliating, but be careful as it does dry out skin/starts burning if left on too long.

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  24. Abrar (verified owner)


    I’m actually very impressed, this soap worked and helped clear my dark under arms. Although it took a few weeks to see a difference, I’m happy with the results! Definitely recommend.

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  25. BALWINDER SIDHU (verified owner)

    Everything fine

    Everything fine

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  26. Neelam (verified owner)


    Love with this soup

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  27. Christian (verified owner)

    Noticeable brightening after multiple uses.

    Be patient ladies. Don’t skip days! You have to be very consistent with this type of thing. Takes at least a month for you to notice a good difference

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  28. Jayla (verified owner)

    I don’t know if it’s my mind tricking me into thinking it’s working ( I don’t think so) but I’m seeing results in just a few days. It’s worth it I promise❤️❤️

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  29. Rosey7673 (verified owner)

    Awesome product

    I love this product

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  30. Margaret (verified owner)

    The REAL Deal

    This Kojic soap is the real deal and will HELP with hyperpigmentation, dark marks, and possible spot treatment. Use it regularly, but also follow up with a moisturising facial soap after using this soap. It will dry your skin out, but follow up with a nice cream too. This soap is the real deal!

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  31. LaMechdra Morgan (verified owner)

    Good For Breakouts

    The Smell Is Great

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  32. Ruthelyn (verified owner)

    Worth to but

    Good product very legit

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  33. Mimo (verified owner)


    I was scared to order this due to some allergic reaction from other comments. Took my chance and have already ordered three times, same soap all the time. I have dry skin so I don’t scrub it I gently massage my body with the foam using my hands for about 5 minutes and rinse using lukewarm water. Once a week I use oil-based scrub to deep clean my body. And always use SUNSCREEN even when you are not leaving the house

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  34. M&m (verified owner)

    it's working

    love it !

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  35. vvrome (verified owner)

    Working well so far.

    I used to have an ugly orangish tint to my skin and this soap has helped a lot. My tone is definitely more rosy and fair than it was before. I’ve been using it for about a month, and am sure that it can only get better from here. If you tan easily, make sure to regularly use sunscreen to protect your results!

    Kojie San Soap
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  36. nikki (verified owner)

    love it

    my face was burned in 2006 and left scars and in two weeks this magical stuff faded 10+ year scars so i’m going to start using this on my stretch marks and update yall in a few weeks ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Helpful? 29 0
  37. Ruqayya Abdullah (verified owner)

    Very satisfied customer

    I have used this so for the first time and I absolutely love it and I will order more it feels so good all over after makes a good lather and I can tell a big difference and I’ve only been using it for 3 days A must-buy you will not be disappointed

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  38. Kayla (verified owner)

    My Favorite Soap

    Using it for 6 weeks constantly i use it in the morning sometimes at night. Being consistent is very important it brightens your skin so be careful how much you frequently use it. It’s very drying and it will sting for a couple of secs.

    Kojie San Soap
    Kojie San Soap
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  39. fey (verified owner)


    skin tightening from 3 days of using..

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  40. Teraza (verified owner)

    Love the smell! It smells fruity!

    I heard this soap is good! Giving it a try.

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  41. Wondell (verified owner)

    It really works

    It was very good

    Kojie San Soap
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  42. Marlene L. Serrano (verified owner)


    I love this soap. It has definitely whitened my skin. Had an orange smell which is very pleasant. Would definitely recommend .

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  43. Corinthiana (verified owner)

    Get it

    Used before would recommend

    Kojie San Soap
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  44. matieshia (verified owner)

    Ok I’m


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  45. Genny (verified owner)

    Love It!

    This will clear up your skin, get rid of hyperpigmentation, and even lighten problem areas on your skin over time if used consistently. Make sure you cut the large bars into smaller pieces and keep the single piece you plan to use separate from the rest so you don’t waste it from allowing the whole bar to get wet.

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  46. Semo (verified owner)

    Thank u:)

    Good for skin lightening

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  47. MJ. (verified owner)

    It helps with discoloration

    It helps with evening out the problem areas with skin discoloration. Be patient with it, leave it on your skin for 3mins and then wash off. Its worth the money, wish these soap came in bars of 6.

    Helpful? 3 0
  48. Markster (verified owner)

    Works great

    Works very well in clearing skin blemishes and it’s great for exfoliation.

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  49. Danielle Chauvet (verified owner)

    Authentic Product

    The real deal, nice and sudsy. And enough to last for months. Based on my research, this product is authentic.

    Helpful? 3 0
  50. CS (verified owner)

    Love it

    Works for me

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  51. Ms. Horton (verified owner)

    Great product give it time

    I’m in love with this product! I have sensitive skin and I was very on edge about this. I use it twice a day and I’m noticing all of my acne scars disappearing. Some people may want to use a face moisturizer after but I dont due to very oily skin. I cut my bars up into small pieces because the soap last so long. I will be buying again!!!

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  52. kay (verified owner)

    Great product for evening your skin tone!

    This soap is absolutely amazing for evening my skin tone! I have been using this for years and it works so well for dark elbows and knees that I have. I originally have olive medium skin tone and it has lighten my skin a shade or two with continuous use. I noticed the difference when I stop using this product. Some of my dark spots on my body which I mentioned my knees and elbows start to darken again. I will not stop using this product so please don’t discontinue this. This is my soap for life. If you want to use a certain scented shower gel, you can definitely do that. What I usually do is, I use this first with a wash cloth so I can remove all the dead skin and dirt from my body and then use the scented shower gel right after as to match the lotion I’m going to be using for the day. I hope my review helps other people.

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  53. Abby (verified owner)

    Great product

    One of my favorite soaps, it clears my acne and left my skin feeling fresh.

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  54. M Johnson (verified owner)

    Perfect for Blemishes

    Blemishes Gone within a few days of using the soap, I have been using this so for a while my sunburn do not come back I would just suggest that you use sunscreen when you go out in the sun as with any other product ,but so far this product is amazing

    Kojie San Soap
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  55. Claire (verified owner)


    If you have a sensitive skin, just don’t let it soak for too long

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  56. Silvia Reyes (verified owner)

    Buena compra

    Me encanto mi cara la deja súper limpia

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  57. Kathryn Collins (verified owner)

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  58. lou Hue (verified owner)

    great soap!!!

    this soap brighten and cleans skin really well. it lathers really well, and will leave skin a bit dry. so moisturize when done showering…

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  59. S. Jiffery (verified owner)

    great for dark spots under arms

    You must use it daily to see results. It did work on fading my armpits, which is what I intentionally bought it for. I do have dry and sensitive skin and I didn’t get any irritation. Smells nice, like citrus. I will definitely continue to buy it.

    Helpful? 30 0
  60. Rainier Taganas (verified owner)

    helpful for pimples

    its for clearing up pimples, brightens skin, but downside -usually dries it up so i would recommend using moisturizer after, i highly recommend it, im asian so idk if thats helpful too

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  61. Shukri (verified owner)

    Good one


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  62. Ashley Chapman (verified owner)

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  63. Zermina Ejaz (verified owner)

    Where was this all my life. Seriously.

    I’ve had so many dark areas on my face. Around my mouth, upper cheeks, black dark under eyes, and one really dark random spot I’ve had for years on my face. It started working so fast. I’ve never seen anything work as fast as this soap. I’ve been using the ordinary products for over a year before to fix these issues, but didn’t see any dramatic changes. I started seeing changes with this soap after 3 days. I see my pigmentation areas are breaking up. And even my dark circles, there are some white spots. I started researching about this soap, and it seems it’s always been the #1 lightener in Japan/ Philippines since forever. Can’t believe I’ve never heard anything about it. I’m excited for what results will come after long term use of this. Be careful as this will make u sensitive to suv. Wear sunscreen.

    Helpful? 38 0
  64. Amy Campbell (verified owner)

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  65. Teresa Harrison (verified owner)

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  66. Patricia French (verified owner)

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  67. Kathy Robinson (verified owner)

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  68. Linda Sims (verified owner)

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  69. Kaylee Torres (verified owner)

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  70. Ms. Brenda Gray (verified owner)

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  71. Cheyenne Snyder (verified owner)

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