November 1, 2020 7 Scary and Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas and Tutorials for 2020

7 Scary and Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas and Tutorials for 2020

Halloween is here, and what better way to celebrate than to get your makeup game up. Here are 7 Scary and Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas to help you plan your scary and inspired looks while in quarantine.

Halloween is the best time to play and recreate new looks from your favorite shows and ideas using your favorite makeup products. Check out our selection of terrifying looks, ranging from classic skulls to new animal trends.

Scary clown by Hayley Bui

Clown makeup is fun, and both old and young can relate to this Halloween fad. The essential makeup products you need are dark-colored eyeshadow, black eyeliner, and a deep red lipstick that will help complete the look.

Hayley Bui shares her secret on how to properly blend the eyeshadow to get that dramatic Halloween look. Using colored lenses is optional, but a smaller iris definitely gives a scarier effect.

Skull by Cflowermakeup

Skulls have become an icon in many horror movies. This makeup artist uses minimal and basic makeup products such as foundation, black stick eyeshadow, and black eyeliner. The tricky yet fun part of this tutorial is getting the lines forming the teeth of the skull correctly.

Glam Mummy by LustreLux

Transform your makeup look to mummify with glam on this easy tutorial. LustreLux uses foundation of a shade that is lighter than her normal skin tone. A soft eyebrow liner and warm taupe eyeshadows accent the eyes.

Adding a touch of foundation on the lips makes it look pale enough for a mummy. Finishing this off with a light dab of dark lip color will complete the look.

Finally, LustreLux shows how wearing contact lens and white hair completes the Halloween glam mummy look.

Devil Look by KaitlineMax

Young makeup artist KaitlineMax creates dramatic and super smoky eyes on her tutorial. To accent those devilish cheekbones, she made use of proper blending of colors that fit her skin tone. The combination of bloody-red lipstick and plum lip liner completes that signature red devil colors, perfect for Halloween.

Simple Minimalistic Cat by KayleyMelissa

KayleyMelissa shows on a tutorial that minimalism can still win you that Halloween look, featuring a simple cat makeup for last-minute preppers. Her sleek straight hair and natural color eyeshadows are stunning.

KayleyMelissa used gel eyeliner and an eye brush to help create the perfect line on her eyelids. To top this cute cat look, she used a light pink lip color to add a feminine look.

Scarecrow by Angela Lanter

Angela Lanter applies primer and foundation to even her face before adding other colors. She combined glitter and orange palette hues for her eyeshadow. Angela played around with her nose and cheeks to shape the scarecrow appearance.

In her tutorial, Angela Lanter shows how a matte lipstick helps create a pale scarecrow look. Black eyeliner completes the stitched lines around her eyes and lower cheeks.

Vampire by Abbyboberts

A quick and easy vampire look has been a popular Halloween makeup for a while now. Abbyboberts focused on her eyeshadows with a natural palette and used blending techniques with black eyeshadow. She used contact lenses that reflect fierce eyes. For her lips, she applied a plum red color lipstick and smudged the same paint on her neck to look like blood.

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Final Thought

These were 7 Scary and Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas. There are more ideas. Just be creative and have fun.

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