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Slimming Herb can be used as a laxative, or as a slimming product, when used in addition with another slimming program, weight loss diet and regular exercise. Sliming Herb is a Chinese and Asian traditional formula and although it is a laxative type weight loss product, it does not usually cause or induce diarrhea. Sliming Herb is very effective for slimming, but for best results, we recommend using it in conjunction with a balanced diet and regular exercise. No side effects or unwanted stomach stimulation.

Slimming Herb Tea Benefits

  • Loosens the bowels by providing constipation relief and promoting regularity of motions.
  • Prevents accumulation of fat.
  • Prevents the loss of minerals in the body.

How to Use Slimming Herb Tea

  1. Place one Sliming Herb tea bag in a cup. Then, simply add cold water and let it brew for about 30 minutes.
  2. Then drink.
  3. Drink 2 tea bags per day, 1 time in the morning and 1 time before going to bed.
  4. Do not use boiling or hot water and do not boil Sliming Herb Tea.
    • Attention

      We recommend that for the first week, you take only one dose (1 tea bag) per day and it is best taken before going to bed. Besides, it is not recommended to continue to regular consumption of Sliming Herb, for more than 3 months at a time.


  • Large flower 65%
  • Hawthorne 8%
  • Chamomile 4%
  • Radish 3%
  • Carmelia 3%
  • Steering bean 3%
  • Morning-glory 4%

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Slimming Herb

53 reviews for Slimming Herb Tea 50 Bags

  1. Chad (verified owner)

    The first time I got the urges to leave a comment, but this is simply a top-notch thing you can find.

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    • Avatar photo

      Rejuvenating sets

      Thank you for your kind review! It’s a big encouragement to us!

  2. Christopher Stockton (verified owner)


    Drink Every Night

    Have now Re-Ordered 4 times! Put it in Ice water, about 2 hours before you go to bed. Drink it, about 30 minutes before you go to bed. Stuff is AMAZING!

    Helpful? 8 0
  3. Rose Gurr (verified owner)

    Five Stars

    Excellent product it works if you want to loose weight. Drink as the instructions advise.

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  4. Abby (verified owner)

    Five Stars

    Mycket nöjd,tack.

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  5. jenn (verified owner)

    Five Stars

    It works just as I expect! =)

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  6. charlene (verified owner)

    Five Stars

    i love this stuff great if you want to loose weight fast, quick delivery

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  7. E. Pearl (verified owner)

    Tea Bags

    Great to have all of these delicious tea bags available whenever I need them.

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  8. Christiana Daramola (verified owner)

    For body fat loss

    Its works excellent.

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  9. Mercedes Jimenez (verified owner)

    Love it!!

    Loved it!!!

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  10. Desiree Martinez (verified owner)


    Do you only drink this tea cold?

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  11. Janice M. (verified owner)

    Great product

    It does the job it’s supposed to do, I get some slight stomach cramps, but my husband doesn’t, if you drink a lot of water it works even better

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  12. Customer (verified owner)

    It works

    I purchase this product for my mom and she said she likes the mild flavor and it actually works thus far.

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  13. Phylliss Marshall (verified owner)

    Will buy again

    Definitely Works

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  14. Kamiye igwe (verified owner)

    Pleasant on the stomach

    It works my second time of buying,mild on the tummy and I get to use the bathroom once or twice,very nice

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  15. Nancy (verified owner)

    Amazing tea.....can't compare!! Works wonders.

    This stuff is great. I have used it a couple of times when I feel bloated. Advice; use it before you go to sleep, it works wonders. If you gat errands to run, be warned because this right here cleans your system jokes aside. Stay close to your bathroom! I am not taking this for weight loss but I could say its done wonders to my tummy everytime I use it.

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  16. Odaliz Correa (verified owner)

    Real deal weight loss tea

    This is the real deal .I ,myself lost weight with this tea.I told a few people about it and they lost weight as well .The first day you will rush to the bathroom but after the first week it’s a little more easy to handle .You will have to help it tho .U should also eat a little less and work out a little to get quicker weight loss results .Again, this is the real deal .You will lose weight .As for the taste it is nasty but you will get used to it .Just like green tea.

    Helpful? 8 0
  17. Yonis Espinosa (verified owner)

    Me gusto

    Exelente producto

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  18. Kerry Ann (verified owner)

    It definitely works. It clean ur body

    A don’t have any bad to say about this tea .is definitely a fast detox. Once a drink it it has me keep going to the bathroom it works

    Helpful? 3 0
  19. Yoshi (verified owner)

    It does work.

    I’m in week three and two days ago I went to a follow up doctor’s appointment and lost three pounds in only two weeks. It does work!! It helps eliminate water retention and bloating. I m an anxiety eater and it has helped with my anxiety and curb my appetite. Be prepared to drink lost of water. I take one tea in the morning and one before going to bed.

    Update two weeks later: I lost another 5 pounds, total of 8 pounds in one month.. My appetite continues to decrease. I also do my daily walks five miles day.

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  20. Fevielyne jimenez (verified owner)


    I love this tea it just helps me with digestion.

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  21. Roberto lopez (verified owner)

    Bueno siempre


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  22. Marianne (verified owner)

    Fast transaction! 4boxes I received!

    I received 4 boxes and each bag has a 5 pouch with 10 tea bags on each pouches.
    The packaging is well done and the expiration date is 3 years of manufacturing date.

    It will take me awhile to give a feedback if it’s working or not.

    Fast transaction!

    Slimming Herb Tea 50 Bags
    Slimming Herb Tea 50 Bags
    Slimming Herb Tea 50 Bags
    Slimming Herb Tea 50 Bags
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  23. Celine (verified owner)

    Happy tummy

    Works like a charm

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  24. Gina (verified owner)

    Clean your gut

    Amazing product. I drink this tea as part of my daily diet to clean my gut. This is far way better than any laxatives. Try it⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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  25. Janay (verified owner)

    It works

    I absolutely love this tea I buy it faithfully and live by it to go to the bathroom and also smaller stomach it help get rid of that bloated look

    Slimming Herb Tea 50 Bags
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  26. Mimi Trice (verified owner)

    Good product

    Good for cleansing my system

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  27. Esmeralda (verified owner)

    Does the job

    Works within a few hours

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  28. Susana Guerrero (verified owner)



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  29. Sheen (verified owner)

    It works

    This tea works, it breaks my stomach down like a hill, gosh! I don’t eat it everyday, I will drink it once time and I will go for three days. It takes a lot of gas out of my stomach. Simply the best. I have never wrote reviews but this deserves it.

    Helpful? 6 0
  30. Stephanie (verified owner)

    Super cleansing

    Works great! Got my coworkers taking it too and they all love it .

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  31. Lisa Spruill (verified owner)

    It really works

    Weight loss

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  32. this tea very good ,I love it. (verified owner)

    very good tea , I will offer this to my friends to get this tea or buy this tea.

    no comment

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  33. JR (verified owner)

    Thumbs up!

    It’s work,it’s great to use for people who wants to digest food quickly,lol,that’s true,just try.but don’t complain it flush a lot,my husband and I was always using this,so far it’s good.

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  34. bertha (verified owner)

    Very good product.

    Works effectively.

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  35. Jecinta m. (verified owner)

    Weight loss

    I love this tea and does wonderful job on loosing weight

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  36. Stanley K. Phillips (verified owner)

    ... uses this product to relive constipation and it works great for

    My wife uses this product to relive constipation and it works great for that

    Helpful? 8 0
  37. Kenneth (verified owner)

    Five Stars


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  38. J.B. (verified owner)

    Five Stars

    Life changing tea!

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  39. Vance Soukkeo (verified owner)

    Five Stars

    Thank you for fastest delivery. Will buys more in the future.

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  40. JORGE R. (verified owner)

    Five Stars

    Great product and very effective

    Helpful? 3 0
  41. patricia mayberry (verified owner)

    worked well for me

    it worked so good for me that i had to reorder more. i gave away packs out of every box that i had ordered the first time. now that so many of my friends know about it and where to get it from maybe i can use this next shipment by myself. make sure you follow directions. drink plenty of water anf avoid fried foods, it seems to work better. do not look for immediate results. it does what it says it will. i lost one to three pounds a week with just walking for exercise.

    Helpful? 3 0
  42. MIARA SWAN (verified owner)

    ... it does keep me regular if nothing else taste good too. Am i losing weight we shall see

    I reordered this so it does keep me regular if nothing else taste good too. Am i losing weight we shall see.

    Helpful? 2 0
  43. Margeline (verified owner)

    Five Stars

    just started using it have to give it time

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  44. Audrey Lampley (verified owner)

    Five Stars

    I love this tea

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  45. G Vaduva (verified owner)

    Five Stars

    very efficient

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  46. Josh James (verified owner)

    Five Stars

    i love

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  47. Oxendine (verified owner)

    Great Laxative Tea

    I love this tea. It really gets you to going. I have always had a problem in the digestion department, and one glass of this tea, and believe me it does the trick. I’m not so sure on the slimming part, but if you drink a glass of this everyday, who knows…….

    Helpful? 2 0
  48. Lucy Badoo (verified owner)

    Five Stars

    Love this tea. You have to start with just one a day preferably at night. It works wonders.

    Helpful? 4 0
  49. Serish (verified owner)

    Five Stars

    Really good

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  50. dee (verified owner)

    Five Stars

    Just the right thing

    Helpful? 2 0
  51. christian tramsen (verified owner)

    Five Stars


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  52. Jose v (verified owner)

    slimming tea

    nice i heard it was a great product that people have try so i decide to try it nice $$

    Helpful? 6 0
  53. Laura J. (verified owner)

    going!!! lol

    Love this tea for keeping me regular. Haven’t really lost any weight but haven’t been using it everyday. Bought this in an Asian grocery store in my area and it had a label that said 75cal and 18 carbs per bag. Can’t seem to find out if this is accurate or not on the web. Not good when I count carbs. I would buy it again and plan to though. We’ll have to see about weight loss as time passes.

    Helpful? 2 0

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