Dr Alvin Rejumax Program 3

Dr Alvin Rejumax Program 3

When our customer approached us through our Dr Alvin Facebook page, she conveyed to us her skin concern of having discoloration, uneven color skin and dark spots here and there on her face. She sent us her picture and we recommended for Dr Alvin Rejumax Program 3 Set to use day and night for one month. She liked the results within the first week, she ordered again after one month of use the same set and used the same for yet another month. Finally, we recommended for her to use Dr Alvin Maintenance Set to tighten her facial pores to prevent pores from clogging again to maintain the good results she had got after using Dr Alvin Rejumax Program 3 Set.

Do you want a clearer and evened out color skin? You can order now, leave us a comment below or contact us through Facebook page or on the go through our Facebook messenger.

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12 thoughts on “Dr Alvin Rejumax Program 3

  1. louise maya says:

    I have also been using dr. Alvin rejuvenating set for how many years now and it is only now that I noticed that this should be used only for a month. so I stopped using it but my skin is starting to look a bit dark again. Should I use rejuvenating set again then use maintenance set afterwards?

    1. Rejuvenating sets says:

      Well, safety wise, the facial rejuvenating toner and cream are recommended to be used for 30 days. You can use soap and sunblock regularly. Of course, when you stop using rejuvenating set, your skin will grow new cells and your pores will be clogged again due to many outsider and insider factors. Therefore, your skin may get darker again.
      When was the last time you used rejuvenating set?

      1. louise maya says:

        I stopped using for about two weeks now. Can I go back on using it then change to maintenance set after 30 days?

        1. Rejuvenating sets says:

          No. You need at least 30 days downtime after rejuvenating set. It also highly depends on how many rejuvenating sets you used after each other. How many rejuvenating sets have you used until you stopped two weeks ago?

          1. Louise maya says:

            I’m not sure as to how many but I’ve been using it for about 3 yrs now.

            1. Rejuvenating sets says:

              If you are using rejuvenating set for 3 years every month, then you definitely need to stop using for at least 30 days. Is your skin thin? Do you feel your skin thin?

          2. Louise maya says:

            Noted po. No, I don’t think my skin looks thin or feels thin. But there are times that i feel light stinging so i stop for a day or two whenever it happens. But this happens very seldom.

            1. Rejuvenating sets says:

              Good. Stinging, redness and itchiness are side effects of rejuvenating set. However, if they are not severe and diminish over time, then it’s OK. Even though you cannot feel your skin is thin, you need to stop for 30 days. If you want, you can use maintenance set now. Maintenance set will help skin grow new cells. Continue for one month, even if you notice your skin breaks out. Then use rejuvenating set.

          3. Louise maya says:

            Noted po. Thank you very much for your time and assistance. This has been a great help for me.

            1. Rejuvenating sets says:

              Sure po.
              Wish you the best.

  2. Alethea Hempstead says:

    Dr Alvin Rejumax Program 3 article is very
    useful and well researched.
    🙂 Be beautiful, you deserve!

    1. Thanks for the comment. I wish your product is good for the people who’re in need too.

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