Negra Ultima Hydrating and Whitening Lotion SPF 50 120ml



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Pamper yourself with Negra Ultima Hydrating and Whitening Lotion while you are taking shower. This lotion contains powerful ingredients that keeps your body skin hydrated. Also, it promotes whitening and protection.

Negra Ultima Hydrating and Whitening Lotion Ingredients and Benefits

  • Water

    It helps other ingredients dissolve and forms a perfect blend.

  • Glycerin

    Glycerin has many benefits when it comes to skin. It helps other ingredients to penetrate into the uppermost layers. Moreover, it fortifies the skin moisture barrier and works with other oils to moisturize skin and make dry skin supple and soft.

  • Jojoba Oil

    It is a natural moisturizer and has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. These properties indicate that Jojoba oil helps skin avoid breakouts and heal acne.

  • Isopropyl Palmitate

    It is an emollient which helps the products to spread smoothly. It acts as fragments as well. Moreover, it has moisturizing properties which helps retain moisture in the skin.

  • Cetyl Alcohol

    Cetyl Alcohol softens and smoothens rough and dry skin by adding a protection layer on the skin which prevents water loss.

  • Panthenol (Vitamin B5)

    It helps the skin bind moisture and provides protection and enhancement to the skin barrier which helps it to further attract and locks moisture. It also promotes skin repair.

  • Hydrogenated Olive Oil

    This component makes the lotion rich in antioxidants which fights free radicals. It also acts as an emollient which nourishes skin and helps retains moisture.

  • Dimethicone

    It is a moisturizer that prevents rough, dry, scaly and flaky skin and minor irritation such as rashes and skin burns.

  • Sodium Hyaluronate

    This ingredient penetrates deeply to lower skin layers. It acts as a perfect moisturizer which helps reduce dryness and wrinkles.

  • Phonoxyethanol

    Phenoxyethanol is not used for its benefits to the skin, however, it is rather used to prevent bacterial contamination. That being said, phenoxyethanol prevents the growth of bacteria, fungi and yeast in the product formula.

  • Oat kernel extract

    It acts as a natural cleanser as it removes impurities, dirt and excess oil from skin. It also fights dull skin and diminishes skin pores. Not the salon, but also, it small things the texture of the skin and Improves skin tone.

  • Glutathione extract

    Glutathione reduces oxidative stress which results in brightening the overall complexion. It lightens, brightens the skin tone and reduces dark spots.

  • Vitamin C

    It is proven to have several benefits to the skin; such as slowing down skin aging, preventing sun damage and reducing the appearance of wrinkles, acne and dark spots.

  • Aloe Vera extract

    It is significantly a strong anti-inflammatory as it contains antioxidants, vitamin a and C, and Enzymes. Hence, It helps treat dry skin, acne and burns.

Where is it Made?

Made in The Philippines.

Additional information

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