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10 FAQ about LS BL Cream

Explore the benefits, formulation, and usage of LS BL Cream with these frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LS BL Cream?

LS BL Cream is a skin cream formulated to treat various skin issues, including acne, fungal infections, inflammation, and itching.

What are the benefits of LS BL Cream?

LS BL Cream offers brightening, pain relief, and anti-fungal benefits for sensitive skin.

What is the formulation of LS BL Cream?

LS BL Cream is formulated as a cream for topical application on the skin.

What skin type is LS BL Cream suitable for?

LS BL Cream is suitable for sensitive skin.

What is the size of LS BL Cream?

LS BL Cream is available in a size of 7 grams.

What are the active ingredients in LS BL Cream?

LS BL Cream contains Clobetasol and Ketoconazole as active ingredients.

What skin conditions does LS BL Cream treat?

LS BL Cream treats skin-related conditions such as fungal infection, redness, swelling, itching, skin irritation, and acne.

How does LS BL Cream work?

LS BL Cream contains active ingredients like Ketoconazole and Clobetasol Propionate that treat eczema, psoriasis, allergies, and rash-like skin issues. Clobetasol reduces swelling, itching, and redness.

Can LS BL Cream be used for skin lightening?

Yes, LS BL Cream can be used as a skin lightening cream, but it is advised to consult a doctor/physician before use.

What are the key ingredients and their quantities in LS BL Cream?

LS BL Cream contains 0.5mg of Clobetasol and 10mg of Ketoconazole as key ingredients.

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