TCM Scar and Acne Marks Removal Gel Ointment 30ml


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TCM Scar and Acne Marks Removal Gel Ointment has several benefits. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects. It also nourishes the skin.

TCM Scar and Acne Marks Removal Gel Ointment Features and Benefits

  • Aliver natural formula is a complex mixture of botanical extracts designed specifically to dissolve scar tissue and leave clean healthy and renewed tissue instead.
  • CRUELTY FREE, PARABEN FREE, no animal testing, no colorants, made with all natural ingredients such as: Centella asiatica, Ginseng, White tea, Rhodiola, Low molecular weight herapin, Allantoin low, portulaca oleracea. The combined ingredients work to renew the skin cells back to its natural condition.
  • Aliver ADVANCED FORMULA REMOVES OLD AND NEW SCARS: Great for removing blemishes from surgery, cut marks, pregnancy marks, acne marks, skin damage, burns, stretch marks, skin redness from face ,legs, hands and arms.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND INVISIBLE. This highly concentrated, made with all-natural ingredients gel is easily absorbed, and its lightweight formula leaves no residue, color or odor. Suitable for the most sensitive skin-types, thanks to having the most effective and gentle scar-fading ingredients nature has to offer, together they work to restore and renew your flawless skin.
  • TCM traditional Chinese medicine often have long term to get effect, just use it for one or two months, at least one time every day, it will get better, it’s not magic, need a few time to cure the cortex of your scar. If you’re also have sensitive skin, please try it on arms or hand first. If you have any question when using it, please e-mail us, we’re always available.

How to Use TCM Scar and Acne Marks Removal Gel Ointment

  1. After wound healed, clean wound surface.
  2. Apply proper amount of scar removal cream on scar surface and spread evenly. 2-3 times per day.
  3. If the wound not clean, clean the wound and keep it dry before use.

Caution: Breastfeeding women, children, and the elderly and infirm should use it under the guidance of a physician.

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Use Daily


Treats Scars and Stretch Marks

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13 reviews for TCM Scar and Acne Marks Removal Gel Ointment 30ml

  1. Ludie (verified owner)

    4 stars for the product, work as described, but not as expected.

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      Rejuvenating sets

      We are grateful that you took the time out to leave us a review. Your feedback helps us improve service for everyone.

  2. Akeem (verified owner)

    I was looking for this product everywhere. It was either out of stock or I couldn’t check out. Thanks for the fast shipping.

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      Rejuvenating sets

      Thank you for your kind review! It’s a big encouragement to us!

  3. Leslie (verified owner)

    I have been using this for several weeks now and I see a clear difference.

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      Rejuvenating sets

      Thank you for your kind recognition, customer’s satisfaction is always our goal.

  4. Autumn Ray (verified owner)

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  5. Brooke Kirk (verified owner)

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