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Myra Capsules, Moisturizer, Soap and Lotion set is all what you need for your beauty routine for inside and outside.

1- Myra Capsules

30 capsules enriched with Vitamin E.

  • With Myra Vitamin E, you can:
    • Fight free radicals
    • Repair damaged cells
    • And protect the healthy ones.
  • Its antioxidant properties keep your skin:
    • Nourished
    • Healthy skin from within. Having healthy skin means that you will always have moisturized and glowing skin throughout the day.

2- Myra Moisturizer

The new Myra Fresh Glow Whitening Facial Moisturizer is now packed with more Beauty Vitamins (Vitamins E, C, B3, B5, B6).

  • Benefits

    • It has Beauty Vitamins, a powerful combination of vitamins that nourishes skin.
    • It has Pro-Radiance Complex, which combines an oil-free formula and effective skin whitening actives. Moreover, it improves skin tone in as early as 7 days while providing a shine-free complexion.
    • Light feel and non-greasy look making it ideal for everyday use.
    • Whitens skin in 7 days.
    • Protects skin from sun damage.

3- Myra Soap

The new Myra Whitening Beauty Soap has Vitamin E, a strong antioxidant that protects skin from aging, and natural Papaya Extracts that gently whiten skin.

  • Benefits

    • It has Salicylic Acid that exfoliates skin and eliminates excess oil and dirt to reveal clear and smooth skin.
    • Deeply cleanses for healthy white skin in as early as 7 days.

4- Myra Lotion

The new Myra Classic Moisturizing Lotion now has more than Vitamin E. It comes with more Beauty Vitamins such as Vitamins E, C, B3, B5, B6.

  • Benefits

    • It has Beauty Vitamins, a powerful combination of vitamins that nourishes skin.
    • It has 24-hr Moisture Lock that rehydrates skin quickly. In addition, it keeps it moisturized all day. It also has Grape Seed Oil that helps moisturize and soften skin.
    • Light feel and non-greasy, making it ideal for everyday use.
    • Moisturizes skin all day.
    • Rehydrates skin quickly.

How to Use Myra E Capsules, Moisturizer, Soap and Lotion

  1. Take (1) one Myra capsule a day. For best result, take regularly. You may take it before or after a meal in the morning, at noontime, or in the evening. It depends on your preference.
  2. Gently lather Myra soap on your body and face.. Then, rinse well. Use twice a day.
  3. Apply Myra lotion daily in the morning, and evening on dry areas of your body.
  4. Gently apply Myra Moisturizer on face and neck after cleansing with soap. Preferably, use Myra soap. Use morning and at night. Also, it can be used under make-up.

Where is the

Myra E Capsules, Moisturizer, Soap and Lotion Set Made?

Made in The Philippines.

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Face and Body

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All Skin Types

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Use Each Item Everyday


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24 reviews for Myra e Capsules+Myra Moisturizer+Myra soap+Myra lotion

  1. Emilio (verified owner)

    Everybody skips this, but it’s actually a good item, I’ll remove 1 star.

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  2. Lyn Eckardt (verified owner)

    It’s very effective

    This is new to me. My friend recommend it. I love it so far!!

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  3. Rose Johnson (verified owner)

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  4. Michelle Gregory (verified owner)

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  10. Ana Anderson (verified owner)

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  11. Angela Hart (verified owner)

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  22. Theresa Hall (verified owner)

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  23. Aniebhel Stoddart (verified owner)

    Five Stars

    I like this product because I feel no stress and feel strong all the time

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  24. B. Jones (verified owner)

    Five Stars

    Great vitamin from Phils

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