Vitamin E Combo



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1- Aron Vitamin E Cream 200g

To serve for moisture balance, reducing dryness, cracking, irritation, slowing fine lines, dark circles and dark spots While protecting from UV rays of sun, revealing smooth, soft, moist, natural glow.

2- Prolife Atlas Vitamin E 400IU X 100 Softgels


– Dietary Supplement

– Healthy Heart

– Decrease cell life Ageing

– Healthy Immune System

– Protect cells from free radical damages.

3- AR Vitamin E Moisturizing Lotion 600ml

Skin nourishing lotion with nourishing vitamin E that combines the natural value of Sunflower Seed Oil for pampering,  moisturizing, balancing skin and helping treat wrinkles, dark circles and dark spots. It Reveals smooth, soft, and radiant skin naturally when used continuously.

4- Aron Vitamin E Moisturizing Whitening Soap 100g

Vitamin E Soap nourishes skin to be soft and smooth. The soap enriched with Vitamin E and moisturizer can help to moisture the skin, lighten dark spots, brighten uneven skin. And also giving healthy skin.

5- AR Vitamin E Facial Wash 190g

A concentrated vitamin E cream that cleanses the skin, leaving it soft and supple.
Gentle on the face, deep cleansing.
Nourishes and whitens the skin.
Experience the change of youthful skin from the first use.


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