November 4, 2020 Kojic Acid: Its Effect on Skin with Acne

Kojic Acid: Its Effect on Skin with Acne

Kojic acid treats different types of skin conditions, and one of these is skin acne. Continuous use of kojic acid gives a lot of effect in maintaining fair and healthy skin.

Kojic acid is an agent extracted from different types of fungi. Aspergillus oryzae is grown on steamed rice where Kojic discovered. The Japanese term “koji” means steamed rice. Researchers then used kojic acid in cosmetic and skincare products.

Aside from its skin whitening effect, kojic acid contains antimicrobial properties. It helps fight off several common types of bacterial strains and has antifungal properties.

With its healing benefits, kojic acid helps treat acne caused by bacteria in the skin. Kojic acid soap with regular use may prevent bacteria and fungal infection in the body.

Kojic acid for acne gives a good effect as it eliminates acne scars and lightens the skin.

Using kojic acid on your face

Regular use eliminates dark spots and acne scars

Like any other product in the market, it is good to use kojic acid continuously. With daily use of kojic acid, it produces a certain amount of melanin and renews the skin to its natural state. The skin lightens, and the acne scars eliminated with the help of kojic’s brightening effect.

Effects vary in different skin types

Using kojic acid has many benefits and may also produce skin irritation for sensitive skin. Always check the concentration of the product before you start with the treatment. Stop using kojic acid when you experience irritation or inflammation. Check with your dermatologist for the right formula, especially with severe acne.

Kojic acid treats acne

Kojic acid has antibacterial properties that treat skin acne. But if you have severe acne, always consult your doctor what is the right concentration for your skin. Kojic acid differs in its effect when it comes to skin conditions as well.

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Kojic Acid Its Effect on Skin with Acne

Kojic acid products

Bar soap

The most popular kojic acid product is the soap bar. Kojic acid soap is widely used to treat skin problems and is convenient to add to your daily skin routine. Kojic soap is easy to buy and always available in the market.


The serum has a high-concentration and offers an immediate effect when it comes to healing properties. Always check the percentage of kojic acid and its other added ingredients before buying over the counter products.


Kojic acid powder is used to mix with other beauty products. Depending on your skin type, better measures the percentage and dissolved it well with other ingredients to get the best result. Do not overuse or directly patch on your skin.

Kojic safety and risk

Kojic acid is useful for treating dark skin and acne caused by bacteria. To be on the safe side, check the dosage and what the product can do to your skin.

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