December 1, 2020 Decluttering? Get A Makeup Organizer

Decluttering? Get A Makeup Organizer

Don’t you just hate a jumbled mess? Time to buy a makeup organizer. With Covid-19 keeping people indoors, there’s now a lot of extra time to do things you usually neglect. Organizing drawers and closets is one of them. Let’s zoom in on your vanity first. Are your drawers a jumbled mess of cosmetics? Are you always looking for that perfect red lipstick or that super black eyeliner? Organizing makeup means you save precious time. Instead of rummaging through drawers, you can easily reach for stuff you want to use. A makeup organizer can help you with this.

Refinery29 lists down some of the best makeup organizers you can buy:

Caboodles On The Go Girl

This popular brand from the 90s is making a comeback in lots of colors and designs. Your mother probably has one. They look like chunky lunchboxes with a handle so you can tote them around easily. Caboodles was one of the first makeup organizers in the market and the most easily recognizable with their bright and funky colors and designs. Spot this at Ulta Beauty.

Large Luxe Acrylic Makeup Organizer Clear

The name says it all. This makeup organizer from The Container Store is large with several drawers in different sizes. As it’s made of sturdy acrylic, you can easily see what’s inside the drawers and will be able to grab what you need right away.

Sanipoe 360 Rotating Makeup Organizer

If you lack counter space, this rotating organizer will be perfect. It’s easy to assemble and is big enough to hold all your cosmetics and skincare. You’re just a spin away from your eye cream and night serum. Available on Amazon.

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Sonia Kashuk Weekender Makeup Bag

For jetsetters, stash your carefully curated makeup in this portable organizer. Ideal for travel, it has several pockets and compartments to separate your lipsticks, eye makeup, brushes and whatever else you want to bring from your vanity. You can find this at Target.

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SHANY Mini Makeup Train Case With Mirror

Perfect for makeup artists and hardcore makeup junkies, this train case has a rockstar-worthy studded exterior and comes in different colors. This can definitely store everything on your vanity and then some. While it looks bulkier than others, it weighs less than five pounds and is cruelty free.

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Organizing Tips

Take stock of what you have. Even if you’ve barely used them, throw away everything that is expired. Ideally, makeup that has not been used for a year should go to the trash bin. For opened tubes of foundation, use them within six months. It’s best for them to stay in a cool place. The fridge is actually a good place to store them. Powder makeup lasts for at least two years. Mascara and liquid liner have a shorter shelf life – three to six months.

Sorts your cosmetics and tools into groups – lipsticks, mascaras, eye liners, eye shadows, makeup brushes, etc. Some also categorize them further into day and evening makeup. This will help you determine what you use more often. Those used daily can stay on top of the vanity and those used seldomly can remain in the drawer. You will also be able to notice what needs to be cleaned. Those makeup brushes might be the source of those pesky pimples and are overdue for a good wash.

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