SAIKOU Premium Glutathione Plus – 60 Capsules for Skin & Immunity


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Introducing SAIKOU Premium Glutathione Plus, a high-quality dietary supplement designed to support skin and immune health. Each bottle contains 60 capsules filled with a powerful blend of premium ingredients such as Japan Glutathione Nanotec Ultrafiltration, S-Acetyl Glutathione, ALA, Ceramide, NAC, Tomato Extract, Micronized Reduced Glutathione, Polypodium Leucotomos, and Collagen Tripeptide. This potent formula provides a range of benefits including skin brightening, rejuvenating, anti-aging, and immune system support. SAIKOU Premium Glutathione Plus is the perfect addition to your daily health regimen and will help you achieve a healthier, more vibrant you.

Key Ingredients

Key IngredientsEffects
Japan GlutathioneEssential for the immune system, acts as an antioxidant
Stem CellNourishes skin cells, promotes cell turnover, increases collagen
Polypodium LeucotomosHelps prevent sunburn, eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo, skin cancer
Japan Crystal WhiteHelps brighten skin tone
Tomato ExtractProvides antioxidants to protect against UV damage
Japan Collagen TripeptideHelps new cells grow, improves skin elasticity
S-Acetyl Glutathione PremiumHelps replenish glutathione in the body
ALA, Ceramide, NACAnti-inflammatory, locks moisture into skin, replenishes glutathione
SAIKOU Premium Glutathione Plus Key Ingredients


  1. Enhanced Skin Brightening – SAIKOU Premium Glutathione Plus contains powerful antioxidants that help reduce oxidative stress and improve skin health. Its Japan Glutathione Nanotec Ultrafiltration, S-Acetyl Glutathione, and Tomato Extract ingredients help to lighten and brighten the skin, providing a youthful and radiant complexion.
  2. Anti-Aging Effects – This dietary supplement also contains ALA, Ceramide, and NAC, which work together to protect the skin against free radical damage and reduce inflammation, promoting skin’s healthy aging.
  3. Immune System Support – The Japan Triple Glutathione Actives in SAIKOU Premium Glutathione Plus are essential for immune system function. They help protect your body from damage to cells caused by free radicals and support healthy immune function.
  4. Skin Moisturizing – Ceramide in SAIKOU Premium Glutathione Plus helps to lock moisture into the skin, preventing dryness and irritation. This helps the skin stay healthy, hydrated and supple.
  5. Collagen Production – SAIKOU Premium Glutathione Plus contains Collagen Tripeptide, which helps to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin, promoting firmness and elasticity.
  6. Anti-inflammatory Properties – Polypodium Leucotomos, an ingredient in SAIKOU Premium Glutathione Plus, has been used to prevent skin problems including eczema, psoriasis, and skin cancer. It possesses anti-inflammatory properties that can help to reduce inflammation in the body and support healthy skin.

Overall, SAIKOU Premium Glutathione Plus provides a wide range of benefits to help you achieve healthier skin and a stronger immune system.


  1. Contains Japan Glutathione Nanotec Ultrafiltration, S-Acetyl Glutathione, and Tomato Extract for skin brightening
  2. Includes ALA, Ceramide, and NAC for anti-aging effects
  3. Features Japan Triple Glutathione Actives for immune system support
  4. Contains Ceramide for skin moisturizing
  5. Includes Collagen Tripeptide for collagen production
  6. Contains Polypodium Leucotomos for anti-inflammatory properties
  7. Each bottle contains 60 capsules
  8. Recommended dosage is 1-2 capsules per day
  9. Stem cell technology helps to promote skin cell turnover

How to Use SAIKOU Glutathione Plus Capsules

Time needed: 2 minutes

Follow the step by step guide below for best results. Overall, the time required for each step is minimal, but the benefits of following these instructions consistently can be significant.

  1. Check the label

    Before taking SAIKOUPremium Glutathione Plus, check the label to make sure it is not expired and to confirm the recommended dosage.

  2. Determine the best time to take

    SAIKOU Premium Glutathione Plus can be taken once or twice a day. It is recommended to take one capsule in the morning and another at night for best results.

  3. Take with water

    Take the capsule(s) with a full glass of water. This helps to ensure that the capsule is properly swallowed and to prevent any discomfort.

  4. Do not exceed the recommended dosage

    It is important to follow the recommended dosage, and not to exceed the suggested dose. Taking too much of the supplement can be harmful to your health.

  5. Store properly

    After opening the bottle, be sure to store the supplement in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. This helps to preserve the quality and effectiveness of the supplement.

  6. Be consistent

    For best results, it is important to be consistent with taking the supplement daily. This helps to ensure that your body is getting the necessary nutrients and benefits from the supplement.

Additional information

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Product Form

Dietary Supplement


Whitening and Immunity


60 Capsules

Instructions For Use

Once or twice a day

Skin Type

All skin types

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      Rejuvenating sets

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    Try it, see for yourself. Already started the second one, once a day at night.

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      Rejuvenating sets

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