Gluta Lipo Coffee 12-in-1 Slimming and Whitening 10 sachets


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  • Morning Routine with Gluta Lipo 12-in-1 Detox Coffee. Whitening and Slimming.
  • Increase body metabolism which leads to weight loss. Control Appetite. Improves immune system.
  • Boost energy. Anti-aging and improve Skin Elasticity.
  • FDA Registered No: FR-4000003427363

Additional information

Dimensions 8 × 9 × 14 cm

Gluta Lipo

Product Form



12 in 1

Body Type


Directions for Use

Half Sachet Per Day


Weight Loss

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27 reviews for Gluta Lipo Coffee 12-in-1 Slimming and Whitening 10 sachets

  1. Stacy Nunez (verified owner)

  2. Sharon Caldwell (verified owner)

  3. Tina Taylor (verified owner)

  4. Elizabeth Stanton (verified owner)

  5. Cheryl Perry (verified owner)

  6. Rachel Hart (verified owner)

  7. Catherine Thompson (verified owner)

  8. Kate Marler (verified owner)

    I am so happy that I bought this coffee. I started drinking this coffee December 17,2019 and today’s date is December 20, 2019 and I am freaking lose 6.8 pounds already in just 4 days of course I paired it with low carb diet and low calories. Btw, My starting weight is 127.4 pounds and I’m down to 120.6 pounds. I will definitely recommend this. This is the best coffee so far. Note I’m not a coffee person but this coffee taste amazing.

  9. Sarah Ballard (verified owner)

  10. Ashley Taylor (verified owner)

  11. Junalie Esperanza (verified owner)

    First I drink it good taste and amazing, I fell that I’m not hungry so that ordered more

  12. Reinna (verified owner)

    Arrived earlier than expected! New packaging.
    Its a good diet drink if you just want to maintain and loose your weight a little bit without working out but if you want to totally loose a lot of weight you have to add exercise as a routine.
    Smells and taste really good as well.

  13. Jessica Thompson (verified owner)

  14. Erin Spencer (verified owner)

  15. Tabitha Stark (verified owner)

  16. Amy Morales (verified owner)

  17. Rachel Shelton (verified owner)

  18. Sarah Burke (verified owner)

  19. Cynthia Martin (verified owner)

  20. Estela Castro (verified owner)

    I drink this coffee in the morning
    Coz I love the taste❤

  21. Courtney Alexander (verified owner)

  22. Lauren Robinson (verified owner)

  23. Megan Pierce (verified owner)

  24. Mary Reid (verified owner)

  25. Randel Campos (verified owner)


  26. Jannell S. (verified owner)

    It works. You use restroom and weight.

  27. Gregorio (verified owner)

    Everybody skips this, but it’s actually a good item, I’ll remove 1 star.

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