November 24, 2020 How To Prevent Hair Loss

How To Prevent Hair Loss

Excessive hair fall? Don’t stress. Read this and learn How To Prevent Hair Loss. It is perfectly normal to shed hair daily. While it sounds like a lot, 80 strands a day is an acceptable amount. If you would like to see less hair on your bathroom drain, there are several things one can do on how to prevent hair loss.

Providing that you do not have a medical condition that results in hair loss, take note of the following:


A protein called Keratin makes up most of the hair follicle. Eating a protein-rich diet helps maintain hair health. Red meat, fish, chicken, turkey, eggs, nuts, and beans all help in providing your protein needs. The Mediterranean diet is a good place to start.


Healthline reports that scientists have determined that vitamins A, B, C, D, iron, selenium, and zinc are vital to hair growth and retention as they all help in cellular turnover. Biotin, also known as B7 or Vitamin H, has become a popular hair supplement in the form of gummies. You might have heard of, or seen, SugarBearHair in pharmacies.

Proper hair washing

Depending on your hair type, shampooing too often can contribute to hair loss. Hair experts do not recommend daily washing. If you have fine and straight hair, wash every other day. Those with thick and wavy hair can wash every couple of days. Curly and coily hair can always use more most moisture. To allow your natural scalp oils to do their job, wash every three days or opt for co-washing, which is using a deep-cleansing conditioner instead of a shampoo. For all hair types, stick to sulfate-free shampoo. They are a little pricier than regular shampoo, but far gentler on hair.

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Careful styling

As much as possible, avoid tight ponytails, buns, and braids. They put too much strain on the scalp and cause more hair to be pulled out. Avoid hair snagging by the use wide tooth combs instead of tightly packed hairbrushes to detangle hair.

Avoid chemical treatments

Perming and heat styling with straightening and curling irons do a lot of damage. As does the constant dyeing of hair. If you like experimenting with new colors every few months, look for organic hair dye. The key ingredients to avoid are ammonia, peroxide and para-phenylenediamine. If you dye your own hair, you can easily find options without these ingredients.

Assess your stress levels

Too much stress can cause hair loss. With Covid-19 wreaking havoc, stress is a definite factor for everyone. How you deal with it is crucial. Healthline suggests practicing yoga. Yoga is a well-known stress reliever and will help keep your sanity.

Hair Loss Treatments

If you’re not seeing positive results from these natural methods, you can check out these treatments:


Commonly known as Rogaine, you can find these over-the-counter shampoos in drugstores everywhere. It has been proven to stimulate hair growth, but may sometimes cause scalp irritation and excess facial hair.

Low-level Laser Therapy or LLLT

Stylecraze reports a growing popularity in LLLT as laser helps stimulate hair growth by providing extra energy to damaged scalp cells.

Hair Transplantation

A specialist takes donor hair and placing it in areas where hair thinning occurs.

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