AR Vitamin E Moisturizing Lotion 600ml


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AR Vitamin E Moisturizing Lotion is Skin nourishing lotion with nourishing vitamin E. Vitamin E. combines the natural value of Sunflower Seed Oil for pampering, moisturizing, balancing skin. In addition to helping treat wrinkles, dark circles and dark spots. It reveals smooth, soft, and radiant skin naturally when used continuously.

Important key points

  • Sunflower Seed Oil adds moisture to the skin.
  • Vitamin E helps nourish the skin to be smooth and soft. And protect the skin from pollution
  • Mineral Oil nourishes and protects the skin from losing moisture, making the skin look smooth, soft and live.

Where is AR Vitamin E Moisturizing Lotion Made?

Made in Thailand.

Additional information

Shipping Weight 0.700 kg


Product Form




Skin Type

All Skin Types

Directions for Use

Once or Twice a Day


Moisturizing and Whitening

Country of Origin


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