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Frontrow Luxxe Slim is recognized as the “Most Effective Weight Loss Supplement” at the Consumers Choice Global Awards. Luxxe Slim is a unique L-Carnitine and Green Tea Extract slimming supplement that converts fat into energy while improving muscle strength. Also, it has the following features:

  • Provides maximum vitality.
  • NON-LAXATIVE slimming supplement.
  • Luxxe Slim’s Green Tea content detoxifies the body while promoting youthful and radiant skin.
  • Luxxe Slim also decreases fat levels in the blood.

Who to Use Luxxe Slim

Luxxe Slim is a supplement for weight management. It is for individuals who wants to shed pounds and gain a sexy, fit and healthy body. Also, it is made naturally with only 2 ingredients that urges the users to burn fat and use it as energy. Moreover, it is non-laxative and both men and women who are trying to lose weight can use.

Frontrow Luxxe Slim Ingredients

  • L-Carnitine 350mg (amino acid)
  • Green Tea Extract 150mg (plant)

The supplement is in a vegetable capsule, and one capsule= 500mg.

What to Expect From Using Luxxe Slim

You may lose 10 – 20 pounds (4 – 9 kg) in 30 days.

Luxxe Slim Benefits

  • L-carnitine Benefits

    The first ingredient, L-carnitine, is proven to boost the physique and training capacity of users. It can tackle the following concerns:

    • Angina pectoris
    • Congestive heart failure
    • Elevated cholesterol
    • Triglyceride levels
    • Recovery from a heart attack
    • Delays the progression of problems such as Alzheimer’s and memory impairment that may result from age
    • May also help relieve senile depression and dementia
    • Useful for individuals that suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome and studies have also proven it
    • It may treat intermittent claudication which is a peripheral vascular disease of the legs
    • Improves muscle function and exercise capacity
    • It can increase sperm count and motility in men
  • Green Tea Extract Benefits

    The second ingredient is green tea extract. Green tea extract is proven to contain high levels of antioxidants that are known as polyphenols. Green tea extract has numerous benefits and is proven effective in weight loss. The benefits are:

  • According to research, green tea extract can help burn excess fat by boosting metabolism. The higher the metabolic rate is, the more calories the body will burn.
  • In 2009 a study conducted by The Journal of Nutrition found out that individuals that suffered from obesity were able to burn fat on their bellies by consuming green tea.

However if taken in high dosage, green tea does have some side effects.

These include diabetes due to high caffeine levels, diarrhea, glaucoma, high blood pressure, anxiety and in some rare cases. Moreover, users may suffer from liver problems as well.

How to Take Luxxe Slim 

  • Luxxe Slim is to be taken with 8 to 16 oz. of water. It is to be taken by mouth.
  • Recommend working out or doing some household chores for 15-20 minutes after taking the supplement.
  • The supplement works best when the user is physically active.
  • Take one or two capsules each day.
  • Take one capsule 30 minutes before your morning meal. Then, take the second capsule 30 minutes after lunch.
  • If you work out, take 1 capsule before your workout session and 1 capsule after a workout.

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13 reviews for Frontrow Luxxe Slim 60 Capsules

  1. Destiney (verified owner)

    I rarely leave a comment, but this item is beyond worth it! Gotta let you guys know!

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  2. Taylor Bates (verified owner)

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  3. Julie Chandler (verified owner)

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  9. Amy Arnold (verified owner)

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  10. Sharmaine (verified owner)

    Very effective.

    Love this product! Very effective. While taking this product it helps me control my appetite and lose weight. I take this before exercise and i see amazing result

    Frontrow Luxxe Slim 60 Capsules
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  11. Melissa Golden (verified owner)

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  12. Piel Hartley (verified owner)


    I recieve before the promise date . Thanks !

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